Barack Obama, our next President

Barack Obama, our next President

There are 1394319 comments on the Hampton Roads Daily Press story from Nov 5, 2008, titled Barack Obama, our next President. In it, Hampton Roads Daily Press reports that:

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ...

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Scottsbluff, NE

#1058564 Jan 9, 2014
Obama is a joke wrote:
<quoted text>
Don't you think that he should be able to speak coherently first?
Hey, Rodman did apologize for hollering at the reporter-said he was drunk.

Rodman-it is always a bright idea to have pressers while inebriated.
Fetch Almighty

Chicago, IL

#1058565 Jan 9, 2014
Obama is a joke wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm not a big fan of Christie, but he has acted more like a leader today than Obama ever has or ever will.
you really hate them negroes doncha?

United States

#1058566 Jan 9, 2014
Ray Donovan wrote:
<quoted text>Apparently he's no different than Obama - if anyone dares oppose you, go after We the People, the innocent constituents, not the political foe.

IRS goes after citizens associated with the Tea Party and conservative groups. Remember how fast the IRS was on Dr. Carson's butt after he dared challenge Obamacare?
Get over it you drop out cop.

Did you know canine cops get more hourly training to do their jobs than dumb drop outs like ray Donovan.

Cape Canaveral, FL

#1058567 Jan 9, 2014
Nuculur option wrote:
New Jersey Lane Closures Delayed Emergency Response To 91-Year-Old Woman Who Later Died: Report
""Emergency response teams were reportedly delayed in traffic caused by lane closures on the George Washington Bridge in September, including one vehicle responding to a 91-year-old woman in cardiac arrest who later died.
The lane closures and its resulting gridlock, which created major problems for New Jersey commuters, have become a political headache for Gov. Chris Christie (R), who has maintained that he had nothing to do with the decision to close the lanes.
According to a letter from EMS coordinator Paul Favia to Fort Lee, N.J. Mayor Mark Sokolich obtained by The Bergen Record, at least four emergency vehicles were stuck in traffic caused by the unannounced lane closures, doubling response time in at least two of the cases.
The Record reports:
On Sept. 9, the first day of the traffic paralysis, EMS crews took seven to nine minutes to arrive at the scene of a vehicle accident where four people were injured, when the response time should have been less than four minutes, he wrote.
It also took EMS seven minutes to reach an unconscious 91-year-old woman who later died of cardiac arrest at a hospital. Although he did not say her death was directly caused by the delays, Favia noted that “paramedics were delayed due to heavy traffic on Fort Lee Road and had to meet the ambulance en-route to the hospital instead of on the scene.”
Now that Christie has self destructed, this clears the way for a Hillary landslide!!
Unannounced lane closures were responsible for several medical emergency delays. Additionally the four days of closures created a plethora of problems that cost businesses and individuals time and money.

During four days of front page and lead in headlines and perhaps thousands of emails to the state capitol building it's difficult to believe that no one with authority realized that the traffic study was bogus.

Isn't that the busiest bridge in the United States?
Fetch Almighty

Chicago, IL

#1058568 Jan 9, 2014
sonicfilter wrote:
The Top 43 Appointees Who Helped Make Bush The Worst President Ever
did he only appoint 43?
No Surprize

Largo, FL

#1058569 Jan 9, 2014
dem wrote:
<quoted text>
I bet my eggplant daughter knows Ebonics.
It's the culture..

United States

#1058570 Jan 9, 2014
No Surprize wrote:
<quoted text>How about firing the fools running the failed roll out and debacle of obamacare.. Kathleen Sebelius and that group of fools??

The gift that keeps on giving...

It's the culture...
You little Jew ladies are redundant.

Since: Mar 11

St. Croix valley

#1058571 Jan 9, 2014
Nuculur option wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes, they are changing design of new office buildings. But they also run into windows in my house, and I like windows!!
Adding more stuff that kills birds doesn't make sense.
Even with windmills, the past years have seen an explosion of fossil fuel activities, huge areas denuded for fracking all over the USA. And we're still mining and exporting coal like mad.
So there is no net gain in windmills. Just another producer of energy, and not all that green!!
If we eliminated one bad activity when we adopt another, it would be better. But all we do is pile more and more on, to the point Mother Nature is in full disarray. There's an old Neil Young song "After the Gold Rush":
""Well, I dreamed I saw the knights
In armor coming,
Saying something about a queen.
There were peasants singing and
Drummers drumming
And the archer split the tree.
There was a fanfare blowing
To the sun
That was floating on the breeze.
Look at Mother Nature on the run
In the nineteen seventies.
Look at Mother Nature on the run
In the nineteen seventies.""
That was true 40 years ago, even more true today. =1e3m_T-NMOsXX
do you need windows on your house? yes, i agree we need buildings, but why do we need windows in them? we WANT windows in them. good try, but not quite all the way there...

what areas are denuded for fracking? it actually has a small surface footprint.

facts are fun!
Fetch Almighty

Chicago, IL

#1058572 Jan 9, 2014
woodtick57 wrote:
<quoted text>is it the culture that makes you unable to forma cogent thought or sentence?
that and her full blown dementia
Buroc Millhouse Obama

Hamden, CT

#1058573 Jan 9, 2014
woodtick57 wrote:
<quoted text>wasn't that just the best!.297 is actually "fully one-third" ...
don't go easy on me...why do those building have to have windows? and you know it is the windows that are the problem, not the buildings...
how much bird habitat is destroyed mining for coal to create the power the windmills would create? so many factors here. the bird deaths by windmills are insignificant in the larger picture...and i am a lifelong birder with a in the wildlife re-hab industry...
I knew it was just a matter of time before you two phycos hooked up.

United States

#1058574 Jan 9, 2014
woodtick57 wrote:
<quoted text>is it the culture that makes you unable to forma cogent thought or sentence?
Don't say cogent again. Ray Donovan will shit himself.

Bethlehem, PA

#1058575 Jan 9, 2014
LoisLane59 wrote:
<quoted text>
Don't think he ever got started. Unless you were the only one who heard him announce his 2016 candidacy and his withdrawal from the presidential race. Because I didn't.
A lot can happen in just one week in politics. We've got two more years to go before the mean lean liberal lying machine even starts its engines.
He's got my vote if he runs, either him or Hillary, they are about the same politically, middle of the road.

Since: Jun 13

Orlando, FL

#1058576 Jan 9, 2014
Obama is a joke wrote:
<quoted text>
At least Christie had the balls to fire those involved. Do you think that Obama will ever have the balls to fire the people responsible for Fast and Furious, or the Benghazi attack?
Balls? What balls? He has balls? Where? Are they sitting on Valerie Jarrett's shelf like a trophy?

This president is about as neutered as any president can get without being transgender. Pretty sure Michelle doesn't even allow him to have them.

He has to get permission from two stronger women just to pretend he has them.

But please don't get me started....

Scottsbluff, NE

#1058577 Jan 9, 2014
Ray Donovan wrote:
<quoted text>
Apparently he's no different than Obama - if anyone dares oppose you, go after We the People, the innocent constituents, not the political foe.
IRS goes after citizens associated with the Tea Party and conservative groups. Remember how fast the IRS was on Dr. Carson's butt after he dared challenge Obamacare?
So you are not a fan of the fox being hired to guard the chicken house.

Obama appointed a big Dem donor to investigate the IRS scandal.

Indianapolis, IN

#1058578 Jan 9, 2014
The IRS Non-Scandal "Scandal"

The Internal Revenue “scandal” has turned out not to be a scandal. As a Washington Post headline read:“The Obama IRS scandal retreats to the fever swamps.”

The radical Right looked in vain for a “smoking gun” that would link Barack Obama to the charge that the IRS had “targeted” Tea Party groups that were seeking tax-exempt status as “social welfare” organizations. Even the term “targeting” turned out to be pejorative. It was more a case of putting a few similar applications in the same pile so they would receive consistent treatment.

As commentator William Boardman noted early on:“Much of the media goes on reporting as fact the partisan spin placed on a ‘scandal’ that was not really a ‘scandal’ at all.” MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell also deserves credit for distinguishing facts from spin from the beginning of the story.

Even the mainstream media – after much initial sloppy, knee-jerk reporting – finally realized that they and the American public were being played by the Republican Party.(The White House also doesn’t get high marks for calm or clarity in its first reactions.)

The collapse of the “scandal” became undeniable when Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland, the ranking Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, released the full transcript of an interview with a mid-level IRS bureaucrat in Cincinnati who explained that the isolation of Tea Party-related applications for tax-exempt status was just a local decision to provide consistent handling of similar cases.

With that disclosure – in defiance of the efforts by Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-California, to keep the exculpatory transcript secret – the last air went out of the pumped-up IRS “scandal.”

In response to Limbaugh’s charge that the IRS suppressed Tea Party votes in the 2012 election, J. Russell George, Treasury Inspector General, a Republican who worked in the administrations of both George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush overseeing the IRS, said:“It is noteworthy that zero cases [of Tea Party claims for tax-exempt status] have been denied.”

Bethlehem, PA

#1058580 Jan 9, 2014
Whatever wrote:
<quoted text>
I am sure just like the MSM piling on Hilary yesterday irreversibly harmed her.
What she do wrong?

Since: Aug 13

Bozeman, MT

#1058581 Jan 9, 2014
woodtick57 wrote:
<quoted text>which scandals are those? just calling a news story a scandal doesn't make it so....
caution, this may require independent thinking, you may want to sit down before attempting this maneuver as you run a high risk of blowing an aneurism in the process...
An independent thinker easily recognizes the several political scandals involving the current administration.

Topix is filled with people like you - narrow-minded apologists for Obama and the democrat party.

You all sound like ignorant versions of Jay Carney, parroting the left wing line.
Obama is a joke

Emmaus, PA

#1058582 Jan 9, 2014
woodtick57 wrote:
<quoted text>obama can fire people from the Bush administration and terrorists from other countries?
wow! dude, just freakin' wow....
Is Eric Holder still Attorney General Why didn't Hilary and/or Susan Rice protect the ambassador?
Buroc Millhouse Obama

Hamden, CT

#1058583 Jan 9, 2014
woodtick57 wrote:
<quoted text>smacking the idiots around again...
you still have yet to produce one verifiable lie i have ever told...why is that?
until you do, you are making your self a liar every time you post that lie....
i can see logic is beyond your capabilities...keep parroting what you can't comprehend.
wanna cracker?
You are smacking around you fellow liberals then. Ok, that's good.

You destroyed your credibility when you lied your first day here, saying you were a "conservative", then even a libtard like dem nailed you for lying. You then proceeded to lie about being here before a few days ago. The list goes on and on, serial liar.

Have a nice day, liar!

“Peace on Earth”

Since: Sep 08

Location hidden

#1058584 Jan 9, 2014
dont snow me wrote:
<quoted text>
Damn, Blabby, just last week every flib in the country was kissing the popes ring, what happened?
Oh, it was just more phony BS from the leftist hypocrites?
This has nothing to do with the job the Pope is doing. If the church loses it's tax exempt status, I will still support the job the pope is doing in trying to refocus the church's attention away from the amassing of wealth to the helping of the poor.

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