Nice rebound for Terps

Nice rebound for Terps

There are 28 comments on the Baltimore Sun story from Jan 16, 2008, titled Nice rebound for Terps. In it, Baltimore Sun reports that:

The Maryland Terrapins are not accustomed to success this season, so handling a rare bit of dominance proved tricky last night against Wake Forest at Comcast Center.

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Quantico, VA

#1 Jan 16, 2008
1st time I've ever listened to a game called by Billy Packer and agreed with everything he said. His criticism of Vasquez was right-on. GV should watch tape of the game with the sound on.

Baltimore, MD

#2 Jan 16, 2008
That was a terrible game for both teams. Wake couldn't score from behind the arc to save their lives.

I agree Ryan, Packer called a good game...basically saying it was the worst ACC game he's ever seen. "No basketball IQ."

"These guys have some athleticism, but I'm not sure if they have any basketball talent."

Potomac, MD

#3 Jan 16, 2008
Vazquez now has a new name - "John Caner-Vasquez" except he's more arrogant they Gilcrest or Caner-Medley. When is GV gonna learn that he doesn't know more then Coach Williams. He blew the V Tech game; not because he had a bad scoring game because everyone has those now and again. He blew the game because the coach called the play to go inside to Gist (who was open) but instead he tried to shot an off balance 3 pointer and he hadn't hit one all day. Last night he tried to make up for it and was a total ball hog. Maryland was lucky to make it to the NIT when Gilchrest and Caner-Medley acted that way and GV is taking us there again. He needs to learn that there is no "I" in Team.

Pickerington, OH

#4 Jan 16, 2008
How did our program fall so far? Back to back final 4's followed by an ACC Tourney Championship and now we're fighting to stay out of the basement of what's really a mediocre league...with the exception of UNC, Duke and maybe Clemson. It looks like we're back to 1992 or 1993 and we have to rebuild thw whole program in steps, first make the tourney, then try and improve to sweet a 16 team, then a real contender. Do you think Gary can get there again?

Carlisle, PA

#5 Jan 16, 2008
It's become obvious that the Terp's backcourt can't handle smaller opposing guard's quickness. Clearly Vasquez can't. Then throw in his careless passes and ill-considered wild shots and you have to say Billy Packer was right on.
A Graybeard Terps Fan

Metairie, LA

#6 Jan 16, 2008
Several blogs ago I raised the cudgels in defense of Vasquez. I'm here to confess I was wrong and his critics were right. This guy is retrogressing. The fact that he came close to achieving a triple double that included TOs says it all.

I can't remember a Div. I team falling so far so fast. UNLV under the Tark maybe. Can Gary get us back to the top. I'm starting to have serious doubts.

There will be carnage in the Dean Dome this weekend.

Windsor Mill, MD

#7 Jan 16, 2008
If Vasquez had 1/2 the basketball intelligence o, say a Steve Blake, they'd have won the game by 20 points. He had 8 turnovers, and at least 4 of them were close to half court, where Wake scored an easy basket. He's had 14 turnovers in the last 2 games! There's some talent there, but the turnovers negate the talent...he should blow lots of games for the Terps this year, like he did against VT.

Windsor Mill, MD

#8 Jan 16, 2008
BUT...the Terps do have some great young talent! So I'm not whining about everything like so many do...just that Vasquez needs to grow up and stop being a turnover machine!

Baltimore, MD

#9 Jan 16, 2008
Vasquez Positives
18 Games Played, 652 minutes = 36 mts a game
16.8 ppg
5.3 boards
6.0 asst
4.2 to
1.5 steals
82% from the line
32% from 3 (made 20 of his last 44)

Two horrible turnover games back to back vs VaTech, and Wake… partly due to bad decisions, and partly due to Hayes being out… and being asked to be the main distributor, and scoring guard…

Providing strong guard rebounding… very solid at the line, and he does get teammates involved evidenced by his assists per game.

Only player in the country avg 15+ ppg, with 5+ boards, and 5+ asst.

Baltimore, MD

#10 Jan 16, 2008
Last night was Landon Milbourne's 7th game in double figures in the last 11 games... For the year 7.3ppg, 81% from the line, and 4 boards a game...
Made 6 of his last 14 three point attempts…

This was a guy that played a total of 77mts last year… avg 1ppg… a prime example of how players develop with time in the system, and physical maturity.

Baltimore, MD

#11 Jan 16, 2008
Eric Hayes
11 ppg
3.4 boards
5.4 asst
2.1 to
1.5 steals
84% from the line
37% from 3
Mts have increased from 23per game to 35 per game… FT% and 3pt % slightly lower vs last year… assists way up, and turnovers equal in far more mts.
Double figure scoring in 9 of his 15 games…
Against Charlotte, Knocke and Johnny kept commenting about how his height was causing a lot of problems for Charlotte on both the defensive and offensive ends.
Gary was quoted as saying that Hayes was running well straight ahead before last night… guess he is still having trouble with lateral moves… hope he can play and provide some good mts vs UNC.

Baltimore, MD

#12 Jan 16, 2008
From MD Scout Board - Terp Defense
Post by AeroTerp05 had some great thoughts...
"Overlooked: Maryland's Defense
There are lots of threads discussing individual performance, so lets look at the team defense to change things up a bit. I think we tend to overlook how good our defense is this year. Check out these stats (from ):
Opponents are shooting 39% for 2pt FGs (5th in the nation)
Opponents are shooting 30% for 3pt FGs (24th)
Opponents have 17% of their shots blocked (5th)
Giving 3pters a 50% weight (which they should have because they are worth 50% more points) leads to a stat called "Effective FG%" where the Terps are 2nd in the nation. In other words, we defend both the 2pt and 3pt shots better than any team in the country, save Mississippi St. Last year's team was 6th in the nation.
Great, great defense so far this year. A typical Gary Williams-coached team.
Now, here's the interesting thing: we have only won one game when their opponents shoot better than 41%(eFG%). In contrast, we have only won twice when they shoot worse than 47%(eFG%).
That's the basic formula for a Maryland win this season: play stellar defense and take high percentage shots. Its a fairly obvious conclusion that you don't need stats to come up with. However, these stats do how the defense has been carrying the team all year long."

Baltimore, MD

#13 Jan 16, 2008
@#1 UNC Sat Jan 19th 3:30 PM
Tar Heels are 17-0, 2-0 ACC going into their Wednesday night game at GaTech.
Best Wins - Davidson, ODU, BYU, Kentucky,@Ohio St,@Clemson, NCST
Carolina has 4 players avg double figures:
Hansbrough 21.2, 10 boards a game, and 80% from the line
Ellington 17.8, 43.4% from 3, 91% from the line
Lawson 13.6, 5.7asst, 2.6 to, 81.4% from the line, 38.1% from 3
Green 12.7, 41% from 3
UNC has been rarely tested this year, and is well on their way to locking up a number 1 seed in the NCAAT.
Far cry from the '01-'02, and '02-'03 seasons where they did not make the dance.
Give Roy Williams credit for what he is… one of the best coaches in the country….. 541 career wins…
I enjoy watching his teams, as they play at that frantic pace with all that athleticism and offensive fire-power… if you are Gary Williams and Maryland, how do you game-plan against?
Last year, with the athleticism of Strawberry, Ibekwe, and Jones the strategy was to take it to them and attack… resulting in a Maryland 89-87 win.
What else can you take from the box score? MD outrebouned Carolina 46-33… MD had 8 blocks, to Carolina's 4..
MD did not have some miracle day shooting from 3, going only 3 for 12, while UNC made 7 of 20… Terps also had 17 turnovers compared to Carolina's 10.
MD did get to the line a lot… going 20 for 26, while UNC shot a sad 8 for 17.
To me, our approach has to stay very similar… you have to win on the boards… and you have to attack the rim… high % shots, and get to the line.
Have to keep Gist and Osby out of foul trouble… so you need to get some positive mts from Walker, Dupree, and Burney..
Walker has been providing good defensive mts lately… him and Burney run the floor very well.. Use their fouls and their shot-blocking ability to throw bodies and different looks at Psycho.
Obviously a track meet favors Carolina… but it is not like Gist,Osby, Milbourne, Tucker, Bowie, Walker, Burney lack foot speed.. We do have enough depth to be one of the few teams that can attempt to run with them… really an open court game like that plays to our strengths.
If Hayes is healthy enough, you can play Vasquez off the ball… let him use his height off the curls.. At least make Carolina work..
Right now on Wed morning, MD is focusing on UNC… while the Heels are thinking about GaTech.. So you have edge in preparation…
The last two Saturday's MD has been able to experience playing on the road in hostile environments… Gary is going to be able to play the earn your respect card…
If Hayes is healthy enough, I think we will make it interesting… if he can not go, game will get away quick as their pressure defense will create too many TO's, and their offense will convert regularly.
No matter what, I am looking forward to having our young players experience playing a team that talented… if you can go there and compete, possession by possession.. That is great preparation for the rest of the year.
Key is being able to leave Chapel Hill feeling better about yourself.
Points in transition from Milbourne, Bowie, and Tucker will be huge… I really think an up an down game where they get to run, and attack the rim, will allow them to do what they do best….
Also think this is a game where Walker, and Burney can provide good mts, just by getting up and down the floor.. Blocking shots, and getting some boards..(not to mention using their fouls, and giving a few mts rest to Gist and Osby)
A Graybeard Terps Fan

Metairie, LA

#14 Jan 16, 2008
If the Terps get in a running game with Carolina, someone had better call in a MASH unit. It will take a company of stretcher bearers to carry off the halt and bloodied.

Washington, DC

#15 Jan 16, 2008
Vasquez is the only player in the country to average 15, 5, and 5. There are times that he plays completely out of control, but at the same time we have no chance of winning games if he's not out there. His game is developing and hopefully he'll decision making will improve with more game experience.

Quantico, VA

#16 Jan 16, 2008
You can look at stats all you want, but this is a team thats 1-2 in a weak ACC and lost to American, Ohio, VCU and struggled with a middle of the pack Northeastern team. Just listen to billy Packers assessment of Vasquez and this team and its all you need to know. Forget Vasquez's points per game and the assists...somebody has to score on a bad team. His assists total looks nice on paper, and some even make the highlight reel, but they aren't in the flow of the offense.

Baltimore, MD

#17 Jan 16, 2008
The ACC is never weak, in fact it is currently the highest rated conference by RPI.

I think MD has the ability to get to the dance at 9 and 7 in conf, and a win in the ACCT… but after the American game, I have vowed as a fan to simply watch game to game, and look for week to week improvement.

I like where we are heading, I like the roster…
I think as fans we need to pull back off the ledge a bit..

Just look at the American game as effectively eliminating us for this year, and focus on watching the development of the roster..

It is possible we can play our way back into contention, but for now.. Need to just worry about each individual game, and getting better week to week.

1 Hayes so
2 Vasquez so
3 Milbourne so
4 Gist sr
5 Osby sr
Tucker, Bowie, Walker, Dupree, Gregory, Burney, Neal,


1 Hayes

2 Vasquez

3 Milbourne

4 Gilchrist

5 Dupree

Tucker, Bowie, Walker, Gregory, Burney, Mosley, Neal, Maze


1 Hayes sr

2 Vasquez sr

3 Milbourne sr

4 Gilchrist soph

5 Dupree jr

Tucker, Bowie, Walker, Gregory, Burney, Mosley, Kim, Maze

1 Bowie sr
2 Mosley jr
3 Tucker sr
4 Walker
5 Dupree sr
Gregory(sr), Burney (sr), Kim(soph)

The components of this team are going to be around for a long time… right now you see flashes of potential, but not consistency… you see limitations in their games, that won't exist as they get stronger, more confident, and more experienced..

Laying the foundation, and watching the building grow is part of the enjoyment.

MD has won 5 of 6…..

United States

#18 Jan 16, 2008
Dear TerpFan4Life and Graybeard Terp fan..teams fall farther and harder all the time. Where's Penn been since the 79 Final Four? George Mason goes to the final four one year (leading writers around the country to predict great things for mid-majors) and they haven't even been a factor in the CAA since. How about UVA in the post-Sampson era? Come on, people. Maryland is still a pernnial NCAA or NIT team, its not like they are ranked 300 on the RPI. They are young and without their second-most important guard (and a calming influence on Vasquez, I believe). One of the problems is that Gary seems to do better with high schoolers that were overlooked (see: Blake, Steve and Dixon, Juan)than he does with blue chippers. Unfortunately, alumni and high roller doners seem to prefer the big names.

Baltimore, MD

#19 Jan 16, 2008
1994 Arkansas (31-3)
1995 UCLA (31-2)
1996 Kentucky (34-2)
1997 Arizona (25-9)
1998 Kentucky (35-4)
1999 Connecticut (34-2)
2000 Michigan St.(32-7)
2001 Duke (35-4)
2002 Maryland (32-4)
2003 Syracuse (30-5)
2004 Connecticut (33-6)
2005 North Carolina (33-4)
2006 Florida (33-6)
2007 Florida (35-5)

These are the last 14 National Championship teams… Kentucky twice, Uconn twice, Florida twice.

It is extremely hard to not only climb the mountain, but stay up there year after year… for most teams, they have to build…

As great as Duke has been during this span… they only won 1 National Championship… what is far more impressive is their year to year consistency.

North Carolina might get another title this year… but plenty of fans were dumb, and thought their program was done for good when they missed the dance back to back years in '01-'02, and '02-'03..

Uconn has been as impressive as anyone for a long time… They also went to the NIT after '96-'97 and '00-'01 and did not go to post-season play at all last year… guess you think that Calhoun should step down now that they are outside of the Top 25?

Syracuse was in the NIT last year, 3 years after the National Championship… guess they didn't capitalize on the title… Boheim has 762 wins, but probably time for him to go.

Pickerington, OH

#20 Jan 16, 2008
I do agree to a point, but it seemed as if we were right there on the edge of becoming an elite program only to fall back a full decade in our development. The other schools you mention do not have the resources and facilities of MD. We were right there with Duke and ahead of UNC, now we're battling to avoid the bottom. I just enjoyed life when we were in the mix every year for the conference lead.
Edd wrote:
Dear TerpFan4Life and Graybeard Terp fan..teams fall farther and harder all the time. Where's Penn been since the 79 Final Four? George Mason goes to the final four one year (leading writers around the country to predict great things for mid-majors) and they haven't even been a factor in the CAA since. How about UVA in the post-Sampson era? Come on, people. Maryland is still a pernnial NCAA or NIT team, its not like they are ranked 300 on the RPI. They are young and without their second-most important guard (and a calming influence on Vasquez, I believe). One of the problems is that Gary seems to do better with high schoolers that were overlooked (see: Blake, Steve and Dixon, Juan)than he does with blue chippers. Unfortunately, alumni and high roller doners seem to prefer the big names.

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