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crack head larry

Hialeah, FL

#268 May 19, 2007
omar wrote:
<quoted text>
lebron just had i think 23points 8ast. and he average the second most points in the playoffs among active players..so0 he cant b doin that bad,and if that below average then wut the hell is everybody uhm dwade wouldof did this dwade wouldnof dwade wouldof scored 100 poins an 75 ast. no0 lol hes not superman so0 stop tryin to make him seem like it..if he wouldof did all of that then y is he at home watchin lebron..so0 odveously he wouldnt of did he didnt wen he wus in the playoffs..for the short 4 game span he played he won skillz challlenge lol wow..lebron was walking the hole way..he dont care about 30,000..he can whipe his ass with an dwade averaged 28. points thats good..but lebron wus hurt this whole year an prolly wouldnt averaged 32. like last year..but who knows..i cant say wut he wouldof did if he didnt do now that miami is goin down..there gona b were cavs wus 3years lets c dwade pull them to second best team in the east like lebron..w no shaq.
Yea wow whatever buddy.. you ever got slapped for sounding so retarded? Are you ADD by any chance? 23 points does not impress me at all look at dwyane wade he had that much injured and in fact no lebron was not injured this year what are you talking about. 0 points in the 2nd and 3rd quarter what kind of motivation is that? And yes dwyane wade has taken his team to the finals last year idiot and guess what won!! You know what I have never realized Marshall was even a player where the hell did he come from scoring those 3's? Lebronia lucked out having to play the depleted Wizards and the old and slow Nets because if his team were to face Miami in the first round there would be no 2nd round for the Cavs you idiot. We'll see what lebron does against the Pistons I dont think this series could last more than 5 games at the most.

Sumter, SC

#269 May 19, 2007
crack head larry wrote:
<quoted text>
Yea wow whatever buddy.. you ever got slapped for sounding so retarded? Are you ADD by any chance? 23 points does not impress me at all look at dwyane wade he had that much injured and in fact no lebron was not injured this year what are you talking about. 0 points in the 2nd and 3rd quarter what kind of motivation is that? And yes dwyane wade has taken his team to the finals last year idiot and guess what won!! You know what I have never realized Marshall was even a player where the hell did he come from scoring those 3's? Lebronia lucked out having to play the depleted Wizards and the old and slow Nets because if his team were to face Miami in the first round there would be no 2nd round for the Cavs you idiot. We'll see what lebron does against the Pistons I dont think this series could last more than 5 games at the most.
uhm im kindof smart considering i have a b+ average.but ok u bytch..u one of those retards that think 30 points is amazing an thats all u gotta do ..u think that scoring is everything..u kno nothing about basketball .now i can c lebron has ben enjered since the summer u retard the hell is u gonna tell thats my fav. player..dont u think i follow wut happends to him..u sound stupid. an dwade had about 23 points but had no were near 8AST. AND 8 REB. an he didnt score in the 2nd er 3rd. querter an wus in foul trouble so he had to sit.that is good u marshell was a number 4 overall pick b4 an is known for his i deff. kno u kno nuthin about basketball lol..fourth pick..did dwade even get fourth pick??lol an everybody talk about who the cavs. about u hop off cavs dick..i didnt hear u say nuthin about pistons playing orlando..come on now..nets is way better then them..but kno u continue to hate on the cavs. an with the team that dwade had..he betetr had won a the only good team they played that whole playoff run is the pistons..lets talk about the easy teams they dwade had all veterains..all players who averaged over 20points in there career..all had way more experiance then him. had the miami heat all time shot blocker an point 5 three point shooter percentage players in the league at that no to menchine the most dominate player ever..EVER..eve tho he didnt score that much his presence alone is enough to win a championship..he won three w/o dwade..dwade none w/o who..so0 lets look at who needed gary payton made a game winning shot..w/o that shot i dont think they wouldof won that if u cant wina ring with that team then thats a dont tlak about rings bczu robert horry has i think 6 or is 340 times more clutch then wade..so0 that means hes better then wade..???no hes not so0 dont bring up rings.or ude lose that argument to .oyea they had dwade..hes good..but look at who he has to take the pressure off him an make it ALOT ALOT ALOT EASYER FOR about how the whole team gets sucked in the paint with shaq an leaves dwade lots of on now u sound real stupid rite now..puttin ya self to shame..lebron had the asses
team in the now there 2nd in the east an in the eastern coference finals..w/o help..jsut him.i still cant beleiev u gonna try an tell me he wasnt injerd..get the f*ck out of he was injered last i heard nothing about its gone lebron like the superstar he is take up big in the fourth an won the game i dont remebr dwade ever makin the nba fisrt team..but hes the best??uhm no hes on the 3rd team lol wow..lebron was on the fisrt team last year with the most he was second team this year only cuz tim duncan got points for aha u sound so0 slow rite now.
theres nothing u can come back an say..theres nothign u cant say anything..bottem line lebrons still in the playoffs an dwade isnt..bottem line

Sumter, SC

#270 May 19, 2007
correction..2 of the top 5 three point% shooters..i think three tho. but who cares.
an oyea two of the 50 greatest..lets say it again..GREATEST PLAYERS OF ALL TIME..yea dwade is good..rele good.rele rele good.but look at his help compared to lebron..come on now.dont come back on here sounding stupid..come up with somethign that makes since.

Sumter, SC

#271 May 19, 2007
Wade should have gotten his shoulder done when he hurt it. I saw him hang on the rim with 2 hands in the playoffs. If his left shoulder hurt so bad he would not have sprung up and turned around after the dunk with both hands, Wade sucked and played like a big ballhog in the playoffs. His big ego and his sorry play was the heats downfall this year. When Wade plays bad, he always has some excuse for playing bad. Knee, finger, ankle, hip, foot, toe, hip, nose, hey DWade your running out of excuses. But it's Shaq and Wade's team. Riley is just a puppet. Without Wade in the line-up this year.. Heat were 17 and 6. And 2 and 10 when he came back.....

this isnt even me..i got this from lol glad im not then only on to c it.but wut stands out is the 17-6 w/o him an then the 2-10 w/ there better wen dwaade isnt playing.
crack head larry

Hialeah, FL

#272 May 20, 2007
For one you punk ass teenager learn how to spell. Second, go back to 3rd grade I think you might have skipped a few because you sound like a little misfortunate kid suffering from autism. Now back to matters, the Cavs are not even the 2nd best in the East they shouldnt even be in the ECF they are fckin garbage. Miami is still the 2nd best in the East and if you dont believe me they have been there for the past 3 years now with the Pissed-ons. I gurantee you if the Cavs were to play Miami in the first round there would be no second round for the Cavs and you and I both know it. The Wizards and the Nets are garbage havent you figured that out yet? Its almost hilarious watching those losers trying to just make a basket and all they do is miss. Lebron cant even shoot either what a punk. 0 points in 2nd and 3rd quarter wow thats gay. All he cares about is his over priced shoes how gay is that. Anyways I think you should really lay off this gay topic and leave it alone. Lets not forget Wade even averaged more than lebron this year in points and assists. If only he went to college and played bbal there he would have been better. Give me a break. Better yet he has a ring. Lebron should have went to college and played some bball and then maybe he would have been better.

Sumter, SC

#273 May 20, 2007
i like how u talk shyt over the comp. u wouldnt b able to do that were im from u get shot in the face for poppin shyt..but ide beat yo ass ma self u bycth an who spells correct on the comp. i cant spell curse words on the comp. bczu they take it off u oyea i did skip the 3rd. grade bczu i was to0 smart..f*ckin asshole..u cant beat me so0 im not gonna get loud on the here we go again lol if this if that.IT DIDNT HAPPEN HEAT IS OUT CAVS IS IN..GET THAT SHYT THREW YER it doesnt matter wut team they play they all r in the nba for a reason..u couldnt beat nobody in the nba so idont think u can call anybody garbage.
so0 shut that shyt up how the hell
u kno wus goin threw his we go again..on lebrons dick..did u say anything a out jordan shoes thats even u just continue to b on his dock HOP uhm heat were wut seed??not second.the stitistics show..cavs r second get over it
an go on u so called nba fan an look at lebron points per game is more then dwade....dumb points dont matter that much..anybody can put up 30 points..he averaged it b4 so0 he doesnt have to prove shty to dumb asses like wen u check on look at how lebrons shooting percentage is higher then dwade wen dwade has three of the best shooters an shaq..its kindof easy to average more ast.lebron has noone to pass it its only by like .5 come on now
an wen yer as good as lebron unlike. dwade..u dont have to go to u get rookie of the fisrt draft pick..unlike dwade lol aha.but rele the funni part about this argument is u have nothing to say..u repeat the same things
over an over an over again lol..all these if this happend an that happends..WELL IT DIDNT HAPPENM CAVS STILL HERE HEAT GONE..LIVE WITH THE SHYT LIFE GOES ON u act like u on the team..u prolly dont even have a job lol..i have two so0 dont come bac with no '''u dont have a job shyt'''
but rele u have nothing to say about lebron bvcuz there is nothing..u just repeat repeat repeat..just like that lol..
it sounds rele stupid.u cant evvr respond to anything i say..bczu wut i say shuts u the point were u have to saty i cant spell lol aha.i do this on flash.noone spells correctly on the internet..GET UP TO DATE..but yer a waste of my time..we all kno the reason dwade got a ring n im not gonna keep repeating it for yo dumb ass..u c it by rjust dont want to admit it..but its ok..yer wife. dwades gonn aget threw it..but listen WHEN DWADE GETS A RONG W/O SHAQ THEN WE CAN shut the fuck up an find something else to do with yer time u fyckin crack head..

Sumter, SC

#274 May 20, 2007
''misfortunate kid''...ahahah ma car prolly cost more then ya ya mom is a misfortunate kidd BYCTH!

Since: May 07


#275 May 20, 2007
I think you could make a case that LeBron is the best player in the NBA because he has the Cavs in the conference finals without much of a supporting cast. I personally think Steve Nash is the best in the game today just because he makes his teammates better. Since he rejoined the Suns, the Suns won the division every year.

Sumter, SC

#276 May 21, 2007
u can make a argument about steve nash..
he is up there with the best..i respect your oppinion
crach head larry

Hollywood, FL

#277 May 21, 2007
omar you are one f*cked up child. I dont got nothing to say to a punk bitch motherf*cker like you stop wasing my time and go back to school you misfortunate one. Just responding to your dumbass posts makes me laugh. Whatever just stop wasting my time if you are old enough one day maybe you can get a job and a life because you probably live off of your parents dont you? hahahahaha By the way did your mommy buy you your car?

Sumter, SC

#278 May 21, 2007
this is so0o its a shame how i shut u down..u cant say shyt about the topic nomore bczu im rite..yer wrong an u relize that now lol ahah now u wanna talk about i should make my own topic about me so u can write to me somemore lol aha u fagg
u cant beat me so i dont kno y u keep talkin shyt...i put lil people like u in the emergency room..aahah u one of them florida bytches ahah thats y u dont like lebron all yall ahters down i came from down there cuz ma uncle live most of yall bytches cuz yall dont say shyt in people face..i just sent a ''tough guy''like u to the emergency room..so0 wen i come down there ill make sur ei pay u a visit an we gonna see how much u talk sht wen im in yer face..oye idont live with ma on ma ma ucle bought the car. its a viper.can u afford one of those buddy???lol dont think so0 ..so0 i wouldnt b callin me misfortunate u retard..but wen i come to florida i swear to god im coming for u..wen i get ther ima post something an u tell me were u b at an we gonna c whos the tough guy lol..dont done talkin to u biycth..u nuthin but a pussy
but we gona c inthe summer time
crack head larry

Hollywood, FL

#279 May 22, 2007
HAHAHA man ur so stupid. I highly doubt you own a viper my ass. But no I'll admit to you that I cant afford a viper. My question to you is why do you think you are so tough? Sure anyone can act tough on the internet but I bet your just another fag running his mouth on the internet how sad. You come here? Sure hey fag maybe you should have payed more attention in geography class but florida is a big state and pop 17 million you think this is Wyoming or somethin? lol Man you sound stupid.. oh im gonna come for you in a state with 17 million people yea sure whatever fag. I dare you to. I dare you to really spit that shit in my face. Another question but what is ur rag on where people live? What are all you in NY that stereotype or somethin or is it just a magical place? By the way where does your uncle live in florida some hick ass town in upstate FL? lmao I dont give a fck where you or I live what matters is how pathetic you sound and dwade could kick lebrons ass anyday. 10 points OMG thats amazing. You are probably the most retarded person I have come upon on this board actually admitting that lebron is better than dwade and how tough you are and so and so you own a viper. Yea sure.. just one thing I cant stand is a punk teenager acting they are so tough on the internet it really makes me laugh just imagining you are some punk 14 year old kid. You should really watch who you really spit that shit out someone because one day you will regret it. Thats not a very bright idea punk.

Sumter, SC

#280 May 23, 2007
14?? lol yea im 14 wit a dumb do u i cant have a viper..this makes me sound even better lol yes i do have one..dont get madd cuz u cantafford vipers arnt that much money anyways so0 u sound i sed ill coem there u dont have to come to newyork..wit yo mouth ude die.somebody would end up killing u cuz u dont kno wen to stopppan u just repeated the same exact shyt i just sed about u lol u have nuthin to say its a shame..u repeat i have enough money to go anywere in floridia it aint big enough that i cant drive u fycking retard..o maybe yo car cant make it that far lol..
but wen i get there tell me were u live an ill come c u aha u gonna piss on ya the crazy thing about it is..u think im playing with u ..u think im a 14year old u gonna b in for a rude''wut is yer rag on were u live''..wut the fyck is u talking we dont speak that bullshyt upheere..stay in the south were its slowwww lolan im not watching shyt..i pop shyt cuz i can bac it ill say anything i want..u cant do nuthing about it..but it sad..come bac on here an repeat the same shyt again lol..i laughed at this for like 4mins. lol an u sound white..i dont do to good with fighting white people..they always press chages or call the cops lol..but i love white people so no ofence..but yea im done responding ..dont respong to ma shyt go sit ya lil ass
down soemwere an go read a book..
crack head larry

Hollywood, FL

#281 May 23, 2007
I dont even know why Im responding to a retard here. More retards from where you from I guess Rochester an unknown city no one knows about. Go fuck ur self you sound like a little fcking girl. And just because I can spell and write dont mean Im another uneducated black man in this country.. I mean thats the biggest stereotype I hear from everyone like you. I am black/jamaican for ur information as*hole thank you. Whatever I dont know much about culture in FL or NY but in jamaica you wouldnt be in for such a great experience for saying dumb shit like that to another mans face by any means the internet. Maybe your mom didnt talk any sense into you little kid. And yea by the way at least I did finish school and thank you for pointing out that I can read but maybe you cant. Maybe I dont have enough money for a vipor u own I highly doubt but at least Im not a dumb fcking idiot. Now stop wasting my time and go to hell.

Victor, NY

#282 May 23, 2007
i do have a its not that much money u sound poor lol come on now go get a job..i dont even want it nomore..ima sell it to ma sister..vipers is ass.i ddidnt want one it was a gift from ma i diddnt say u sound white bczu u spell correct on the computer..u dumb ass..u just sound whte PERIOD..y would i stereotype u when im black maself..u f*ckin u finished school lol i got 10 days ima grad. with honors
unlike i have 10 just waiting to get in to syricuse..r u in a univeristy college mr. educatedblack man unknown..u playin yaself we have the highest crime rate an murder newyork last year..2second highest in america..behind comton i im not even from here im from bed.sty brooklyn thats more popular then any city in florida..all those damn old people lol..so0 jamaca is nuthin.i pop shyt to anybody face..cuz i can bac it im goin to jamaca from florida this summer..gonna take a tour there..they dont get shyt rockin there so0 i dont even know y im a educcated black person wouldnt put there title ''crack head larry'' thats y we get stereotyped bczu dumb bitches like go to hell??? lol u deffenatly not educated. that is the most disrespectful an dumbest shyt u can ever say..may be ya momma need to beat dat ass once if u were so0 educated ude would have enough mkoney fro a viper lol.u sound rele poor sayin u dont think i have one lol THERE NOT THAT EXPENCIVE..i wish i had a camra ide send yo fagget ass a picture of u something ude never u sound rele educated if u were so0 educated..u wouldnt b on here argueing about my viper an the topic is u wanna talk abut me an dwade..hop off our fuckin wood..he dont even kno u. u not even from here lol wut the f*ck u kno about dwade..take yo back to were u came not gonna scoop down to yer level an argue with someone below me.if u want to think so0 dwade is bette rthen lebron..think wut u it might coem tru lol but im done..i got better things to get money..u need to do the sma eso0 one daii ude have a viper to lol have a nice dayy..goodbye


Since: Jan 07

planet earth

#283 May 24, 2007
wats that you have aids omar lol

Sumter, SC

#284 May 24, 2007
omg here u go again..on my wood once not responding to u..go geta life..kick rocks

Hialeah, FL

#285 May 24, 2007
Omar once again you sound like a fool with no mind or education. I highly doubt you will get into any university besides the community college down the street from ur house that takes bums like you. Ok here yea I take my name "crack head larry" off my name is Larry. If you want to really talk some smack in my face about Jamaica then bring it I will fckin murder you from the inside out. Oh and speakin of Rochester.. what the hell you been high? The last time I checked Detroit was the murder capital but here I guess this shows something.. In fact I dont see a SINGLE city from NY on the top 25 murderous cities dickhead. And if u knew you know that the south east has been the murdereous section of the US for probably as long I been here. But here Camden, NJ ranks #1.

Stop making up shit again I never heard of Rochester until I saw ur ass on here. The stereotype old people in fl .. thats in north florida faggot I dont see that many seniors in south fl as what you fags from up north like to stereotype it. But I guess you would know more about US culture but apparently you dont. And you really think you are smarter than me? Hah yea at least I can spell and I graduated with a 5.72 weighted GPA in high school go shove that up your ass. Dont talk to me unless you get some serious help kid. Yea goodbye.

Hialeah, FL

#286 May 24, 2007
Oh and mark that scroll down there yea you see in the most dangerous metropolitan areas Miami-Dade County, FL MD is at #5 fuck face which is the metro area. Nearly 300 murders last year in 2006 it said somewhere in the paper. Says here

1 Detroit-Livonia-Dearborn, MI M.D.
2 New Orleans, LA
3 Memphis, TN-MS-AR
4 Sumter, SC
5 Miami-Dade County, FL M.D.

Detroit, MI

#287 May 24, 2007
lebron cant make last second threes like kobe can and kobe is on a weak team

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