I grow more and more confused when it is called to my attention the large numbers of gay men and women who are now realizing that they want to come out of their closet and enjoy fresh air! When I was a child growing up in the Bible Belt, this lifestyle was only mentioned in whispers, always with contempt, in fact I believe it was a crime.
I never met an openly gay person until I went to work in a public high school where he was the art teacher. You could tell by his physical characteristic and it was an open secret that he had a partner of the same sex, but it was never even discussed, even privately. A secret that he was expected to keep from his young students. As I grew to know him and gained such respect for him I began to rethink all I had been taught (from my church by the way). I believe it is a bigger sin and that it displeases our God more for us to stigmatize and polarize our communities and culture by selecting this one aspect of a person's life, while we accept and overlook so many traits of those who seem "normal". We have enough to keep us opining with the heterosexuals and their sexual lifestyles! Divorce, infidelity, pornography, rape, pedophiles. How could so many choose to be gay when they know the consequences of that choice. How can we continue to ignore what they are telling us?