Barack Obama, our next President

Barack Obama, our next President

There are 1276946 comments on the Hampton Roads Daily Press story from Nov 5, 2008, titled Barack Obama, our next President. In it, Hampton Roads Daily Press reports that:

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ...

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John Galt

Temecula, CA

#933992 Jun 28, 2013
Whatever wrote:
Obamacare Hits Hollywood: Studios Brace for the Affordable Care Act
Many businesses will be trying to find ways to avoid ObamaKare, and the employees will be the losers.
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#933993 Jun 28, 2013
Grampy wrote:
<quoted text>
Dat gurl, Rachel Jeantel, she be a good example of Florida's public education?
No, Grampy, it's your fault for being a racist who doesn't understand the culture of the hood.
Bernard Forand

Fort Myers, FL

#933995 Jun 28, 2013
Here in is small sampling of what Obama has achieved. Notice I did not include; Osama Bin Laden, Libya, Iraq, Drawdown, Nobel Prize and so on.
Obama has and is moving us forward at an accelerating rate. Observe the markets of Sept.6 2012.
Observe who rebuilt the infrastructure to hold Bankers to strict derivatives regulations. Banker’s lobbied with over $200 million! to stop the Obama, Elizabeth Warren and Frank Dodds regulations from being implemented. Republicans are still seeking to deregulate them. Expose what their goals are and its NOT for our Main Street USA.{ Derivative trading prime suspect for the Great Recession}
Elizabeth goes nose to nose , right in the face, with Wall Streets tycoons. Our lady tiger that has the Tycoons appreciate fear. She is not a BROWN nosing follower of the herded sheep.
2016 she will be a contender for president, my predication. Observe her speech at the convention U-tube speech.
This is one small example of how Obama will seek to continue to move us forward, up and out of the chaos of the republicans mandates.
Fiscal Year{ FY } in politics is from October to September. Bush presented Obama with a 9% constricting economy. Bush received a $256 Billion surplus to the annual budget from Clinton. So lets take that and add it to what Bush debts were, that he handed over to Obama. Bush handed a $1.4 Trillion debt to annual budget!
In 3.3 years Obama is at 15.1% to debt of GDP, from the 20.7% increase to debt, by Bush and Bush going rapidly down into the abyss.
Stimulus plan to revitalize the middle class produced a beneficial return on investment. We have seen an impressive recovery in the equity markets from Bush’s stock markets lost of 14 years of gains. Markets had retraced the lows back to 1996 in less than 17 months. Greatest lost ,in market value, in our Nations history. Obama’s actions helped restore equity markets post a gain of 105% through April of 2011. During Obama’s first 27 months in office.
Making up most of the losses with gains to the DOW of 17.2%, S&P 500 25.3% and the NASDAQ 31.7%. Compare this to say Reagan first 3.3 years in office Reagan’s gains to ; DOW 6.86%, S&P 500 6.16%, NASDAQ 7.02%. Obama has Surpassed most of his predecessors, including Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan!
Stimulus also stopped the decline in corporate profits that started under George W. Bush. Stimulus helped produce an increase of 22% per year in the first two years.
Obama has had the slowest growth in spending of any President in the past 60 years:
Latest up date to Markets; The Fed pledged Thursday to buy $40 billion in mortgage-backed bonds every month from large banks and other dealers in an effort to help free up capital and spur lending. The move is also expected to help push down mortgage rates, already near record lows, to further stimulate the housing market. The central bank said it would continue buying until the unemployment rate, which stood at 8.1 percent in August, decreases significantly.
Wall Street continued to cheer the news. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, which surged more than 206 points after the Fed announcement Thursday -- climbed another 53 points Friday to 13,593, its highest closing since December 2007. Global markets also reacted positively: the Hang Seng index in Hong Kong surged 2.9 percent, the Japanese Nikkei 225 index shot up 1.8 percent, and the British FTSE 100 rose more than 1.6 percent.

LCN Llin

United States

#933996 Jun 28, 2013
Grampy wrote:
<quoted text>
Dat gurl, Rachel Jeantel, she be a good example of Florida's public education?
When President Bush took office on Jan. 20, 2001, the S&P 500 stock market index stood at 1,342.54.

The day he left office, it was 805.22, a drop of 40 percent.

Republicans seem to have no ability to aid the economy?
Bernard Forand

Fort Myers, FL

#933997 Jun 28, 2013
Ah here we go into the summer of 2013. Liberals are rolling out the barrels for fun and singing on sunshine. Resting in shaded pools of the cool, cool changes evolving. A higher evolution to our politics’ maturity is budding forth once again. In the past decade “We The People” have examined ourselves and found us wanting to step out of the gloom and doom scenarios of the traditionalist conservative views of the past.
Shackles of prejudice are falling to the ground. Mary Jane is now identified with beneficial outcomes. Illegal immigrants are observing a light at the end of the tunnel. Gays are growing in their freedoms to be gay. America is awakening to be once again the land of the diverse melting pot it once was. Rejuvenating strengths that was always their fundamental strengths‘.
Demographics of the ideologies of Jim Crow, John Birch or the hyped up McCarthy are fading into the archaic dust bins of our history. Another dark chapter of our growing pains.“We The People” have reached a majority that choose to distance themselves from the gloom and doom policies that promote these dysfunctional callow ideologies.
51% are now in favor of gays to be gay. 72% agree that this is inevitable. Mary Jane up 11 points from 2010. Previously only less than 1/3 comprehended its beneficial factors. This according to Pew Polls. CBS/N.Y. Times poll have discovered 83% favor a path to citizenship for the illegal immigrants. 20% higher than the 2007 Pew Polls. Which was the last time this issue was addressed.
Business scholar Fariborz Ghadar, from the Center Of Strategic and International Affaires explains what is occurring. Quote “ Whether it’s war on terror or the recession or this or that; Society then reacts to those periods and change results” he goes on to say “The younger generation is getting more accepting, the pace of change is much faster, data is available to us more quickly. We’re more plugged in to the world around us and its combining to allow people to develop their own opinions and be open to others”.
1980’s generation grew up with 911 and the gloom and doom of the past of the bushwhacking days. They are now 18 to 32. Here in lies the moving force for the abrupt change in right wing polarization to left wing polarization.
Similar to the 60’s after the Nam episodes. Social rights sprouted, as it is now with the 80’s generation.
Today we have instant communication and knowledge at our finger tips. Fraudulent propaganda schemes of our past prejudices become exposed. Observe the effect on programs such as “Weeds, Modern Family and Ugly Betty” to name a few. They stimulate diversity and liberalization. Advancing the goals of the broad open minded liberal, as opposed to the narrow close minded conservative. There will continue to be gloomy times. They however are advocating their own demise with each experienced generation that follows. Growing in intellect and controlling, the gloom and doom scenarios. Science will soon render these gloomy days for agricultural benefits. Removing them from authority based organizations. Obama once said “ Each successive generation creates a new space for peace and tolerance and justice and fairness” Right to the point.
LCN Llin

United States

#933998 Jun 28, 2013
lily boca raton fl wrote:
WASHINGTON, June 28 (Reuters)- The father of former U.S. spy agency contractor Edward Snowden said in an interview he is reasonably confident his son will return to the United States as long as certain conditions are met.
Those conditions could include not detaining Snowden before trial, NBC News said on Friday. The NBC report added that he plans to make that point in a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to be sent through his lawyer later on Friday.
Snowden's father, in part of the NBC interview that aired on the "Today Show," also said he is concerned his son was being manipulated by others, including people from WikiLeaks.
Grampy is back but off medication.
nobama is explaining Guatemalan heritage at the moment, LOL.
LoisLane is looking to be rescued
LCN Llin

United States

#933999 Jun 28, 2013
Forum wrote:
Someone is destroying the next generations
with a new school system.
Special education is a choice. Why would
anyone want their child to be outcast?
It is just another way of brainwashing
Now there are teachers that are monolingual.
Catholic schools teach all of the children
the same. They are all equal. If they need
help they get tutoring. Learning is not that
hard. All children learn. No one is disabled.
interesting recent issues of NYT on the same subject.
Good Post...
Post again?
LCN Llin

United States

#934000 Jun 28, 2013
John Galt wrote:
<quoted text>
Many businesses will be trying to find ways to avoid ObamaKare, and the employees will be the losers.
Republicans should NOT accept Social Security or Medicare, certainly Not prescription drugs under Medicare ...
Party need to stay pure and right wing
farther to the right the better!:-)
TheIndependentMa jority

London, KY

#934001 Jun 28, 2013
Florida wrote:
<quoted text>swamp boat?? Creeping Flood Swamps Townships in Australia =QTHlZjxr70wXX
It's the culture... know...that could pose some environmental problems. Perhaps we should infiltrate Australia, and mandate some regulations on carbon footprinting of swamp boats.
Too much sand displacement, known to cause salinity changes resulting in hypersalinity due to restricted water flow, could further perpetuate sea level risings, now attributed to all the climate change resulting from the nasty harvesting of natural resources coal.
Please writ yer congressional persons so they may alert the US EPA as quickly as possible, so that they may stagnant Australia's economy as well.

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by
Don't be trashing up the Earth with slackertic aluminum and plaskit either.

Hail a Seminole heart-save the planet-catch a netfull and release.

“Often imitated”

Since: Jul 07

never duplicated

#934002 Jun 28, 2013
Death of Tenzing wrote:
<quoted text>
President Rafael Correa for President!
In other news,$30 billion more for border security, one agent every 1000 feet. That's some right-winger's idea of "less government".
That's just more l.l.w. talking points. Border security is a fundamental function of government.
TheIndependentMa jority

London, KY

#934004 Jun 28, 2013
leggy wrote:
<quoted text>
Hilarious, apparently the LSM didn't think that in 2007 when they knifed her in the back for the shiny negro.
The forte of the DemoncRat partay manifestos. Show them anything green and they'll start lunging and bootlicking on command!
(ask Mr Joe lol)
John Galt

Temecula, CA

#934005 Jun 28, 2013
Death of Tenzing wrote:
<quoted text>
Ya mean they don't oppose the bill because the bill grows the government; because its going to add $30 billion to the credit card or $30 billion in more taxes?
Well, I guess they haven't been Taxed Enough Already after all.
Effective border security should save money in many other programs.
TheIndependentMa jority

London, KY

#934006 Jun 28, 2013
Yeah wrote:
<quoted text>Come to Louisiana. We don't need to oil the pan.
The shrimp comes pre-oiled!
Scrawny anorexic disoclored southern shrimp aint good for nothing but catching bigger bottom feeder fish with anyway.

Go pet the gators now.
TheIndependentMa jority

London, KY

#934007 Jun 28, 2013
Whatever wrote:
<quoted text>
Why don't we make immigration not based on family units or quotas but based on need for workers?
Why don't we follow the current pattern of slipping fifty years BACKWARDS and return the the quota systems. Only this time, include southern northern continental border countries.
THEN, reform the social welfare programs and demand lazy Americans do the WORK to EARN the fwee givverment hand outs they solely exist upon.

Don't be leaving your beer cans laying around either paly pale face.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#934008 Jun 28, 2013
TheIndependentMajority wrote:
<quoted text>
Why don't we follow the current pattern of slipping fifty years BACKWARDS and return the the quota systems. Only this time, include southern northern continental border countries.
THEN, reform the social welfare programs and demand lazy Americans do the WORK to EARN the fwee givverment hand outs they solely exist upon.
Don't be leaving your beer cans laying around either paly pale face.
Obama administration simply following Reagan's playbook:
amnesty for undocumented workers

Bronx, NY

#934009 Jun 28, 2013
The Dutch police are to have an Unmanned Aerial Services (UAS) unit, Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten has said in a letter to parliament. According to the centre-left D66 opposition party, the Netherlands will be the first country with such a unit, and the privacy of citizens is at risk.

Last year, the police operated 81 flights over the Netherlands with drones, unmanned mini-planes equipped with day and night cameras. The present flights are only the start of the use of drones in the Netherlands, says Opstelten.“In the future, an increase in the number of flights with unmanned planes is expected."

A formal UAS unit is currently being set up. In preparation for this, some members of the police force are being trained and examined on the Basic Training Rotary Craft UAS pilot service course at the National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) in Amsterdam, Opstelten writes.

D66 wants a separate act to regulate the deployment of drones in the Netherlands. MP Gerard Schouw said Friday on Radio 1 that the privacy of the citizen is at risk. The special police unit being set up specifically to steer the unmanned planes in the air is “a world first,” according to Schouw.

Opstelten says the law does not need to be amended for this, because existing regulations, for example in the area of privacy, would be sufficient. But according to Schouw, there are no rules in the Netherlands for the use of the pictures taken by the drones.

The D66 MP points out that the word drone does not appear anywhere in Dutch legislation. In the US, there are already states and cities with separate laws for the use of drones. Schouw wants to follow this example.
Buroc Millhouse Obama

Newington, CT

#934010 Jun 28, 2013
GOPIdiots wrote:
<quoted text>
Obama administration simply following Reagan's playbook:
amnesty for undocumented workers

Yes, you can trust me!

I am not a crook!

Since: Jun 13

Location hidden

#934011 Jun 28, 2013
John Galt wrote:
<quoted text>
Kermit Gosnell's abortion clinic had the same licensing as Planned Parenthood abortion clinics. How can you be sure they are any better?
How can you possibly be so blind to the hypocrisy of being for less government while supporting the government intrusion in a woman's RIGHT to choose?

Bronx, NY

#934012 Jun 28, 2013
Activists from different groups marched to the US embassy in Pretoria on Friday protesting against President Barack Obama.

The large group marched along Francis Baard Street, singing and chanting anti-Obama slogans. One activist, on a truck mounted with a public address system, led the songs and slogans.

He shouted: "Free Palestine. Free Swaziland. Free Zimbabwe. Down Obama, down!"

The group initially gathered at the Caledonian Stadium before embarking on the march.

Some of the protesters' placards read: "Obama, stop supporting dictators in Africa. No oil here, move on.

"100 years of genocide in Iraq. War in 100 countries. Rogue State."

A young boy's poster read: "No you can't spy on me".

Many protesters wore orange overalls and black hoods. Others were dressed in Young Communist League red regalia.

The league's national secretary was with other officials in front of the protesters.

A large banner with Obama's face had the words: "Meet the world's top assassin". The banner also had a picture of Obama behind prison bars.

Rochester, PA

#934013 Jun 28, 2013

Amazing Luck hes impeached

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