The song's cute. But as a WVU fan, while I have a healthy respect for the Terps & Randy Edsall, I must admit that this entire article is one bIG wish list. So, while you're at it. Wish for hitting the winning ticket of a mega-lotto. Strange things may have already happened this year in college football, but I don't look for that happening tomorrow over a 3-4 hour span after 12 noon in Morgantown.

Much has been made of Maryland's experienced defense; that this is the best defense WVU will have faced all season. All well and good. But when you look at the teams Maryland has faced, it's a bit deceiving.

UConn (Remember; they beat the Terps.) has averaged 278 yards & 23 pts/game; most of which was accomplished against an FCS opponent. Temple (revenge game for Maryland) has averaged 296 yards & 35 pts/game; again most of that was against an FCS opponent, and they still managed 27 pts against the "tough" Maryland "D." William & Marry has averaged 228 yards & 12 pts/game; they gained more yardage against the Terps than against Lafayette, and still only lost to Maryland by 1.

Suffice it to say, while WVU faces the best defense it's seen so far, Maryland faces the best offense it's seen so far; an offense which put up 37 pts in college park last year against practically the same personnel.

The point is this: Last week when WVU faced 5th ranked JMU (FCS), people were calling for an Appy St/Michigan like upset. WVU still scored 42 pts in the rain. This week, the pundits are calling for a Pitt/Va Tech like upset. I have this to say to that: Don't get your hopes up! May the best team win. GO MOUNTAINEERS!!!!!