BeReal wrote:
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Academically speaking both schools are far behind the national avearge. ASU does have it's football, but what else do they excel in? WCU has fielded some of the best baseball teams in the SoCon for years, and the women's baskeball program continues to rise every year. When track is mentioned in the SoCon, WCU is always at the top, their coach is the best in the conference. Unfortunately a schools athletic program is always based on success in football, so congrats ASU, you are the best in small college football. However, as someone here mentioned, college is about education, when my sons were deciding where to attend they did not consider either ASU or WCU. As one of their friends put it, "Those who can, go to college, everyone else goes to WCU or ASU."
As for bad sportsmanship and rude fans, both places have their share of drunk, spoiled kids living off mommy and daddy's college money.
My son was an orientation leader this past summer for incoming students at App. You might want to check out some of your facts before you dismiss App as being in the same academic class as Western. By the way...why the BITTERNESS? Did App turn you down?