Keep learnin' there georgie... you've got about five months left.

Bush & McCain-style Republicans have a favorite thing that they like for the government to do: NOTHING!

*** Anybody besides a Republican in 2008!***

Why else should people NOT vote for BUSH/MCCAIN-style Republicans? Well... they have:

...deregulated the home loan industry to allow all kinds of “funny money” loans, contributing to the problem of 900,000 HOMES BEING IN FORECLOSURE RIGHT NOW.

...ALLOWED OIL COMPANY MERGERS again and again, so that now there’s no real competition, which is part of why gasoline is now NEAR $4.00/GALLON.

...done NEARLY NOTHING ABOUT ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION because they want big companies to have lots of cheap labor available. Now with less than six months before the elections, Bush’s INS has finally conducted a few raids.(ILLEGAL immigration should be stopped no matter what country people are coming in from.)

... McCain has called for MORE "Guest Worker Visas", to allow MORE IMMIGRATION!
... Here's the link:

...spent OVER FIVE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS IN IRAQ, and accomplished very little (except killing thousands and generally make a huge mess with no end in sight). Oh, and Bin Laden was IN AFGHANISTAN and is apparently STILL RUNNING AROUND LOOSE. Spending BILLIONS and BILLIONS while allowing giant tax loopholes to the richest Americans and huge corporations has destroyed the value of the dollar, RAISING THE COST OF EVERYTHING.

...set up a system for TORTURING SUSPECTED TERRORISTS, then LIED and said that we don’t torture.

...FAILED to provide proper armor for tanks used by our service men and women in Iraq.

...MIS-MANAGED the Veterans’ Administration hospitals, providing substandard treatment to our soldiers. Veterans are being treated terribly by the Republicans. Please see:

...WAITED ABOUT FOUR DAYS TO REACT TO HURRICANE KATRINA. On the day Katrina came ashore, Bush was sharing CAKE with John McCain at a FUNDRAISING EVENT (see the picture at ) While people were still clinging to rooftops, do you remember Bush saying,“Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job”?

Had enough? I hope you’ll vote for ANYONE BESIDES McCAIN, and contribute whatever you can to stop the Republicans.

If you INSIST on voting for a conservative, may I suggest you pick a REAL one who is less angry and maybe under 70 years old. Conservatives on the FAR RIGHT have another choice this year: Chuck Baldwin -


I hope you’ll vote for ANYONE BESIDES McCAIN, and contribute whatever you can to stop the Republicans.


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