I grew up next door to Rufus and his Brother and Sister. He was a good kid who went bad. I know his Mother and knew his late Father. They were all good people. And yes, I've heard the stories about Rufus getting into drugs and crime, among other things. If Rufus killed this man Banes (and yes - it appears he did) he will most likely pay for the crime with his life or spend the rest of it in prison. And that's the way it should be.

There is no justification for murder no matter how you look at it. Somewhere in the future the entire story will come out. Until then, no one knows what really happened and why except Rufus and the late Robert Banes. Rufus will be judged and he will pay. I pray for the soul of Robert Banes. He did not deserve this no matter what he did to Rufus's daughter. Rufus will answer for his crime and will be judged by God. Count on it.