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Indianapolis, IN

#981500 Sep 12, 2013
John Galt wrote:
<quoted text>
So, what's your solution for Greece, economic genius?
Your thoughts only, cut-and-paste will be ignored.
my thoughts? so you want me to act like i know what i'm talking about concerning a subject i haven't been schooled to fully understand?

but that's what keeps getting you conservatives in trouble.

Honolulu, HI

#981501 Sep 12, 2013
flack wrote:
March 16, 2005
Private Social Security accounts are already working in Texas and have been for the past 25 years, say observers.
In 1981, federal law allowed municipal government workers to opt-out of Social Security and replace it with private retirement accounts. Galveston County, Texas, decided overwhelmingly to pursue a locally controlled system of private accounts, called the "Alternate Plan."
Under the plan the county withholds about six percent of each employee's salary for retirement; that money, along with a partial match by the county, is invested in personal accounts for each participating employee. The remaining county match covers the cost of disability and life insurance policies for employees, which also pay benefits much higher than those offered by Social Security. It has had remarkable results:
From 1982 through 1997, the rate of return on funds invested in the Galveston plan has averaged 8.6 percent, a return more than four times greater than Social Security.
County workers earning slightly more than $17,000 a year can retire at age 65 with a monthly payment of $1,285 compared with $782 a month under Social Security.
Workers earning $51,263 a year could retire at age 65 with a monthly benefit of $3,846 compared to $1,540 under Social Security.
Even under the relatively low "guaranteed rate of return" in the Galveston plan gives a yield of 4.24 percent, more than double the return for Social Security.
lol! So..... what does look like 8 years later?

Because the less than 9% is lower than investing in the stock market.
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#981502 Sep 12, 2013
Whatever wrote:
<quoted text>
Why is the NYT requesting op-eds from Putin?
Perhaps because Putin is running US foreign policy.
lily boca raton fl

Boca Raton, FL

#981503 Sep 12, 2013
WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) was harshly critical today of President Obama’s nationally televised address about Syria this week, telling CNN’s Wolf Blitzer,“The President’s decision to think before attacking another country flies in the face of American foreign policy.”

“The United States of America has been involved in countless armed conflicts since this great nation was founded,” Mr. McCain said.“Many of those would never have happened if we’d stopped to think about them first. Sadly, the President seems not to have learned this lesson of history.”

Calling the President “an Ivy League law professor who never met a thought he didn’t like,” Mr. McCain said that he was urging Mr. Obama “to please take thinking off the table.”

“The stakes for America couldn’t be higher right now,” he said.“Our global reputation for rushing into war with no advance planning is hanging by a thread.”
Mr. McCain said that he is attempting to schedule a meeting in the Oval Office, where he plans to deliver a “strong and clear” message to Mr. Obama:“Mr. President, what you are doing is playing into the hands of the enemy. Thinking solves nothing.”

Indianapolis, IN

#981504 Sep 12, 2013
Grampy wrote:
<quoted text>
Reread your article!
"Market confidence was not restored, the banking system lost 30% of its deposits and the economy encountered a much deeper than expected recession with exceptionally high unemployment."
Market confidence was not RESTORED. Meaning it was lost before austerity measures were taken. Years of socialistic practices bankrupted the country. Socialistic practices that Obama advocates for us.
The banking system lost it's deposits because the government increased taxes on interest 50%. Also a lot of the lost deposits came after Cyprus started taxing (seizing 6.75% to 9.9%)deposits, not the interest earned on deposits.
The deeper than expected recession was not a Greek exclusive, most of the European Union experienced the same more than anticipated downturn with higher unemployment.
The exceptionally high unemployment is a product of the socialistic practices Greece followed for years, also similar to the practices Obama advocates for the USA. These practices encourage people not to work. The Government creates incentives for slackers to be slothful.
Greece's problems were there long before austerity measures were imposed. The other European Union members would not have bailed out Greece if the austerity measures were not imposed. Then where would they be now?
they would be right where they are now.

they be fcked.

not one of you slugs can show an austerity success story. you keep running rhetorical circles while gaining no ground.

Honolulu, HI

#981505 Sep 12, 2013
No Surprize wrote:
<quoted text>It's the culture...
Repeat please

Honolulu, HI

#981506 Sep 12, 2013
Whatever wrote:
<quoted text>
I'd love to see my President as tough with Putin as he is with conservatives on the campaign trail.
Well, you may get your wish whoever is elected after Putin.

United States

#981507 Sep 12, 2013
John Galt wrote:
<quoted text>
The issue is bottled water versus tap water, you dolt.
If fat pig Moochelle wants to encourage children to drink water instead of soda, then she should educate them on the safety of tap water versus the huge negative environmental impact of the bottled water industry. Instead she chose to shill for the bottlers.
Many of whom are just bottling tap water, anyway, and then charging an exorbitant price.
But, hey, there's a sucker born every minute.
Watch for the

"Moochelle" posts

as an indication of standing
in line for food stamps
using our tax money
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#981508 Sep 12, 2013
Apparently, once again with respect to Syria, the White House was caught off guard by events they are frantically reacting to instead of shaping. Speaking to CNN's Jake Tapper, a White House official publicly responded to Russian President Vladmir Putin's New York Times op-ed with the admission that Putin "now owns" and has "fully asserted ownership" of America's current foreign policy focal point; pushing Syria to surrender its chemical weapons:

“That’s all irrelevant,” the White House official said in response [to Putin's op-ed].“He put this proposal forward and he’s now invested in it. That’s good. That’s the best possible reaction. He’s fully invested in Syria’s CW disarmament and that’s potentially better than a military strike – which would deter and degrade but wouldn’t get rid of all the chemical weapons. He now owns this. He has fully asserted ownership of it and he needs to deliver.”

On its face, the lack of statesmanship in the language of "owns this" is troubling enough. And while it is apparent that what the White House is trying do here is frame a failure to rid Syria of its chemical weapons as a personal failure for Putin, once again we have a White House playing checkers as Putin plays three-dimensional chess.

Forget the fact that Putin isn't George W. Bush; someone who will sit quietly as the White House and its media allies attempt to put the blame on anyone other than the man responsible. Let us also forget that Putin's brilliant tactical move of saying "yes," to an offer an off-script Secretary of State was sure would be refused, has nothing to do with the goal of disarming Syria and everything to do with ensuring his BFF Syrian president Bashar Assad stays in power.

No, what is so troubling about the White House's amateurish response to Putin's op-ed is that they are giving Putin exactly what he wants: "ownership" of the tune Barack Obama is currently and feverishly dancing to.

By admitting Putin "owns" and "put this proposal forward," the White house is admitting they had nothing to do with shaping or creating the very proposal that is right now driving American foreign policy. Essentially, the White House is admitting that Putin is in charge and that America is following his lead. In other words, it is the Russian president driving American foreign policy, and America doesn't even have control over whether or not that policy succeeds or fails!

With his off-teleprompter red line remark last year, President Obama blundered himself and this country into a humiliating mess. With his off-script "offer" this week, John Kerry blundered right into the hands of Putin and made Russia the world player it has wanted to be since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

And now the White House has blundered again into Putin's trap because they thought a good way to respond to Putin using the pages of the New York Times to troll Americans and gloat in front of America over his victory, was to admit Putin really is steering the ship of state.


Honolulu, HI

#981509 Sep 12, 2013
LCNLin wrote:
<quoted text>
Republicans confused and divided, outside of attacking what ever President Obama accomplishes they have no voice!
The best part is, they offer nothing except ridicule.

And the worse part for their party is they're under attack internally. They're a mess and drifting aimlessly while trying to blame others for the nations problems.

Honolulu, HI

#981510 Sep 12, 2013
John Galt wrote:
<quoted text>
Perhaps because Putin is running US foreign policy.
lol! That's a ruskie dream!
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#981511 Sep 12, 2013
sonicfilter wrote:
<quoted text>
my thoughts? so you want me to act like i know what i'm talking about concerning a subject i haven't been schooled to fully understand?
but that's what keeps getting you conservatives in trouble.
In other words, Sonic doesn't know anything, just parrots leftwing crap.

Gering, NE

#981512 Sep 12, 2013
John Galt wrote:
<quoted text>
Perhaps because Putin is running US foreign policy.
That appears to be thinking behind it.
forks_make_us_fa t

Norman, OK

#981513 Sep 12, 2013
Konrad Putin speaks to Americans

On thinking you are exceptional!

"...And I would rather disagree with a case he made on American exceptionalism, stating that the United States’ policy is “what makes America different. It’s what makes us exceptional.” It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation."

Someone needs to ask him about the Gulags...
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#981514 Sep 12, 2013
LCNLin wrote:
<quoted text>
attacking Iraq, the republican Experience
4500 dead
What about Afghanistan, Obama's War?
No Surprize

Seminole, FL

#981515 Sep 12, 2013
Yeah wrote:
<quoted text>Most foreigners like me have that opinion....
It's the culture...

Since: Nov 11

United States

#981516 Sep 12, 2013
Patriot wrote:
<quoted text>----

Alternate Unemployment Charts

Gering, NE

#981517 Sep 12, 2013
CNN poll: ObamaCare support collapsing with women, working class

In January 51% said they favored all or most of the provisions in the new law. Now that figure is down to 39%.

Support has dropped in virtually all demographic categories, but it has fallen the farthest among two core Democratic groups – women and Americans who make less than $50,000.

Since: Nov 11

United States

#981518 Sep 12, 2013
Assad to give up WMD only if Obama stops arming Al Queda.

Assad will have a hard time stoping Obama from helping Al Queda!!!

Since: May 11

Gettysburg, PA

#981520 Sep 12, 2013
EasyEed wrote:
<quoted text>
"real dumb"
You one more time speak of something you nothing about. You really think Inland Power is going to run a line to my house. The power they supply is not available in the city. Avista provides the power and the infastructure.
Oh Eed, pull your head of your fat ass & think. You pay for what goes into the system.

Eed's view of his electricity supplier:

Generation Plant supervisor: "OK load up Moocher Eed's electricity & route it to his residence"

The guy on the plant floor grabs the plug marked "Moocher Eed" and plugs it into the generator.

Avista has options to purchase a higher percentage of renewables.

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