Communication breakdown or Calhoun co...

Communication breakdown or Calhoun cover-up?

There are 20 comments on the story from Jan 29, 2008, titled Communication breakdown or Calhoun cover-up?. In it, reports that:

Last Friday evening, UConn men's basketball coach Jim Calhoun walked across the lobby of the Courtyard Marriott in South Bend, Ind., stopped in front of a half dozen beat reporters and told them that both ...

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Springfield, MA

#1 Jan 29, 2008
I agree with Calhoun. Leave the kids alone and write about basketball. If they weren't basketball players, you'd have never heard about this. What a tasteless and trashy article. This paper isn't and shouldn't be a tabloid. Grow up.

Westfield, MA

#2 Jan 29, 2008
Pitiful reporting especially until all the facts are uncovered. JC has all the right in the world to hammer you guys that actually believe you do a good enough job on the basketball side of things, to take it to the personal level without any sufficient eveidence for now. Even after there is some meaning to JC "protecting his kids." Quit trying to be Koontz and write about the win streak with an undermanned squad.

New York, NY

#3 Jan 29, 2008
What a stupid, holier-than-thou article.

Shelton, CT

#4 Jan 29, 2008
I do not believe that there was a cover up. Generally a coach wants to handle these infractions with his players to the final judgment before a statement is made to the press and general public. Based upon the reporting to date I don't know if the coach actually sat down with the players. He suspended the players which was the right thing to do but you have to remember he also has responsibility for the rest of the team. They were getting ready to travel to Indiana and face a very difficult opponent. I do trust that as soon as the coach had ample time to discuss the matter with the players we would have been told the whole story. So stop trying to drum up non existent controversy.
#5 Jan 29, 2008
Mr. Elsbury:

If you want conspiracy theories, stick to the Zapruder film. I'm sick and tired of the Connecticut media trying to make the news rather then report it.

Portsmouth, RI

#6 Jan 29, 2008
Calhoun is getting bad news and is trying to be as front as possible with the media. In this day and age of blogs and P.I. mentality Calhoun is up against a wall. I am sure he would be as open and honest as he can over time but the way these kinds of stories are treated by some reporters is just ridiculous. These columns may feel good to write and offer some sort of tension relief but at what expense? At the expense of the reporter looking like a fool, in my opinion.

Nice job Elsbury. Or is it Koontz?
Jonathan Schwartz

Washington, DC

#7 Jan 29, 2008
Elsberry you're an idiot. And I quote "But he also deserves a slap on the wrist for publicly denying there were any "legalities" involved when there obviously were. It makes you wonder if the coach was trying to conduct damage control in an effort to sweep this incident under the rug." Who is he deceiving? To those that he is deceiving, do we really have a say in this matter? This is a private matter that will get dealt with accordingly. You're just pissed off because you feel like you've been lied to. Get off your high horse and stop taking personal offense-- nobody cares.
Jonathan Schwartz

Washington, DC

#8 Jan 29, 2008
id*iot is now a censored word?

Woodbridge, CT

#9 Jan 29, 2008
Just FYI ... Elsbury is not a NT employee ... I'm pretty sure he works for the Bridgeport paper and the NT just uses their stories.

New York, NY

#10 Jan 29, 2008
YOU'RE A TERRIBLE REPORTER... YOUR ARTICLE SUCKS... Calhoun is the best coach in College Basketball; you're not even a mediocre reporter. You're an embarrassment to News Times. Is it possible Calhoun was protecting his players and decided not to release the information till a later date like HE MENTIONED. Is it possible he wanted his players to focus on the Indiana game rather then the suspensions? If Calhoun was trying to cover this up then why would he draw attention to the situation by suspending them for the Indiana game when he didn't have to? Oh I get it, you need to make stuff up and cause drama because that's the only way people will read your article, isn't that correct Chris... Keep working hard, maybe one day you'll be half the man Calhoun or any Uconn athlete is.

Pleasanton, CA

#11 Jan 29, 2008
Jeff Jacobs of The Courant, Mike DiMauro of The Day and now you Mr. Elsberry - all crybabies when it comes to the UCONN coaches. Like you have some God given right to be the first to know, and when you are not, you go whine in your paper. Pathetic journalism!

In your perfect world, Calhoun should have stopped in the lobby of that hotel, called all of the media together and said - "two of my guys were given tickets for having booze in their car. Oh, and Dougie was driving on a suspended license. Oh, and the cops found a bag of weed outside the car. Oh, and the reason why Dougie was disciplined before the season was because he failed a drug test..." Like any coach in any sport in America is ever going to do that!

Get off your high horse Elsberry! How about writing about the fantastic two games the Huskies just played and the tremendous job Calhoun has done down 2 players! Oh, that's right, that would just be reporting the news, and not creating it!!

New Haven, CT

#12 Jan 29, 2008
What if Calhoun DID know about the "majority of the details" and refused to comment before a big game? The coach's responsibility is to his players and the university that he works for and NOT to the press. Being hounded and barraged by the media in the early stages of an investigation, while, at the same time trying to put together a new team game plan is hard enough for both coaches and remaining players. However, to have the media seek to have the "facts" stated to them by Coach C is unfair. These facts will be disclosed in due course. In the meantime, perhaps, the media should give all involved the benefit of the doubt and report on the amazing success of this team at this troubling time. That's the big story.

Middlefield, CT

#14 Jan 29, 2008
How come the walk-ons never get in
trouble? Maybe they are in the
library doing their homework. Where
do the basketball players find the
time to coif their hair, much less
drive around campus late in the
evening? I blame the UCONN
administration, not Coach Calhoun.
The solution is for UCONN to
eliminate all varsity sports.

Exeter, NH

#15 Jan 29, 2008
coach did a great deal in letting those bad black birds go
UConn Fan

United States

#16 Jan 29, 2008
Wow, it seems all the people who write about uconn for the news times are just idiots, or at least anti-uconn. Bryan Koonz used to write article after article on negatives about uconn bball. what is it with this paper? jim calhoun is doing the best he can to protect his players and worry about basketball - not the media. he has produced great team after great team and is one of the most respected coaches in the nation. why can't you publish an article about that? we can't forget these players are college kids, they make mistakes. how many kids have alcohol in college? probably most of them. basketball players or not, they're still college students. you can't forget these players are still kids. calhoun did suspend the players ASAP and didn't even let them fly to attend one of the biggest wins of the season. you couldn't report on the positives of calhoun being a tough coach enforcing strict team rules. god forbid you say something POSITIVE about uconn bball. if you really think it was all a big cover-up, and you think its serious enough to publish an article about this, you should check your priorities. worry about uconn and their past 4 big wins and all they're doing that helps the state and its people.....the news times needs a uconn fan to write for is one ridiculous writer after another.

Chambersburg, PA

#17 Jan 29, 2008
Sports reporters should only report on sports. Two players not being able to play because of suspension is a part of sports. Why they were suspended is not part of a sports story.

Hempstead, NY

#18 Jan 29, 2008
In general, I think coach Jim Calhoun, as well as most big time college coaches, focuses too much on winning and not enough on building character and using sports to teach discipline in life as a compliment to academic achievement that is the real goal at any educational institution. To a large extent, the alumni are to blame for this because if their team does not win they do not donate. Yet, in spite of this pressure to win at all cost, to delay disciplinary action as long as possible... coach Calhoun had the guts to take prompt action. I commend him.

New York, NY

#19 Jan 30, 2008
Yeah, these kids are handed everything on a plate, they didn't work hard for anything? Are you crazy, these kids work harder then the avergae student. They balance, school and playing a NCAA sport. A free education is the least UCONN can do considering how much money these players bring to the school and STATE.... Kids will make mistakes, college kids will drink, it's part of college.. I'm sure you were drunk all the time in college.
Coach Laptop wrote:
Glad to see Jimmy keeps picking winners on the recruiting trail. The article is fair, stop trying to defend the actions of kids who are handed everything to play basketball at UCONN. The only thing the players need to do is stay out of trouble. Thats not much to ask for a free college education!
Calhoun Fan

Bristol, CT

#20 Jan 31, 2008
You must have been one of the reporters that Calhoun spanked. The man is a great coach and an upstanding citizen. And he does his best to make sure that his kids are too. But you need to question his methods and motives. Why don't you investigate real criminals and do something good for society instead of trying to find dirt on a couple of kids.

Versailles, KY

#21 Jan 31, 2008
You have to be kidding about student-athletes in major schools. While the NCAA is tightening up a bit, many take basket weaving. They receive all types of tutoring, special housing and meals. The grading scale appears to be a bit tiled. Did you ever listen to some of them when interviewed? How some got out of high school is anyone's guess.

I do feel sorry for Coach Calhoun. At times it feels like he spends more time in the court, rather than on the court, defending some of the thugs that have been recruited.

One the positive side, situations like this are one reason why the Girl's Basketball Team has such a loyal following. The girls recruited are good in the classroom and on the court. Now that is a real student-athlete. They always are a class group. An excellent example for others to emulate. I am told by some of their fellow students that they are most approachable and friendly, devoid of any sense of "entitlement". Normal kids who play by the rules. How refreshing.

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