Oh, that was great watching POS do another...."infield-bang "....once again and turn that Aarons (Wet) Dream-Machine into one of those Aarons (Bad) Dream-Machines.

Did I see..........JAP-scrap........ ..being made today both by POS and "Dick"? I can just see things over behind Racertainment, over there on Chartwell Dr. in Cornelius. In one spot, we have JAP-scrap made by "Dick" and POS and a little further away, we have WAP-scrap made by Vickers over at Spa! LMAO!

Do you really think that "Dick" will be Chase-bound? He probably lost at least another position, depending on how those above him did, today!

Ol' Wall's Fav. POS-Critic was the only one with a decent finish, today in that P-6.

Banger-Buds, it is starting to look like 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008 & 2007, isn't it? LMFAO!

Damn, when are these Faux broadcasts coming to an end? Please end soon!