UF appreciation: Pay Donovan more tha...

UF appreciation: Pay Donovan more than Meyer

There are 217 comments on the Orlando Sentinel story from Mar 28, 2007, titled UF appreciation: Pay Donovan more than Meyer. In it, Orlando Sentinel reports that:

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Boca Raton, FL

#1 Mar 28, 2007
You know absolutely nothing about UK basketball! You need to get your facts straight before you start bashing UK. Your knowledge about basketball syas it all. Since when is UF a big time program? 2006!!! They are done after this year. There is absolutely nothing to do at FL and stop saying there is too much pressure at KY! That means that there are greater expectations. And stop quoting the players saying that nothing is good at UK unless you win the national championship. That is a bias and how would Joakim Noah know that? He can even play basketball even if his life depemded on it. Don't be calling UK a nuthouse as you have in previous articles. Donovan is OURS and you guys just refuse to accept it. Read this comment Bianchi, and if you don't reply to it, I know you are to much of a sissy to do so. Here's a suggestion: get a real job!
chad edwards

Scottsmoor, FL

#2 Mar 28, 2007
Ok mike, last week i reemed you for your timing on bringing this into the fray, i thought it was cheesy to talk about this of all things the day after a great round of games in the ncaa tourney. Now im gonna reem you for your absolute baffoonery. You know absolutely nothing about kentucky basketball, so why even make a comment (my father used to say, "Chad its better to shut your mouth and let people think youre stupid than it is to open it and reveal all doubts") I will say i thought this would be caliparis job, but since he re upped at memphis, i guess i was wrong. As far as UK and UF basketball though, its no comparison. Look at the traditional hoops powerhouses. UNC, Dook, Kentucky, and Florida. Even a fool like yourself has gotta know one of those isnt like the others. We just take basketball more seriously in the midwest man, thats the fact. Early summer down here, you guys are wearing the pads and cleates, we are sweeping off a concrete pad off with a broom so we can begin outdoor hoops season (cause indoor hoops season ends in mar or april. Your precious UF program doesnt think about college hoops until january when football is done and any gator grad or fan will be the first to say that. If donovan didnt take the UK job, hed be as big of a fool as you are, but we both know thats not possible. And i know youre a coward and you have about as much of a chance of reading this as the UF a.d has of reading your stupid column, but bottom line is UF, as much as billy has done a great job putting them in the limelight, never will be the hoops school UK can be, i dont care if they win more championships in a row than ucla did. Your gators will only be a hoops school if you bring ron zook back to coach the football team, essentially guaranteeing that your season will be done after the worlds largest outdoor cocktail party every year. Use your little pea brain, think about it and then pull your head out of your a##! Dont take it personally man, the midwest has their hoops, the south has their pigskin. Thats how it was is and always will be.

Anderson, SC

#3 Mar 28, 2007
Mike, why would Foley need to fork out so much cash if there is absolutely no way that Donovan will go to UK, as you stated last week? You're a total joke and a disgrace to the business.
Big Splooge

Orlando, FL

#4 Mar 28, 2007
Mike you are insane. When the basketball program brings in as much money as the football program then you can pay Billy $4 million per year. For $4 million per year the gators could buy the real deal Rick Pitino or Mike K, or Roy Williams.

Cincinnati, OH

#5 Mar 28, 2007
Alan wrote:
Donovan is OURS and you guys just refuse to accept it. Read this comment Bianchi, and if you don't reply to it, I know you are to much of a sissy to do so. Here's a suggestion: get a real job!
Based on what?
- A stupid internet rumor that was spread around as "a rumor I couldn't disprove"

- A fan blog that claims they have inside info?

- Christine Donovan is from Kentucky?(No. She is from Long Island)

- Billy is passing up questions about UK?(OF course his team is in the Final Four run and he's not going to KILL his negotiationg power for a new contract)

John Thompson III said he is focused on the Final Four when he was asked about the UK job on PTI yesterday, are you convinced that he'd leave Georgetown at the drop of a hat?

- Kentucky is his dream job.(He said the same thing about the Knicks, why'd he decline that job last summer?)

Does that mean Billy isn't going to Kentucky? No. But it's far from being a done deal.

Quit listening to your internet rumors and what other fans are saying. You all have yourself so convinced with the "We're Kentucky" and "No way a coach doesn't come to the pinnacle of coaching when asked."

I heard this EXACT same stuff a little over two years ago from Notre Dame fans when they told me how crazy I was for believing Urban Meyer would go to a non traditional power like Florida over Notre Dame. Why? Because they were Notre Dame! We saw how that worked out.

Like it or not, Florida is a NONtraditional basketball power right now. You don't get to 3 Final Fours in 8 years and not be some type of power, you don't average 24 wins over 10 years and not be some type of power.

UK fans, I'm not saying there is no chance of Billy D going to Kentucky. But as a Gator fan I like my chances of him staying in Gainesville.

Go Gators.

Louisville, KY

#6 Mar 28, 2007
Why the change of tune all of a sudden? Just last week you people were saying BD would be crazy to leave Florida and now you seem to think you need to do something drastic to keep this from happening. I'll tell you why: it's about to happen and there's nothing you knuckleheads can do about it!!! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!

Shepherdsville, KY

#7 Mar 28, 2007
Mike...why the change of heart? I thought you said that there was absolutely no way Billy was going to Kentucky and now???? GO BIG BLUE!
Bianchi Sucks

United States

#8 Mar 28, 2007
Bianchi - Read this article by Greg Doyel:


Talk about Kentucky fans being insane. Pay Billy D more than Meyer? Yea that will work.

Birmingham, AL

#9 Mar 28, 2007
Mike is right on with this column. If Florida wants to be serious about basketball, there's no reason Billy D can't get a bigger paycheck than Urban Meyer. Market forces -- if it takes 4 mill to keep Billy in Gainesville, then pay him. You Kentucky fans sound just like Alabama fans last year, who were "sure" that Steve Spurrier, and then Rich Rodriguez, were coming to Tuscaloosa to coach Alabama football. Who could turn down the "tradition," the "history," the "lore" of Alabama football, they said. The Notre Dame pukes said the same thing three years ago when courting Urban Meyer. Who could turn down the legend of the Golden Dome, they asked. Guess what -- Meyer turned down Notre Dame, Spurrier and Rodriguez said "no thanks" to Alabama, and Billy Donovan will likely say no to Kentucky. Why would a coach want to coach in the shadows of Adolph Rupp and Rick Pitino? Billy is building a dynasty in Gainesville. He has a real chance to be UF's Adolph Rupp or Bear Bryant, the standard by which all future coaches will be measured. Kentucky fans are in a panic right now, just like Alabama fans were last year. If Calipari and Donovan both say no, who will be left to come to Lexington? No school has ever been a basketball and football powerhouse at the same time. No other school has held both titles at once. No other school can be football- and basketball-crazy at the same time. But no other school is the University of Florida, either.

Birmingham, AL

#10 Mar 28, 2007
Big Splooge wrote:
Mike you are insane. When the basketball program brings in as much money as the football program then you can pay Billy $4 million per year. For $4 million per year the gators could buy the real deal Rick Pitino or Mike K, or Roy Williams.
I wouldn't trade Billy Donovan for any of the three coaches you mention. Do you really think Pitino, Coach K, Williams, or ANYONE else could have done a better job in Gainesville than Billy D has? Give me a break. He already has as many NCAA titles as Pitino and Williams, and if he wins this weekend, he'll match the number of titles Coach K has. Billy has earned every penny that Florida and Kentucky throw at him. The profitability of the basketball program versus the football program is irrelevant. If you want to have a big-time sports program, you pay your coaches what they are worth. And that figure is determined by market forces. So if UK is willing to throw $3.5 million at Billy D, UF might have to throw $4 million at him. But it's ridiculous to suggest that UF could do any better for a basketball coach. Billy Donovan is the "real deal."

Durham, NC

#11 Mar 28, 2007
This is the smartest article you have written in a long time Bianchi.

Oviedo, FL

#12 Mar 28, 2007
Mike Mike Mike... a nice insightful column the other day, and now, here we are again. Back to swinging from the Gator's bean bags. You need to do more like you did last time. Not the usual Bianchi article where you run off severel lame puns describing your topic. You do that A LOT! Mix it up a little more, fat boy.
Big V

Jacksonville, FL

#13 Mar 28, 2007
Come on Mike. No matter how you slice it you're comapring apples to oranges. The sport you coach has as much to do with what your'e paid as how successful you are at coaching it. You didn't campain for the swim or tennis coaches to make more than the football coach when they won titles. I love basketball, but football is revenue "king" and that can't be denied. I was in Atlanta for the SEC title game in footabll and the SEC title game in basketball. No comaprison. I have no more right comapring basketball to tennis then you do comparing basketball to football so why are you trying to do it? Pay Billy well, he deserves it and does a great job, just don't bring football or Urban into the conversation!
Will Campbell

United States

#14 Mar 28, 2007
"Let's face it, money is the only way Florida can show it is just as committed to basketball as Kentucky. The Gators don't have nearly the fan passion for basketball that Kentucky has, but they have more booster contributions. And while football always will be No. 1 in the hearts of UF fans, it doesn't mean it has to be No. 1 on the pay scale of UF's administration."

Other than money, you just outlined while Billy Donovan will be at UK next season. The money there will be similar to what UF will offer. Yet, for a basketball lover, the UK job is a piece of heaven even though Florida is a nice place.

Alpharetta, GA

#15 Mar 28, 2007
whats another million ?
If Donovan leaves for Kentucky, I assure
you money will not be the primary factor. Pay him $4 mill,$5 mill,
won't matter.

Louisville, KY

#16 Mar 28, 2007
mike your right on about uk fans. they think just because they one 7 titles(4 in fortys & fifties)that uk is the job of all jobs. if billy d. takes the job and loses to ricky p. 2 or 3 yrs. and gets knock out of tourny in 1st or 2nd. round,they will want to fire him to because their all nuts.

Kissimmee, FL

#17 Mar 28, 2007
When Donovan announces he is staying at Florida will be the greatest and funniest sporting news conference ever. I hope they block off all the bridges and close the doors to all tall buildings in lexington because we may see a mass amount of suicides. Uk fans are a joke and their program is headed in the same direction. Donovan started this empire 11 years ago and he will continue to build it. See ya later Uk bball, enjoy your history because thats all you can be proud of today. Uk has become the laughing stock of college hoops...way to go fans, here's laughing at you!

United States

#18 Mar 28, 2007
The reason Billy D did not receive a raise and contract extension after last season was b.c. of the return of the 04's (Brewer, Green, Horford, & Noah). Billy D made a statement, If you are not going to cash out on the team's success, neither will I. Even in college football, UF, FSU, and Miami does not have the history and tradition of other established programs, it never limited our success in winnig championships and changing the game. Didn't Wake Forest and L'ville have a more successful football season than basketball season. You can succeed in more than 1 sport, ask Texas and Ohio State. UF has sent many athletes to the NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA, and Olympics (Summer and Winter, Team USA & other nations). UF is one of the most profitable athletic programs. Regardless of where Billy D goes and who is the next UK head coach, both programs will be in good shape. A lot of the rumors from KY have already been debunked.
C_ Goode

Andover, MA

#19 Mar 28, 2007
Nice change of tune from your article last week. Your arrogance from last week's article has now transformed into paranoia. Florida will never match Kentucky basketball, the tradition, the passion, the 23k in attendance for virtually every home game. Donovan's coaching roots began in Ky and to Ky he will return!
C. Goode
Lexington, KY

Eddyville, KY

#20 Mar 28, 2007
If, as you said a few days ago, Billy D wouldn't leave "not in a zillion years." Why should UF have to do all of the things you mention?

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