Urban is the man! He will get the best out if his players and put the best ones on the field. The ones who give it there all to make the great state of Ohio proud! Freshman or not , know your role candy asses! Hello young and fast defense ! Seems like the def line should be dominating all the teams in the big ten, I know none of them have started ,but they were all highly recruited and if history tells us anything urban is the man! And he knows what it takes ! Luv me some urban! Bennett is the oldest but Washington is big and spence is fast , schutt is strong and they all seem to know how to tackle! If the backers miss there tackles at least the secondary is intact and has the experience to make the plays. So long missed tackles ! Oh did I mention we should have an old school backer ,in mitchell ,with an exceptional veteran in shazier ! Defense is the key! B/c we have Braxton on offense, enough said ! Thanks.