When do we get a national championship? We could have had Bill Self and every year we suffer through KU excellence and MU ineptitude. Wait till next year. I've been waiting 45 years. Now MU ineptitude in football. Every year is a heartbreaker and endless excuses. And KU just keeps on beating us. Can we have a real A.D. that wants to win bad enough to get us championship coaches and staff in men's football and men's basketball? Coaches that get blue chip 1st tier recruits, not just Texas leftovers. Remember 816? Every year KU reloads in basketball, every stinking year. Texas and Oklahoma reload every year, every stinking year. But we are expected to be satisfied with 2nd place and second best also rans, year after year. Am I going to see an MU championship before I die? Probably not. Thanks for nothing Alden,Pinkel, Anderson,Snyder, etc.