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#42 Mar 8, 2008
Let's try to keep things in perspective here.

Before I start, You Gotta Be Kidding Me---it's LAMO. If you're going to ridicule someone, try to do it without a typo, as it only ridicules yourself. It's like telling the punchline as part of the setup for a joke.

Now, let's be realistic here. Eric Havranek may be as good of an ATHLETE as Carr, but he sure as hell isn't a better basketball player. Flat out. If the kid would've spent more time honing his game, instead of bitching about every ticky-tack foul, I might be willing to include him in the same sentence as Carr.

As far as him being the best ATHLETE Ainsworth has ever seen. Not even close. Out of all the athletes I've seen play there, that distinction would go to Bobby Dishman......hands down.

I think that "Ainsworthless" is confusing good to borderline great athletes with actual GREAT athletes. Being the best player on your team DOES NOT make you a GREAT athlete. Being good in only one discipline or sport DOES NOT necessarily make you a GREAT athlete. On your list, I would agree with Amos & Brady Davis, Bobby Dishman, & E. Havranek.

Bryce would be considered borderline great.

The rest I would consider good athletes, who either were very well-recognized in the one sport they played in (Dustin, Justin), a good all-around athlete (Kenny Bauer), or just a good athlete who looked like a frickin' specimen (Colburn).

I'm talking about GREAT athletes here. Bobby Dishman. Ryan Buckley. Bryce Spann. Troy Lucero. Wade Alberts. Jerry Leach. Pat Brede.

I understand that some of these names may seem "dated" to some of you, but I'm easily younger than all of them and I still know who they are and their accomplishments.

Dishman---played college QB, outstanding BB player.

Buckley---Possibly one of the physically most intimidating BB/FB players ever at Ainsworth.

Brede---The fastest RB in school history, an outstanding track athlete, and most notibly a TREMENDOUS drummer. TREMENDOUS.

Troy Lucero---I believe the only athlete to place at State Wrestling all 4 years of high school.

Bryce Spann---good all-around high school athlete. GREAT college LB. Was probably the MVP for at least 1, if not 2 years of his stay @ Nebraska Wesleyan.

& Wade Alberts---pratically a track god @ NWU.

Other borderline greats----Justin Johnson, Kory Richardson, Dan Lentz, Aaron Jackman, & Aaron Lanka.

I'm sure I am missing some here, but without a list of all alums it's tough. You can't just say a guy is great b/c he was the best player on his respective team, was the leading points scorer on a bad team, etc. If this was the case, we'd be including people like Steve Dodd. No offense to Steve, but he WAS NOT a GREAT athlete. If you can't even attempt to compare them to other greats in that area of Nebraska (Bruce Chubick, Chris Peacock, Todd Loughran, Chad West, etc.), then they shouldn't even make it on the page.

Can someone please come with something QUALITY here?!?!?! Something with facts. Something with intelligence & thought behind it. Not just a rambling list of people who were good all-around athlets or the best player on their respective team at the time.

As for Dutch, who the hell are you! If you're not going to actually contribute, do something constructive like build a levee.
You Gotta Be Kidding Me

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#43 Mar 8, 2008
Mudd actually I did intend LMAO. What's LAMO?

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#44 Mar 8, 2008
As in lame-o. Slang for lame. What the heck does LMAO stand for then, cause that's a new one for me!
You Gotta Be Kidding Me

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#45 Mar 8, 2008
Laughing My A** Off

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#46 Mar 8, 2008
Okay! That makes perfect sense. And laughing your a** off you should be based on those comments.

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#48 Mar 8, 2008
Eikmeier just put up 43 in the State Championship game. How good is this kid really? It sounds like he is an outstanding shooter, but I wouldn't know how good of an athlete as I haven't watched him play. He looks INSANELY thin in any picture I have seen. Will he hold up in D1? Someone clue me in as I just go by what I hear.


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#49 Mar 8, 2008
alsobulldogfanan dalum

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#50 Mar 10, 2008
Ainsworthless Hater wrote:
The best athletes to come out of Ainsworthless are Bobby Dishman, Kenny Bauer, Bryce Bauer, Dustin Havranek, Justin Harris, Brady Davis, Amos Davis, Jesse Colburn, and the best of them all Eric Havranek. Jesse Carr couldn't carry Eric's jock strap. If Eric shot as many times as Jesse did, then Eric would have averaged 50 points a game. Man I hate Ainsworthless.
Carr is 2nd in my book to Swede Langer who many of you would not remember that graduated at AHS. Thats why I said Carr top 10 not top 5. Langer played pro ball. I dont disagree that Colburn, Amos Davis and Bryce Bauer were good in their sports but I still have Carr easily above Havranek and Harris by the way Dishman shot the ball about 30 times also, Havranek was to timid. but thats why i love message boards because every one has their OPINION.

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#51 Mar 10, 2008
The difference of Dishman was that he HAD to shoot the ball 30 times a game after Evans, Buckley, Spann, Welch, & everyone else left b/c he truly was the only oustanding to somewhat great talent on the team, and the only way they were going to win was for him to shoot that much
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#52 Mar 11, 2008
Mudd: all the people you are mentioning are from the 90s to present. Do you know anyone from earlier. I will throw out some bball players for you, spelling of names maybe wrong- Gary Philben, Collier (from the 80's cant remember his first name) Ted Gudde. I could go on and on and further back. but you get my point. By the way Dishman was not the Best athlete to come out of Ainsworth. Wade Alberts put up great numbers in football and track even while injured and then was a multi-allamerican in track at NWU. HE may not be the best athlete to ever come out of Ainsworth but better than Dishman. Bob was a good athlete and Ainsworth needed everything he gave but to call him the best ever to come out of Ainsworth LOL.

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#53 Mar 11, 2008
Gary Philben! I knew I was missing an obvious one that I had heard of. When did he play? I think it might have been with my uncle. I went to most of the 80's games, but don't remember a Collier, but the name does sound familiar. I do remember a guy who played up until his sophomore or junior season(late 80's, early 90's), but then went to Ord (I think!). He lived in the same house Dan Fong & his wife did on the north side of town, by Palmers. Damn it, I wish I could remember his name. And actually, now that I'm being brought back into the past, Bryant Wilkins. Couldn't even play his senior year b/c of the heart condition, but he had a ridiculous stroke.

Who played with Dan Lentz & Brian Williams when they had a really good team in the early 80's. Was that Archie & Grant Anderson? Another one I can't remember, but that would seem right as Grant & Archie played basketball in my driveway all the time when I was a kid. Broke my damn backboard! And then were nice enough to buy a new one and put it up. Anyone from around the time of their senior class might know who I am if they are aware of this info.

I forgot that Wade played football, probably b/c he was injured alot of his junior and/or senior season. I'll give you that one, and argue that he might be the best, with any exceptions that would have outdated me that I would not have known. I probably picked Bob based on his talent in 3 sports, whereas most of the ones already discussed only participated in 2 sports, or were very mediocre in a 3rd discipline.

A couple of guys who live in Ainsworth, didn't play ball there, but were definitely outstanding ahtletes:

Kenny & Bryce's dad Denny---If I was told correctly, when he played @ Hildreth, I heard he was offered BB, FB & Baseball scholarships to UNL, then jacked up his knee pretty good.

Tony Buckles dad Bob---Another one who I heard could shoot the lights out of the gym. I'm assuming he was a pretty good FB also, but couldn't say for fact.

Can anyone remember who the kid from Ord was? McMaster, or something like that? Hell, I can't remember. Someone else throw out some more names. Like I said, it's tough to remember if you don't have a list of alums, or if like me you only saw games back to a certain time frame.
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#54 Mar 12, 2008
Ya his name was Rich McKinny and his sister Rhonda was a good athlete too. And thanks for the extra info I do know who you are now but wont tell. also an answer to your question, Eric Rice, Steve Thomas,and Rod Reece. And by the way I beleive Tom Osborne came and asked Wade to walk on in football I still have the bulldog beat from the day he was at school. He didnt have much to say either.

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#55 Mar 12, 2008
Rich McKinney. Nice Work! He was pretty good too. I should have known Eric Rice. Last time I saw him he had a ponytail and was doing UC work for the NE State Patrol.

Bulldog Beat. Ain't that some s*** to bring back from the past. I think I might even have a few in storage.
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#56 Mar 12, 2008
Also some good or great athletes that were speedsters Dick Hagerman and Don Richardson

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#57 Mar 12, 2008
Are you talking Don "Deke" Richardson? Cause if so, I can tell you he ran that fast b/c he's scared to death of snakes! If we're talking the same guy, go golfing with him sometime and yell "snake." Best be ready to not golf for the next 5 minutes as you WILL be on the ground laughing you ass off.
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#58 Mar 12, 2008
I do golf with him about every week or two because we play league golf, as i do once again reside in Ainsworth. I heard Grant Anderson will be back in Ainsworth over Easter weekend.

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#59 Mar 12, 2008
Well, for me, make sure to tell his ball "don't go right" and remind him that "it didn't go anywhere." And you can call him a stoopnoogle for me too! MUDD
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#60 Mar 12, 2008
ya thats his favorite golf saying hear it every hole. and i will do
Hoop dreams

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#61 Mar 12, 2008
In response to Mudd, you are very naive to say that Jesse should lose his scholarship at CSU. Jesse is a high school kid who has a lot of growing to do. Were you perfect at 17?

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