I can't hardly believe what is happaining to Kyle Bush this year. With out a dought he is the Man that can come through the pack when the car is there for him. There is nobody better. He can start at the back and you better have your belt on tight, because if not he will go by you so fast it will pull your shorts off.
Whats up with the Gibb team. It seems to me that they cannot keep a car under Kyle this year and it also seems the horsepower just isn't there for him. Gibb racing better do something because I don't think He will stay around to much longer if the car is just a avarage car. I watch him and trying to do everything he can do but the car seems to not have the ponies when he needs them. Are the Toyota's down on horsepower this year or what is it. For some reason the Waltrip team seems to have the horsepower, I just don't get it. I know you have to have racing luck on your side and there's nobody better than Jimmy Johnson and Chad Canouse when it come's to that, but what's the problem in Kyle's stable. He's had something like 4 DNF'S in a row and still running 13th and just 2 out of making the chase. With the luck he's had this year what would he be doing if the luck was good. I just don't know or can I pin-point the problem, but if you can help me find out the problem I'm sure Kyle would be a little happier to start running a little better also. Please help? Thanks Jim Cimpanelli.