Estate within
Afflicted bed brain cerebrum suffering and
Era foul mistake sin
Era against God the Father is in of weakness of our body creation environment land
Era against God the Son is in of blood bone brine and lack in of knowledge
Era against God the Ghost is in of bad choices and confirmed confirmation

Child in of God
1. Everlasting Christ Jesus born in of a blessed virgin birth
2. Christ Jesus lamb in of God youthful teenage years
3. Christ Jesus lived and spoke the truth and was taken to Caesar and then Pontius Pilate and was sentenced to die
4. Christ Jesus was taken to the dungeon with his divine Holy backlashes open with whipping
5. God the Son carried the cross to a place next to bones and skulls
6. Crucified Jesus the Christ with crown in of thorns nailed to the cross
7. Three prisoners were executed at that place and Christ Jesus was lanced and pierced in the ribs
8. Christ Jesus died in the flesh and that daytime was turned into nighttime
9. Lightning flashed and thunder roared and the temple curtain was ripped and torn
10. The rain poured down and Christ Lord Jesus was taken down from the cross
11. Christ broken body and bones taken to the cave cavern place for rest
12. Lord Jesus blood stained body covered with sheet shroud
13. In that cave cavern place Christ in bright light journeyed to Hellee and the divine life-center truth within
14. Almighty blood body bones brine broken confirmed healing in Arisen Savior truth
15. In daytime on the third day Christ returned to cave cavern earth being in life meeting with blessed Mary Magdalene daughter of blessed Cyrus and blessed eucharista from Magdalo castle - place in of doves
16. Christ walked to apostles and had communion with the saints during this special time
17. Christ body bread broken in life for forgiveness of sins and healing body in life
18. Christ blood juice water is the life giving life in brains names and creation
19. King in of kings had to leave to be with God the Father and walked to a born anew eastern temple world and through a doorway on earth called a grid interdimensional portal in of time
20. Blessed virgin birth Christ Jesus Arisen Savior Ambassador in of ambassadors Baron in of barons Canticle in of canticles Chief in of chiefs King in of kings Redeemer in of redeemers Song in of song Soul in of souls Sovereign in of sovereign
21. God is God the Father God the Son God the Ghost God the Spirit and glory and honor is amen and ammon
22. God the Holy Spirit is divine Holy living seal
23. God Holy Ghost is confirmed divine Holy seal
24. God the Father God the Son God the Ghost God the Spirit is Almighty creator divine Holy invisible living luminous majesty mighty ray shining with God seal approved abiding in truth asking knocking seeking truth celestial extertraterestrial truth God Lord seat truth and clean decent lords in of truths
Autumn Fall Spring Summer Winter
1. Appreciate Lord Spirit names in of name vain
2. Cherish Almighty Lord Spirit in truth
3. Consider life light truth
4. Give Lord Spirit time
5. Honor in prayer strangers orphans widows
6. Keep safe Lord Spirit in truth
7. Respect confirmed truth
8. Respect Lord Spirit name in creation
9. Respect churches synagogues temples
10. Speak decent truth in all things