Hurray for Brittany---if any Uconn player deserved a break, it's Ms. Hunter. Her points and block per minute are more than exceptional. She works hard every second she is in,have you ever seen her loafing during a game??

When Charde is playing basketball, there is no one, repeat no one who can stop her. Elliot said it best, the only one who can stop Charde--is Charde.. I hope Charde hasn't stopper her permanently--she's just too great a player for that to happen. If you see her tell her that her fans believe in her and expect a break out game again'st duke..

Hey--Rutgers is for real!! Did you see the RU/LSU game??
If you like Womens basketball, that was a game to see.
Great coaching on both teams--and some terrific defensive plays by both teams. Ajavon(?) made a great stop with the game in doubt and under one minute, wow was it good.

Have a good trip home and don't eat too much left over turkey when you arrive. Thank your wife for allowing us to have your time these past few days..