As we saw in 2010 with Drake, one key player getting hurt can change the dynamic of a football team. Football is a team game, but the individual skills of any one player can make a huge difference in key gamer situations. Those who crow for JoePa to retire and say he isn't perceptive or involved enough in running the team would do well to read Joe's remarks here regarding Drake. Joe understands what an individual player can do to improve the entire program's level of success, like Derrick Williams proved when he came to Penn State as one of the highest recruited players in the country. With the talent Penn state has, I think the key is one of the QB candidates stepping forward and giving this team the leadership and confidence it needs to win big games. I'm sick of Penn State getting pushed around by Ohio State and Iowa. And Alabama is in our house this year. It's time for this team to prove it deserves to be ranked with any team in the nation by going out and showing the rest of the country that it has the heart and talent to win big games.