I doubt anyone will jump the Buckeyes. While the Miami pasting at home was pretty disappointing and certainly diminishes a one time 'quality' win, the Illinois victory at Penn St. could be perceived as a quality win for the Bucks in the computers. Time will tell. A quality road win at Wisconsin will bolster things for the long haul so whether the Bucks are 1 or 2 really doesn't matter at this stage of the season.
I still can't decide if the running game is defective because of the line not doing a good job of pushing and sustaining blocks or the backs stuttering and jigging in the backfield or a combination of both. I just can't figure out why OSU linemen aren't just plowing lanes between the tackles. Something just doesn't look right. Seems like the line comes off, makes contact but then releases too soon. Any thoughts?The running game just looks a bit, shall we say, congested.
Pass blocking looked good, but it was Indiana. Although previous games with less athletic players wasn't quite as good so it may be a sign of improvement.