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How long is the loan

New York, NY

#269 Oct 3, 2012
If I take out a loan to buy stuff, how many months is the loan in general? I heard some got 3 years...
Daniel Neville

Flushing, NY

#270 Dec 9, 2012
Conman wrote:
You people have seen nothing yet, I have been with them for over a decade and finally I had to call it quit.
Unethical, unprofessional and deceiptive are Conn's policy since the day the old man maned Tommie Frank resided and he passed his CEO seat to his own son, Tim Frank a few years ago.
Tim Frank graduated from a small college with an MBA degree. WOW! big shit since I am also have and MBA but due to being laid-off so I had to work for Conn's. ANW, This Tim guy sold his sold to the devil which is a group called the Stephen groups.
The Stephen groups took the a good chance to help Tim with a large amount of working capital that why Conn's now has 62 stores instead of 22 stores.
Smart enough to open agressively new stores in a down turn economy, the shit happens! Conn's barely could pay their vendors so they started the rip off their employees from salesmans to service techicians to drivers. They did not stop there they force their sales force to manipulating and deceived customers. They forced their technicians to make several trips to customers' house(s) before fixing the setvice call so they can overcharge their vendors for trip charge. That was the reason for the 4.5 Mil. settlement with the State of TX class action law suit.
The Stephen groups saw the potential damanage, they fleed Tim Frank and left the smart-as-a donkey CEO with no working capital. They are about to close 6 stores outside of Houston area with more stores to folow.
Those who saw a bad seed wil reap a bad fruit. COE Tim left Conn's with a huge and profitable package.
The only actual victims are the customers and the salesman. Customers are not provided the service they deserve. Salesman are force to quit since their income are reduced to as little as minimun wage.
Now we have a folk-lifter / vice president David Trahan and his son Aron Trahan to continue the Tommie/ Tim Frank regime.
Do yourself a favor, stay away from this place , you are dealing with the evil.
Can you contact me at [email protected] I want to talk about your experience at Conn's. I believe many of the Conn's dealings with customers are fraudulent and / or boarder line illegal. I cannot believe the company is allowed to conduct business in the way they do, and am shocked the Texas AG has not taken action.
j dog

Rockwall, TX

#271 Dec 31, 2012
I looked around at Conn's for a full apartment full of stuff. I did't buy a thing or sign a thing. The next day a Conn's truck showed up at my apartment with a house full of stuff. Being the nice guy that I am" dumb me" I sent it all back to the store when I could have just kept it.

Yukon, OK

#272 Feb 5, 2013
Conn's has threatened me with legal action and repossession of the items I purchased. I got laid off and I had "unemployment insurance" which is a joke.
Conn's please come get your stuff!!!
Never do business with these people as the name says it all.
No I did not need a payment book to remind me of when my payment was do and everything was outlined in the contract. Also I have never had a problem with a payment posting to my account but I do not doubt it happens.
Simply put---got laid off, the unemployment insurance is a joke and they are coming to get their stuff.
Now the 14+ phone calls a day will end :) <hopefully>
Scared in tx

Lockhart, TX

#274 Apr 22, 2013
An employee from conns broke into my house while I was in the shower, to try to take the equipment back. I heard sumthin, so I got out the shower, when I looked in the living room I saw this big guy. I turned to run and get my pistol, he chased me down and tackled me to the floor. I was naked and scared. He grabbed my junk and squeezed down and told me to return all my equipment. Then he vanished.

Dallas, TX

#276 Apr 29, 2013
I am currently close to having my loan with Conn's paid off. It has gotten to the point that they begin calling me even before my payment is due. I always pay, tho it may be late sometimes depending on when my payday fall's. However, even when notifying them of the situation, and always following thru with the payments, I still get harassed several times a day. Even calling my work number, which I have countless times informed the collector that it is not OK to call me on my work phone due to the fact that I could be fired for taking personal calls. Which according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, should stop them from calling work. I have even sent them a certified letter stating this. If I have no job, then they can't get paid. Yet they still call work.
I understand the need to try and collect. However, once an arrangement has been made, the calls are supposed to stop. They don't. The next person on the line doesn't know that you just were on the line with another collector 10 minutes ago. Nor does the new collector care.
One thing is for certain, once I have finished paying off these crooks, I will never purchase from them again. All this because of the treatment I have been given from the collectors they employ. It's not just the number of calls, but the attitude of the collector's on the phone. They always act like I am trying to steal from them, and just not willing to pay. Which is not the case. Just a few short months left and I will be done. No more stupid high interest, no more harassing calls (even before the due date), and no more money from me or anyone I can help avoid shopping with them. Even if you are paying cash, go anywhere else. If Conn's goes out of business, then it's their own fault for treating all their customers like crooks. I have dealt with other credit collector's in the past, and they have all been better than Conn's service. You make an arrangement and that's the end of it as long as you stick to it. Conn's? No. they will call and call and treat you like a bully trying to take your lunch money until they show your payment in their system. They don't care that your bank shows the payment made. Nor do they seem to grasp that Conn's itself can take up to 3 days from receiving your payment to apply it to your account. So even if you make it by the due date, you will get calls is there was a holiday or anything else that delays the payment being posted to the account. At which point you are a criminal and they will call, and call, and call.

Fort Worth, TX

#278 Jun 25, 2013
Conns suck, there service suck, there stuff suck. I got damaged chairs delevered, and in addition they damaged some of my property. I've made many calls but they can't resolve anything. Funny, how they ca me every day to collect a payment but they can't call about my issue. Until I receive new merchandise they will receive a payment.
patty j rivera

Pearsall, TX

#281 Jul 24, 2013
bought a lg washer from them which was broke to begin with. i was very unhappy with it. it made a terrble noise which i didn`t know it was`st poise to make. i was ready to let them have it and get another one. it woun`t rise right,got off balance anid it took me 4 hr.s for it to finally get though.I purchased it on may 22,2013. they said it was passed a month. i had 10yrs. warranty and the techion had to see what was wrong. the tec. came on july 10,2013 said it was brought had to order the part. left me with wet cloths. i bougnt anther washer at lowes alot less money.i went to conns july12,2013 signed vol. reposion. i`m still waiting for them to pick it up. i keep calling but they give me the runaround. it is july 24,2013 and still waiting for a call from to come and get it.
Go to aarons

United States

#282 Jul 31, 2013
Conns is affiliated with rent a center if you all didn't know. There's a reason they've gone bankrupt several times and continue to disappoint. They're business model is horrible, they only have 50 or so stores in the u.s. compared to 2000+ Aaron's stores. Take your business to Aaron's, the industry leader in lease to own. Conns proves true to the name.

Scottsdale, AZ

#283 Sep 17, 2013
Places like Conn's rip off lower income people and keep them poor. When are people going to realize that credit and debt is not the way to happiness.
I have a friend that almost got talked into buying a $1699 lap top from these people. It was an I7 with 8GB ram an SSD and a touch screen. They called me from the store and asked if they should buy the extended warranty for $699.00.
I asked them what they were going to use this computer for. They said to surf the net and keep their customer database.
I talked them down to the $799 i5 model, and told them that the warranty online would be $125 for 3 years. Conn's wanted $399 for the same warranty.
So I saved them $1599 plus about another $1600 in interest charges over the next 3 years. That's $3000 that these "nice folks" we going to enslave my friends for and they are not even going to notice the difference between the 2 computers.
These people are out to rob form the poor and give to the rich. Don't get taken. If you feel you MUST have something new and this is your only choice but the cheapest model they have and don't buy their warranty.
Better yet buy something used and take that payment and put it in a savings account. If you don't think you can do that then you can't afford the loan to start with.
It's a hell of a lot easier to live with a slower computer than it is to live with 15 calls a day from the debt collectors.

Houston, TX

#285 Dec 6, 2013
I have bought almost every piece of furniture in my house from Conns you sign a contract and they let you know in advance what you are paying if you can't afford it don't buy it. Most of the time they have no interest in x amount of months and that's how I bought all my items payed them on time and paid them off before the interest time. My family loved Conns and we have had nothing but good experiences with them. As far as them not going by the warranty is untrue I cracked the screen on my iPad and I had another one within days
sick of conns

Houston, TX

#288 Dec 12, 2013
Jay wrote:
<quoted text>
So let me see if I got this right you are an adult and you signed a contract and didn't pay your bill. The repo lady came over to either get money of the merchandise. Rather than doing the right thing and giving back the stuff you told her "somebody needs to call me." Conn's may have their problems but you deadbeats need to pay your bills. I suppose when the repo man comes for your car you hide it and then blame your problems on him.
I am dealing with them now and I am trying to get them to take mu couch back but they refuse and I am not going to pay them another dime!

Houston, TX

#290 Jan 19, 2014
in texas thay can not repo on credit only rent to own.
conns is trying to scare you if thay come to your house record everthing on your phone when thay call put on speaker and record call
be niece then sue them

San Antonio, TX

#291 Feb 21, 2014
Grr just bought the MacBook Pro which they told me was the new version only to find out when I get home it's the 2012 version. They won't waive the return fee now for their lie!

Houston, TX

#292 Mar 6, 2014
I just finished arguing with the manager in Lewisville tx about there so called r.a.c. acceptance what a rip off. . I've paid over $2000 on a big screen and blue ray player that was originally supposed to be $1500 with tax and everything. . They are conn's just like the building says they just about bumm rush you when you walk in because they want your service sign up .... jump through the hoops and get burned when you realize what is going on its too late you just keep paying and paying .. When you finally make a last payment and tell them you had it and you want them to pick up the TV and stuff they don't do anything to help the situation they wait till they are ready to call you. .of course it's time to pay we call you when we need money not when you need help... As a business owner I highly recommend for everyone to stay away from conn's if you are looking to have nice stuff go somewhere else .Dallas has the some stuff but even cheaper.. stores like this get a bad name and in texas I don't think they're going to last very much longer.

Portland, TX

#294 Mar 22, 2014
Conns is ok. Until u miss one payment. After that good luck. They will keep bugging u. They r still bugging me even after I told the woman on the phone that I was gonna go into the store n pay bc I do t have a stupid credit card or debit card! She like oh ok I can post date ur checking or savings account im like I told u I dont have an account. That would require s debit card I told her I was going in on a certain day when I get paid. Ok yeah when I sign the damn contract I was able to afford it. But then when ur bills n rent go up n ur pay checks r cut in half it has become hard to afford groceries yet conns expects me to pull money out my ass. Shit. Life is never consistent guys. Things alway change. Even I after making my payments im still getting calls. Bc ehen I go in I pay what they tell me to pay not what their corporate office wants me to pay. Its not my problem if ur systems dont give accurate numbers. I go in I pay what I need to n them I leave. Why pay the extra money that the people over the phone want me to pay, when I can go in n pay less. Saves me 100 dollars. That 100 I can use to buy myself some food for the week.

Phoenix, AZ

#295 Jun 10, 2014
I'm filing bankruptcy next week. Can they repo their furniture?
Robert Z

Mission, TX

#298 Jul 30, 2014
Can conns take away my stuff i have a disability huge medical expendes can not pay them .I even called them to pick up the stuff they said because it's bed.

Katy, TX

#300 Sep 10, 2014
So I bought several items from this thief's. I paid most of them off before the interest hit. Well I guess they saw me coming because I had previously closed that account and I check my credit and it still shows as I owe them money. Now they are charging me interest. I been fighting with them for months about this with no luck. Also be aware of this company. This employees are selling your
Personal information to people. Because of them I have been a victim of fraud that came out of conns. The idiots even send me the persons name and continue to call me to let me know that my credit has increased. Now this person has used my info to buy all source of goodies that is putting my credit to the toilet and in some debt that I don't even owe. I been trying to contact the fraud joke department for months with not a single call back from them.So at this point I had open an
Investigation with the police along withy legal

Dallas, TX

#302 Sep 30, 2014
Conn's Customer Service need to be retrained. Everyone that I talk to has a different spill. Managers and supervisor should listen in on conversation with your customer reps. Also it is frustrating when they call me 100 times a day and you hear everyone in the background talking. Retrain or hire professional customer service rep. Some stores you see sales and other employees on there cell phone...smh. Not customer service or profession at all. I walked into a store in Dallas,TX and employees standing around talking to each other once they finshed talking then they asked "can I help you:...smh. Very unprofession company (Conns). Please pass this on to the President so he can see Conns employees have no consideration or respect for others. I have been a Customer for a long time, but that is going to end. Unsatisfied customer.

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