Great job Sentinel! Way to add to your record setting total of mistakes and errors. By my unofficial count, that is six fact errors either on-line or in print (or both) in the last week. And I'm not even counting misspelled words, which would add another half dozen or more to your total.

For your information, the Rollins men's basketball team lost to Florida Southern 102-90. I'm sure you will blame the error on faulty information (that is always your excuse), but I don't buy it. I guess I should just be pleased that you are still including the score from the one local school that I do follow (since you no longer cover the games with an actual story), but is it too much to ask for the information to be correct?

You all are just incompetent and very sloppy in producing your product. While you can blame the internet, the real reason you are losing your hold on the news world is because your product is awful and now there isn't even enough of it on a regular day to line a bird cage.

I have hoped for the last year that your leaders would one day wake up and realize that the product is declining and need an influx of quality, but I have now decided that is probably unlikely and that maybe you should go ahead and do the inevitable and disappear. That would save me $200+ per year, which would certainly be welcome in this economic climate.