Conn's Appliances

Lincoln, NE

#205 Sep 3, 2010
Partsman in Texas wrote:
Can and will conn's repo thier appliance's for non payment. I live in Texas and do not know the laws. Thanks for any help

Houston, TX

#206 Sep 5, 2010
Conns will pick up the merch if your not paying, so people please pay your bills on time.
Mark and Teresa Piccino

United States

#207 Sep 10, 2010
We visited the Conn's store in Cedar Hill, Texas, to purchase a french door refrigerator and a dishwasher. After deciding which ones we wanted to purchase, the warehouse only showed two of those dishwashers in stock. The salesman had to call the warehouse and was told to call back in 15 minutes while they checked their stock. He attempted to call back numerous times only to be put on hold. Finally, about 30 minutes later, he reached someone in the warehouse only to be told they were out of stock and wouldn't be ordering any more of that specific dishwasher. We then picked out another dishwasher and lo and behold went through the same stock, call the warehouse, call back in 15 minutes, constantly being put on hold. At this point we had been sitting for over an hour trying to purchase two items. The assistant manager walked up and asked if we were being taken care of. When we told him what had transpired, he shrugged and said, "Looks like you're having bad luck." Then he walked away without even attempting to resolve our issue. We wanted to purchase two items and were paying cash. Apparently, this was too much for Conn's to handle. However, after talking to numerous people, this is what Conn's is known for...extremely poor customer satisfaction, customer appreciation and a complete lack of business etiquette! We went to Sears the next day and within ten minutes had purchased a refrigerator and a much lower price...and were out the door extremely satisfied!

Harrison, NJ

#208 Sep 10, 2010
I'm looking for information on how to get around paying Conn's. sounds immoral but these s.o.b.'s got it coming. i don't care how far behind i get, when you send some thug out to my house, where my family is home alone while i am at work, HOUSTON, we got a f****n problem. I WILL WIN...bout to move... and changing address to p.o. box...gonna sell their crap on Craig's list...can't repossess what you cant find...bout to file bankruptcy too so they cant touch me...welcome to Texas...where the law swings in the consumer favor. any other info is greatly appreciated. AND IF YOU WORK AT CONN'S AND GET PAID $8 AN HOUR TO BE A PIECE OF S***, DON'T COME ON HERE TRYING TO DEFEND YOUR THUGGED OUT EMPLOYER. SAGGING YOUR DICKIE'S COMING TO MY HOUSE TALKING LIKE AND I QUOTE, "DAMN DAWG THE WAY YOU GOT OUT YOUR CAR I THOUGHT YOU WAS GONNA HIT ME" AND "COME ON MANE IM JUST DOIN MY JOB MANE". PULL UP YOUR PANTS, GET THE STAIN OFF YOUR SHIRT, AND AN IRON WOULDN'T HURT. AND GET YOUR DIRTY ILLITERATE PUNK A** OFF MY PROPERTY. YOU AND YOUR UNEMPOWERING WALKIE TALKIE CAUSE I AM NOT SCARED TO RUN A DMV ON YOUR LICENSE PLATE TO GET YOUR ADDRESS AND SHOW UP AT YOUR HOUSE AND I WONT BE ASKING FOR MONEY I WILL BE HANDING YOU YOUR TESTICLES. AND DON'T THINK I HAVEN'T BEEN TO THE PROJECTS EITHER. PUNK A**. I am not complaining about Conn's I'm gonna steal their stuff. All $4000 worth. Who's laughing now. Who's talking smack now. I'm hitting the next MOFO that comes in my yard saying pay me.





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conns hater

Carrollton, TX

#209 Sep 13, 2010
The person you all need is Daniel Schafer. He is a lawyer in San Antonio who takes all kinds of conn's cases. He helped me but I there is a confidential settlement agreement so I can't talk about it. you can find him her at
the expandable

United States

#210 Sep 14, 2010
Com'on guys. Don't you see that their stocks is on the way down to be on penny stocks from the open-trade-price of $10.00 per share. Give them a break and pay some of your bills.

I bought a Toshiba Tv from them and the salesman told me his commission rate is .50 percent. The poor salesman makes $1.75 from me buying a Tv from him.

Yet the genius CEO who drives the company down to the ground still receive 1/2 mil a year plus bonus.
This is what wrong with America today. Somebody will has to work for peanuts for these COE getting rich.

Flower Mound, TX

#211 Sep 20, 2010
Partsman in Texas wrote:
Can and will conn's repo thier appliance's for non payment. I live in Texas and do not know the laws. Thanks for any help
Conns has the right to repo product for non-payment, BUT they no longer do so !!!!!

Oklahoma City, OK

#212 Sep 20, 2010
I bought a bed off them and making payments for the bed but i lose my job and im late 2 payments and they called me say if i dont make a payment they will come repo my bed can they really come take the bed back
the expandable

United States

#213 Sep 26, 2010
The contract that you signed with Conn's is an installment loan, so legally THEY can get their products back.

The bad news for you "dead beat" is THEY are working full force to get they money back to cover their negative 7 millions net operational income. THEY are loosing their ass on the verge of filing for bankruptcy and when you corner a dog, be careful since the dog will bite you.

The good news is they'd rather have you make your arrangement payment for your debt than recovery craps from you guys and then they will have to sell these products at their clearance center at a huge loss.

So the choice is yours.
Dallas Exec

San Antonio, TX

#214 Oct 12, 2010
the expandable wrote:
The bad news for you "dead beat" is THEY are working full force to get they money back to cover their negative 7 millions net operational income.
Dead beat? That's what they called me. How nice that the Conn's collectors (or future employees of Conn's) are visiting this board. I paid my bill with Conn's. They still harassed me. I found attorney Daniel M. Schafer on and he took my case. Conn's wrote me a big fat check to settle the case. No matter what you hear about Conn's and repo's, there are laws against abusive collections.

United States

#215 Oct 28, 2010
Well screw Conns, I got a big ass Tv and a combo of appliances and didn't pay nothing, my credit is skrewed anyways, but I enjoy my self. They do call me all the time but I have there number programed and the ringer is silent. Ha ha ha Conns.





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Craig Ewing

Houston, TX

#216 Oct 28, 2010
Anonymous wrote:
Conn's is a lousy company, no question about it. Their customer service people are for the most part rude, semi-illiterate clerks who like having a desk and a telephone and the illusion of power over others. I bought a refrigerator/freezer from them and, after three years, first the freezer---then the icemaker---then the refrigerator went out. I was left without a refrigerator for an entire week because, supposedly, a part was on order. The company has a provision for reimbursement for lost food, but it is only $150; and you must supply an itemized list, whereupon a committee reviews it and takes months to "review". Conn's expects you to be at their disposal when they send a technician out; they expect you to rearrange your schedule around the technician's visit. They could do the right thing and simply cut a check for $150 without all this procedural rigmarole and replace the appliance, especially since my wife is diabetic and she needs a place to keep her insulin cool. Conn's is not about customer satisfaction, contrary to its obstreperous advertising.
Conns has always treated there customers and employees like crap,they set in Beaumont in a rebuilt Kmart with two Beaumont Police officers at the front door, there is no tact whats so ever they talk to people like there dirt (guess what they collectors have the worst credit of all many of them cant by from conns crazy right)They are getting theres now, there stock in going for pennies they have a make belive company (The Stephens Group) All the Boad members are Conns Board members, when they go under in a year if that long the Stephens Group will take control(49%)and have a yard sale oh and that nice 401k they have for the employees will go to stephens or should i say ex conns board members ,So upper mgt will walk away fat and happy and the people who worked there doing what ever they tell them to do will go home with nothing. Dont be to hard on the employees they are doing what there are told, thinking they have a future there, they all ready dumpped 100 people and in beaumont people who worked at conns were big wigs or so they think, But Its coming to an end, there days of cheating people will come back to them, too bad the Enrons and Conns and many others can do that to people and just walk away with a fat wallet and a bunch jokes to tell on how the screwed over people.
Get Real

Lake Charles, LA

#217 Nov 1, 2010
Dora wrote:
I agree with you 100% on this company. I bought a refrigerator from them almost 3years ago and I am still paying on the darn thing. I am paying double what the item cost, they harass me if i get behind a payment, and they did come to my house to leave me a nasty flier. I was considering buying a laptop from them since my credit is bad but now that I have read all these comments, I dont think so. Thank you so much for speaking out against this rip off store.
You know, this is why a lot of companies get bad reputations online, and when people that have no clue who Conn's is check these comments out, it scares quite a few away! Honestly, this may be good for the Company, because they won't have ignorant, irresponsible people come in to buy their products in the first place.
You have bad credit, which means you're obviously not responsible enough to make sure your bills are paid, and they TOOK A HUGE RISK giving you the refrigerator on a promise. Oh, of course, everyone has hard times, but to put the blame on the company, for trying to get the money that you OWE THEM, after you SIGNED A CONTRACT saying you WOULD NOT BE LATE, is just ridiculous.
You have your refrigerator, sitting in the house, being used to keep your food cold and sustain you and possibly your children (God Help us), while Conn's is sitting pretty without the money you said you'd pay, and the money they deservedly should receive when you said you would give it to them.
Who's ripping off who?

United States

#218 Nov 9, 2010
I have a very interesting complaint for you, after 24 months of making payments (yes a few were behind due to crisis. I could not control) on a 36 month loan I receive a phonecall stating I've never made a payment on my account. Come to find out they have a few accounts crossed...still have no clue where my money went! Soooo to try to save my stuff we make an agreement to "catch up" payments pay x amount and we can start over until we can "iron this out and apply the full past paid amount to your balance" ok...I did it, over the phone!(Stupid neverrrrrrr give this company your banking info.) So three days later I get a very rude phone call saying I am 4 months behind (it went from 24mos behind to 4 mos behind???) I told them I will not make another payment until they send me statements showing where my money has gone. Its been a few months and they call constantly not only me but my references. Well on the second of this month they withdrew 100 dollars from my checking account. They claim they came to the house and got authorization...the day and time they claim to have come by we were not home. Plus I would have handed them a check had I wanted them to take it out!! Now I'm trying to fight to get that 100 back before they "forget where to apply it" be very careful dealing with this company! I'm not the only person who has had the account mixups or unauthorized drafts! If I could afford a lawyer I would have one by now to straighten this mess out.
What idiots

Spring, TX

#219 Dec 15, 2010
Here is a good answer to all these complaints: DONT GO THERE EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! You are the idiots that went there in the first place. I used to work for conns and they are horrible. I had a bad runin with the managers in the customer service department especially with tracy merchant and mrs lucia. them two are the perfect example of idiots that work there. DONT GO THERE
Perry Boutte

Houston, TX

#220 Jan 18, 2011
The simple response to Conn's is to file suit against them in court.I am going to have to sue them again for selling a used television as new
at the Gulfgate store.They will in a New York second to cover up their crookedness.They prey on the uninformed and the gullible to which I am neith.I sued them before and won,Here we go again.
As for "Lady in Beaumont",I've been to Beaumont
and your no Lady".

Arlington, TX

#221 Jan 21, 2011
Conns is definately con. I bought a TV and in two months the 21 percent int. became 50 percent. These people will rip you off. I finance 500.00 and in two months of paying 20.00 they told me my pay off would be 550.00. What a scam.

Arlington, TX

#222 Jan 21, 2011
I guess I will sue them too.

Jacksonville, FL

#223 Jan 26, 2011
frustrated wrote:
I to allowed them to withdraw a payment from my bank account. The next month they took money again and this time it was not authorized. The only response I got was that the payment was due and they would not refund the money. This led to my being overdrawn on my account and costing me more money than I had. I live very tight and the interest on the purchases I made is more than the items themselves. I have pd on this for 2 years and still owe 2 more due to the interest. Stay away from this company. It is a total rip off
The same thing happened to me. I contacted my bank and they had to put the money back into my account.
cons collector

Denton, TX

#224 Feb 1, 2011
KAYKAY wrote:
Does anyone know what it is like to be a cons collector I have accepted a job doing collections for Cons can anyone tell me what is it like [email protected]

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