1. USC Football and Basketball are going on Probation.

2. USC will Vacate the 2004 Title.

3. Carroll's memory is gone. Not good for USC and Football.

4. Trojan Rubber jokes are run amuck.

5. ND/UCLA loving life. USC will have to give up the 2004 win againt ND/UCLA.

6. Pete Carroll is leaving after the 2009 season. Prove me wrong.

7. USC will play second fiddle to UCLA very soon. Slick Rick will cause USC fans to lose it.

8. The once love fest of the NCAA and USC is gone.

9. Reggie Bush settled out of court to make this all go away. Nice Try Scooter.

10. The PAC-10 falls to the fifth best conference in College Football while the SEC is so far ahead no one will ever catch them. USC IS GOING DOWN.