Banger-Buds, what-the-Hell is going on over at POS-Racing/Motormouth Motorsports? It is starting to look like 2011, all-over again for "Dick", isn't it?

Going a lap down, during the race? Could that be who is being "hyped" by the media and POS/JAWS for Chase-possibilities for 2012. LMFAO at that one, Banger-Buds.

"Dick" dropped only 3 points and is already down to P-5, after the drubbin' he took last night.

Ol' Wall's Fav. POS-Critic dropped 1 point and is on a slide to P-12 after last night's race.

"Mummy" Martin is not a factor, since he isn't in every show.

Wasn't it funny to listen to those two, booth "Goobers" from Owenboro KY, last night? With none of their JAP-junk even close to contending, last evening, we didn't hear quite some much about POS-Racing/Motormouth Motorsports, CRAPA, 5 Hour Energy Drink, and Ol' Man Butler's Aaron's Rent-To-Own. I did a DVR last night, and thankfully, could fast-forward over what JAPCAR/King Brian feeds us, during the many commercial breaks on Focks!

Looks like to me, Ol' Wall, that "Tokyo" Joe might have stopped the flow of information over to that converted bowling alley/cinema, on Chartwell Dr. POS-Racing/Motormouth Motorsports is starting, once again, to look like 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008 and 2007! LMFAO!

As always, "Tokyo" Joe's boys are the class of the JAP's-field. None of the three JAP-junkers from POS-Racing/Motormouth Motorsports were a factor in the race, last evening, especially with "Mummy" Martin not able to hold much of a lead, in the beginning, after Cousin Carl, blew the welded, JAP-doors off that Aaron's (Wet) Dream-Machine, early in the race, Banger-Buds!