"Johan J from Canada writes: The CFL is doomed.
Either become a feeder league for the NFL or die.
Yes, I am in Toronto"

"Daniel Plainview from Canada writes: How can Saskatchewan have only won 3 Grey Cups when there's only 8 teams in the league?! I had no idea.I too am an Eastern CFL basher. When you have the choice between two products, why in your right mind would you choose the inferior one?
Go Bills Go."

"Jimmy K from Toronto, Canada writes: I am for sure an Eastern CFL Basher.I want the Toronto Bills."
"Jimmy K from Toronto, Canada writes: Blah blah blah blah....
I think the NFL and CFL can happily coexist in the Toronto market at the same time. If Winnipeg can support a CFL team, certainly Toronto can support a CFL team no matter what else is going on.If we don't get one coz LA or LV or whatever gets one first, so be it, that's ok. But why must we scare them away with Senate resolutions and the such? Why can't we have both??? "

"Mr Mr from Halifax Vancouver, Canada writes: From my view point the CFL sucks! I have been to many games in my life growing up in Vancouver. I used to go to games at the old ex park stadium during my teens and as a young adult. I have been to 2 Grey cub games both at BC Place stadium. I now see the CFL as a B league with B players and B refs. You never know when the games are played as there is no coincidence in starting times. The games outcomes also seem to be controlled by the referee. The CFL reminds me of the WWF where the games are scripted and the outcome pre-determined. Then there are some of the rules that suck. 1. the no yards rule is used far to often when players are bailing out trying to avoid the penalty still to get caught not giving 5 yards.. 2. Its up, its wide, they win anyways single point on a missed field goal rule sucks. 3. short run, long bomb, boot. 3 downs suck as well. 4 Did I mention the announcers suck I grew real sick of our Canadian sports announcers if I never hear them again that would be fine with me."