Shooting Victim Identified -- Courant...

Shooting Victim Identified --

There are 66 comments on the Hartford Courant story from Oct 22, 2007, titled Shooting Victim Identified -- In it, Hartford Courant reports that:

Family members today identified Jorge Rivera, 20, as the man fatally shot Saturday during a dispute over stolen property.

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wooba gooba

Manchester, CT

#26 Oct 22, 2007
If he was so wonderful, why were they arguing over stolen property?

I don't care what race the victim/accused are, but stolen property?

To all the other racist assholes, so what if he was one of seven or seven of nine? At least mammasita tried to do right by her childrens.

Middletown, CT

#27 Oct 22, 2007
lets see--7 kids, single mom, living in manchester and goes to rockville high--put these parents in jail too
rockville high student

Durham, CT

#28 Oct 22, 2007
screw all of you assholes that have no heart. so what if his mother had seven children? back in history people had many children. just because of his family you have no right or knowledge to be saying she was easy. jorge was such a nice kid and i loved watching him play basketball, whether it was for the highschool or at the local park where everyone goes. he was always friendly and had a great sense of humor. so many people lost a good friend this weekend, my heart goes out to all of you. rip jorge.. you are missed by many. SF JF GC KG etc

Deep River, CT

#29 Oct 22, 2007
Rockville High isn't even a bad school. You act like it's a disgusting school filled with uneducated students and teachers. Sorry to tell you, but it isn't. Who cares about the repuatation it has? Yes, it's been made quite clear that he had a single mom who had 7 children. That has nothing to do with the fact that he got shot and killed. People with such ignorance are the reason our society is so horrible. I agree, the argument was not necessary, but Jorge is not the one who shot him to make his point. Jorge was the victim in this situation, what is so hard to comprehend about this? He was not the bad person here. He did not pull out the gun and shoot someone. Gain some respect for this kid who has now lost his life.

Vernon Rockville, CT

#30 Oct 22, 2007
i went to school with jorge, and he was one of the nicest kids in that whole school. my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and everyone else who has to suffer w. this tragic loss.
for those of you who are being racist, immature little assholes. get off here. no one wants your rude comments. you know damn well if your son or friend died you wouldnt want people writing this stuff.
who cares if she had 7 kids, or what they're back round was.
and mind your damn business about how he got shot. in the end, people lost someone they love.
grow some damn balls and have respect, cause reading some of those made me sick to my stomach!
rip JR
forever missed <3

Lake Havasu City, AZ

#31 Oct 22, 2007
everyone here that has posted bullshit about a person they don't even know is ridiculous. i graduated with him and he was such a good kid. probably one of the funniest people i know. its unfortunate that something like this happened.

it doesnt matter where he lived, his race, or how many brothers and sisters he had. everyone who knew him knows the kind of person he is. thank you to everyone who is sticking up for him. to everyone else, shut your mouth

Vernon Rockville, CT

#32 Oct 22, 2007
lol wrote:
"he was one of seven children raised by a single mother"
"was a rapper and aspired to a career in music"
Typical. Set up for failure at an early age. Dismissed education and hung with the wrong people.
actually both kids were not bad kids. I knew both of them and was manager of the team they played for. Neither kid got into serious trouble and how could you be so negative in such a situation? this kid lost his life and all you can say is "dismissed education and hung with the wrong people"? What's wrong with you? Neither of those two comments you made were even true! This kid won't ever be able to have kids, finish college, get married. Nothing the rest of us have the ability to do. Don't comment on things you have absolutely no knowledge of and please, for once in your life, have respect for other people.

Vernon Rockville, CT

#33 Oct 22, 2007
High School Parent wrote:
<quoted text>
Because birth control is not an option for many of these mothers.
Honestly, what is wrong with you? I've read three articles where you've commented and had nasty remarks on all of them. Have respect for people who've just lost a son. And no one wants to hear from you anymore so keep your comments to yourself.

United States

#34 Oct 22, 2007
Why all the crime in Vernon in the last year? Vernon was always a great little town. You never had violent crimes in Vernon!

Zero Tollerance is being taught in our schools. Hate is being taught by our schools! And the worse thing about it is that we pay for the Schools to teach Zero Tollerance toward our fellow man. The school programs are biting us in the Backside.And our kids are paying for it. Thanks BOE

No One should use a gun to settle their differences. And No ones life is more vauluable than material Property. So they say
former classmate

Niantic, CT

#35 Oct 22, 2007
wow. some of you on here need to GROW UPPPPPPPPPPP. seriously;; how old are we? are you really going to disrespect a family who just lost a loved one? and c'mon, vernon rockville "nuff said", lots of things happen everywhere, everyday. NOT just here. Jorge was a good kid, he loved to play bball & rap.

seriously, if you have the guts to disrespect the rivera family who just lost a loved one then you need to grow up, get a life, and stop arguing over this forum. honestly.

RIP Jorge Rivera ; only the good die young <3

Rivera family stay strong ; your in our hearts

Vernon Rockville, CT

#36 Oct 22, 2007
and I dont see how his mother having 7 kids and being single have anything to do with this situation. I'm 1 of 8. Does that make me a horrible person? Am I a criminal? Do I do drugs? Nope. And none of us have a poor education. And even if we did, our parents did EVERYTHING they could for us, but once you reach a certain age, you can sign yourself out of school. I love when people are so ignorant and make themselves look so dumb. It makes me sick to know there are grown men and women out there, so close to home, that are seriously posting things like this. It's sort of comical and sort of sad to know that I'm 20 years old and have more of an open mind then you people.
Crazy People

Longmeadow, MA

#37 Oct 22, 2007
I cannot believe the ignorance that is on this message board. I knew Jorge and he was a good kid. He played for the basketball team and was loved by many people. You are disgusting for talking about the deceased as if he was bad person, did you forget that a kid shot him to death over a simple argument? o ya, you must have. Just because the kid who shot him was white means that he didn't commit murder? You can only be so ignorant before something bad happens to you and before you realize. Vernon has suffered 2 deaths in two days of young, innocent victims. Get a life and get yourself educated before ever writing hateful things about someone you didnt even know. Don't worry. You will get yours eventually I have no doubt about it.

Windsor Locks, CT

#38 Oct 22, 2007
These comments on here are making me sick to my some of you guys have no life and just sit on the computer and make fun of someone that cant defend himself.I went to school with him and tried to hang out with him as much a i could and he was a man that i truly respected and there are not many people left on earth like that and this forum proves how many assholes are left in this world.He was a very independant person and willing to help anyone including these people that are profiling him in here.So next time you open your mouth think of other peoples feelings that will be reading this and think is it really necessary to share my racist/stereotypical/profiling comments!!!

R.I.P. Jorge Rivera....11/10/86--10-20-07
Newspaper reader in CT

Shelton, CT

#39 Oct 22, 2007
There are a lot of sick pathetic people out here. This young man's death is tragic. My best to his family and friends at this horrible time.
Garrett close friend

Salem, CT

#40 Oct 22, 2007
I honestly can't believe what is being said on behalf of a very close friend of mine, talking about birth control and his mother, what is wrong with you people, honestly why can't you just show respect of behalf of the family, and friends. When people say negative things about someone who passed, and then the family see's what is being said about their son, what do you think goes through their minds. As far as the people being so stupid about this loss in Connecticut, you need to look at the bigger picture, instead of being so ignorant
Thank You
Jorge you will be missed, i know you are looking down on us.... R.I.P
I knew Jorge

Plantsville, CT

#41 Oct 22, 2007
All of you people that are saying that his WONDERFUL mother should have been on birth control? or that she was not fit ot raise 7 WONDERFUL children need to stop voicing your useless and idiotic remarks. You have NO place, WHATSOEVER, to tell her or her children how to run their lives.If you had a heart, you would be wishing them good luck and giving condolences, not punishing them for something that is not wrong. And let me ask you middletown person (lol)...if your child had tragically passed away, would you want to be shunned?
I knew Jorge

Plantsville, CT

#42 Oct 22, 2007
and another thing...HIGH SCHOOL DISGUST ME! Someone writing like you who would even imagine to write some of the remarks you have written here on this page MUST have no heart whatsoever.This is the last comment I will be leaving towards you because it seems,from your other comments on other articles as well, that you are only looking for attention. One last thing, Karma is a b***h and it will eventually catch up to you.

RIP Jorge <333 My best to his family and best friends.
take it like this

Hartford, CT

#43 Oct 22, 2007
PPPP wrote:
You "people" are so dumb. A kid with a spanish last name got killed and it is automatically his or his mother's fault??? The Racist message board is so predictable.
your right about the racism not all the comments are racist but the majority of them are sad.....even in death
Somewhere in Connecticut

Newington, CT

#44 Oct 22, 2007
Sickos wrote:
High School Parent,
You must have no life b/c you are constantly writing on this forum...and ALWAYS putting people down. Why do you always think your Sh** don't stink?? Are you really that perfect...or do you have such a low self-esteem that you can't wait to comment on another tragic story by putting others down to make yourself look or feel good? I don't know who you think you are...but thank God I don't know you. You are the most judgemental person that write on these things. HIGH SCHOOL PARENT...just remember, all these tragic stories that have to do with children dying...It could be your high school children one day that find themselves in a bad situation or deadly situation...then what? Have compassion and empathy for other parents out there...will ya, and stop being so damn make me sick!
It might be a Mental Issue that High School Parent has. It sounds like it.

West Hartford, CT

#45 Oct 22, 2007
I honestly cannot believe what people are saying on here. If you didn't know jorge, why are you saying crap about him and his family? He graduated highschool, he was on the basketball team, and he was working. What was he doing wrong? He wasn't involved in drugs or anything. What gives you the right to judge him? So what if his mother had 7 kids. He turned out alright didn't he! Who cares if he was puerto rican, or ghetto, or lived in vernon. He was doing good for himself, but he just got caught in the wrong situation with the wrong person. Jorge was a very nice kid, with his head on his shoulders. He had a lot going for him. I honestly, can't stress enough how nice he was. As a fellow classmate and a co-worker with Jorge, i knew him well enough to know that he didn't deserve that.
Anybody that is making remarks about his family and Jorge himself; honestly, you're pissing a lot of people off with judging somebody you didn't even know.
Everybody on here that is making a good remark about Jorge, knew him.
Everybody on here that is making a bad remark about Jorge, didn't know him.
What does that tell you.
Don't judge him. He was a amazing person.

RIP Jorge.- Family and friends will always miss you. Including the Pizza Hut crew, were all thinking of you.

Best wishes to the family too.

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