Meemaw wrote:
<quoted text>I find it amazing that the first persons to bring up accusations of racism are the ones who accuse whites of being racist. It doesn't seem to bother them that the majority of basketball players and other athletes outnimber the white players by a great margin. There is no cry for equality here, just another complaint about black players being "used" or called up. Believe me, there are a lot of white athletes out there who would die for the chance the blacks are given. Why don't you and your ilk get over the crutch of racism? Everyone would be better off. Maybe then there would be no more "hood" in your neighborhood.
I don't think anyone said all whites were/are racist. However, to deny that this country has had periods of extreme racism towards African-Amreicans is ignorant. To suggest African-Americans should just get over it is just as ignorant. That's like telling Jews to get over the Holocaust. You should go visit the National Civil Rights museum in Memphis,TN and you'll have a better understanding of the treatment that African-Americans endured after slavery. Discreimination isn't a strong enough word for how many African-Americans were and to some degree still are treated today.