What a Joke. It seems like whoever wrote this has it out for Kasey. If you go all the way through the first slide show that bashes Kasey for the way he left RPM and taking a ride from Scott Speed it takes you to another slide show that lists the 10 most disappointing drivers of 2010 and yes, they list Kasey as #1.

The person who wrote these seem to have their head so far up their ass that they know nothing about what actually happened this year. First off, Kasey did not leave RPM. He was RELEASED. I won't say that he didn't want to leave but if they had not released him he would still be there. The problem was that Kasey did not just want to ride around the last few races - he wanted to compete. They couldn't even give him a car where the brakes lasted through the first green flag run. And now that he is out of the 9 the brakes are suddenly fine. What a coincidence.

I also don't understand how on God's green earth you can call Kasey the biggest disappointment of 2010. Did he have such high expectations going into this year? The best he could have ever hoped for in RPM equipment was to win a race or two and maybe make The Chase by the skin of his teeth like 2009. Yes, this year has been disappointing but to call it the biggest of the year next to Jeff Gordon and Mark Martin going winless and the much over hyped Dale Jr never being a factor in that great Hendrick equipment? Make no mistake. If Kasey goes to the 5 in 2012 and is a non-factor he will get ripped for it big time.

Also, I don't like Kasey getting ripped for supposedly taking a ride from Scott Speed. First off, I thought Red Bull was still considering running 3 cars next season and even if they don't Scott Speed has not performed. If he had done better Red Bull would not be looking a replacing them. No one put a gun to their head and told them to put Kasey in the car. If you want to criticize someone how about Mark Martin for his horrible season and refusing to move aside for Kasey?

The one thing I agree with is that it won't work at Red Bull. I am dreading next season because it will be a waste of a season in the prime of Kasey's career. I think the best we can hope for is what we have seen in 3 races so far. Top 15 at best. He was up front a Dega but that is always a crap shoot. Like I have said before - I would rather see him run for a championship in the Nationwide series in the 5 car than run mid pack all year in the cup series.