National meet needs lifeguards? Where...

National meet needs lifeguards? Where do I sign up for that gig?

There are 39 comments on the The Indianapolis Star story from Aug 2, 2007, titled National meet needs lifeguards? Where do I sign up for that gig?. In it, The Indianapolis Star reports that:

For a couple of years now, I've been on a mission. I have looked the world over for someone who has a cushier gig than Indianapolis Colts punter Hunter Smith, who gets less work than a tailor in a nudist ...

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Dallas, TX

#23 Aug 3, 2007
Wow, some people need to lighten up a bit and find real problems in life to complain about(not talking about Bob). If you dont like what he writes, dont read it. Is that too much to ask? To spin a joke from someone(I cant think of his name at the momment): You can't please everybody, and everybody is a Kravitz reader :)

Temple Hills, MD

#24 Aug 3, 2007
A comment wrote:
Tread water for only 2 minutes? To be a lifeguard?
When I was a college freshman (many, many years ago), we had to pass a swim test or we were required to take phys ed swim class.
The test required the ability to treat water (or otherwise stay afloat) for 10 minutes.
As a fellow lifeguard to Allouri with the same credentials, I would like to clarify the point about treading water. The two minute tread must be done WITHOUT USING YOUR HANDS. Hands must be on your head, out of the water, up in the air, whatever, but they may not be used to keep afloat; it is done completely with your legs. I hope this helps clarify.

Indianapolis, IN

#25 Aug 3, 2007
Phred wrote:
I thought the lifeguard column was pretty funny. And, in general, I'm a Kravitz fan. I think I'm one of the few who realizes he's not paid to be a cheerleader for our local teams.
Yes, but he doesn't have to be negative all the time either.
nice article

Notre Dame, IN

#26 Aug 3, 2007
people, you're way too serious. its a fun article. back off

Temple Hills, MD

#27 Aug 3, 2007
Bob Kravitz knows as much about lifeguarding as he does about Colts' football--very little. I know Allouri, I worked with her for over a year, and I'm sure I would trade Bob Kravitz's spot in a luxury Colts's press box writing gibberish than cleaning up vomit and fecal matter.

Indianapolis, IN

#28 Aug 3, 2007
What's sad is that with hundreds of swimmers here, including world record-holders and future and past Olympians, this guy couldn't have used that valuable space to tell one of their stories.
But that would have required reporting, fact-finding and digging.
It was much easier to hit on a pretty young lifeguard.

United States

#29 Aug 3, 2007
I have also worked with Allouri for a long time and I agree with Josh. Bob feel free to come work at the pool sometime...

United States

#30 Aug 3, 2007
I have also known Allouri for quite a while. She is one of the sweetest girls I know and awesome at her job...I guess I just don't understand what this poor girl could have done to deserve being embarrassed on the front page of the Indianapolis Star sport page???
The Martintuckian

Kenosha, WI

#31 Aug 3, 2007
God, people lighten up. Jeeesh.

Loved the Mormon wedding bit.

Indianapolis, IN

#32 Aug 3, 2007
The Martintuckian wrote:
God, people lighten up. Jeeesh.
Loved the Mormon wedding bit.
Yeah, religious slurs make for great humor, especially from a guy who is so sensitive about anti-Semetic remarks.

United States

#33 Aug 3, 2007
Sure, lighten up... I can understand why these people are slightly upset. Why should a reporter write stories making fun of their co-worker and friend when it is a person who works very hard 50+ hrs a week in the summer so she can save some money before school starts?? So part of her job seems easy but that is only a small part of it all.

Marion, IN

#34 Aug 3, 2007
He wasn't being mean to Allouri. Chill people. I've been a lifeguard -I got to have members of the IU Rugby team try to dunk me and hold my head under water as part of lifegaurd 'practice'.

I still thought it was pretty funny story.

As to why people who hate poor Bob continue to read him...they can't help themselves. They are drawn to it b/c they just like to bitch and moan about it. Kind of like sd described in the Movie Private Parts. People that hate H. Stern still listen anyway they just have to hear what he will say next.

Andover, MA

#35 Aug 3, 2007
Hey "Sad" saying that Mormon's don't drink isn't a "religous slur." It's against their religion to drink! I'm sure Kravitz would take no offence to "A Jewish pork farmer"

This is a sign of the wussified America where everything is offensive to somebody and nobody can take a joke. It's such a sad state of affairs we have today. I don't know what is funnier, the article or your responses.

Here are some more people who have easier jobs than Hunter Smith:

Moby's hair stylist
Nicole Richie's chef
Paris Hilton's spritual advisor
Michael Vick's dog whisperer

Bloomington, IN

#36 Aug 3, 2007
The saddest part is that she was led to believe that this was going to be a nice article about lifeguards at the Nat. Maybe 5% of what they talked about was in this article. He has been misleading and irritating all week.
Jacob McCoy

Goodland, IN

#37 Aug 3, 2007
Mr. Kravitz and the people who agree with him that lifeguards are not needed purely because these are world class athletes, need to stop for a minute and consider the fact that these swimmers are pushing their bodies to the absolute extreme to try and go a hundreth of second faster then the person next to them.

Highschool basketball players drop dead from heart attacks in the middle of basketball games. Are these swimmers not also at risk from health conditions and problems beyond that of merely not being able to swim or getting a cramp.

It's the job of the lifeguard to spot trouble and quickly get a swimmer out of the water and onto dry land so that medical personel can work. You can't do CPR in a pool, Bob.

As someone who has been saved by lifeguards, then grew up to both be a lifeguard and train lifeguards I sincerelly hope you and your loved ones never need one, but rest assured despite your mockery the IU Natatorium lifeguards will look past it and work professionally whether you deserve it or not.


Omaha, NE

#38 Aug 4, 2007
Bob, had you spent a little effort on your own work, the lifeguards at IUPUI would have not been degraded to a low position. It would have only taken a few minutes on the internet researching your own work's title. Lifeguards by state law have to be at any government owned pool for various safety reasons whenever a single person is in the pool (good or bad, professional or not). Professional swimmers seldom run into each other, may fracture or break limbs, and head injuries are also not out of the question to occur. Bob that isn't the only reason that lifeguards are on duty during national swim meets either. For example, whenever a child falls and scrapes his or her knee, or cuts himself/herself, lifeguards are there as ambassadors to aid to those people who would just rather be fans. Another important piece of information I would like to get out to you is that whenever lousy writers like yourself show up to events and leave sodas, water bottles, and scraps of paper, not to mention stories that where written on site and didn't amount to anything, that lazy bumb of a lifeguard had to pick up your trash whenever you left. Let's face it Bob, you should have left your story and written some real sports news, not just a crabby let's pick on some lifeguards jumble of words. You don't win awards by poking fun at people you don't like. Peace.

Bloomington, IN

#39 Aug 4, 2007
Are you serious? How could you bash on the most important olympic sport in the USA? Do millions of viewers tune in for an exciting game of curling? NO! These athlets are in excellent shape due to the fact that competitive swimming is the hardest sport to excel in(ok maybe the worlds strongest man is harder, but all they do is take drugs and bench press 18-wheelers.) Lifeguards are the most important aspect to a pool, and will always be. No one, not even you Mr. Know-It-All Kravitz, can deny that fact. Maybe you should do a little more research on your topics before you go and make harsh judgements and offend hundreds of people. Maybe next time you attend your local pool you will consider the importance of the lifeguards and think twice about what you say. USA Swimming is, and will continue to be, the premier sport of the 2008 Olympic Games and beyond.

Indianapolis, IN

#40 Aug 4, 2007
Why do you have to judge when you have absolutley no idea what lifeguards do everyday

Indianapolis, IN

#41 Aug 4, 2007
Hey Mr Kravitz do you realize that the last person to die at Nat was a competitive swimmer that went into cardiac arrest because he didn't realize he had a heart condition. If you think lifeguarding is so easy come spend a day with me at my pool. It's people like you that the stereotype of lifeguards have it easy is still around. Just like Jacob said when someone you love needs to be rescued we will be able to look past your ignorance because it's our job to make sure everyone is safe. Even Olympic swimmers

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