I think the offense will take off this year, I don't see us winning them all but I see us having more wins than the 8 we got this season, I don't see us having a problem at WR, all of our starters from last year are back and Eifert was the TE for most of the year last year and looked good doing it. We are losing 1 player from the line and his fill in was perfect last year. We are actually pretty deep. On D we are a little thin in the secondary but we are bringing in some talented kids. Our Front 7 will be one of the best. It will be our best in 15 years and that isn't even counting the new recruits. I think Louis Nix is going to be a monster in the middle. It feels nice to know that even with all the injuries to starters last year, their back ups weren't that much of a drop off and now they have another year under their belt.