Hasheem Thabeet for Elton Brand I'm not sure if Memphis got the cap but I'm sure they wouldn't mind getting rid of thabeet n I wouldn't mind giving him a fresh start. 2 players I desperately want the pacers Roy Hibbert n ofcourse Hasheem Thabeet I like Hawes n Speights n Smith... Battie is a nice pickup I guess but I think we need to towers like they got in L.A. with Gasol n Bynum. If we could somehow land one of them n get rid of Brand n Green. I think we would be good. Starting lineup would be Jrue Holiday, Evan Turner, Andre Iguadala, Thaddeus Young, n Marreese Speights. Bench players would be Louis Williams, Jodie Meeks, Andres Nocioni, Rodney Carney (If he resigns), Jason Kapono, Spencer Hawes, Jason Smith, Tony Battie and either Hasheem Thabeet or Roy Hibbert. If we could manage this it would be a great move not only getting rid of another bad aquisition in Brand but aquiring a third seven footer, one who is defensive minded unlike Hawes and Smith. I just known it would work... Hibbert is an absolute beast and Thabeet has massive amounts of potential either one would give Dwight Howard fits either one is young enough to learn to play the way we need them to n either one is better in matchups v.s. any other team than Brand is .... It's Chris Webber all over again trade him now before he diminishes his value even more.

Lebron is a coward, that's why Kobe is the best... Imagine if Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, n Reggie Miller all decided to take the EASY way. Bet Miller would still be draining 3's.

Hardwork beats talent because talent doesn't work hard