Make Way For The Rockets
Houston, TX 04/24/07-- Houston area hip hop artist Pitre (p tree), a huge Houston Rockets fan, wrote and recorded over three months ago in anticipation of the Rockets playoff berth, the song “Make Way For The Rockets”.
The song has gotten airplay on some local sports talk radio shows and has even gotten him several guest appearances on KCOH's Ralph Cooper sports show.
As callers called in many were pessimistic about the Rockets Playoff chances. This disturbed Pitre who then responded by saying you have to approach it with a positive attitude and save the negative for when or if they should loose.
As soon as he finished his comment the song began to play “Make Way For The Rockets, Make Way!”
Pitre hopes to have the song played at the Rockets game and on more radio stations so that everyone can be just as hyped as he is about his Houston Rockets.
The Song can be heard at . Media can request an mp3 by sending an email to