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#1 Jun 9, 2008
There's only a very few that know exactly how the Dodge Boys accomplished their cheating in NHRA PRO STOCK back in the 90s when they were winning so regular.
It was done using NITROUS OXIDE(Laughing Gas) as described here.
The Nitrous was carried in the block water jacket of the engine with water only in the heads. The water compartment which would contain the Nitrous was drilled into one of the main bearing saddles and on the exact opposite side another drilling was made thru the main cap and upwards into the intake ports. The crankshaft main corresponding to the drilled main saddle was cross drilled so that when it rotated the drilled ports would line up and allow the pressurized Nitrous to flow through all these drillings and into the ports. How was it pressurized? Very simple, it was put in at normal temperature of about 80 degrees and when the engine fires and starts warming the Nitrous pressure rises and starts to flow. Now there is also a spring loaded relief valve preset at a pressure which allows the Nitrous to flow only when the pressure rises from the engine heat. So you might wonder how the supply is replenished. OK, a special charging gun is used that looks exactly like an ordinary grease gun and there is a special alemite fitting installed in the block with a drilled passage way to the water jacket. So when a pit crew member is putting in Nitrous it appears that he is simply greasing the engine. You might also wonder about the Nitrous continuing to flow after each run; no problem it simply leaks away until it is all gone or until the pressure drops and the driver laughs all the way back to the pits.

Attleboro, MA

#2 Jun 27, 2010
i wanna see a vid of the interview when the nitrous explosion went off
elliot magnum

Olive Branch, MS

#3 Oct 24, 2010
how do you know this,did it leak out of one of the nhra members or one of the wayne county members or what.

Los Angeles, CA

#4 Apr 17, 2011
is this how Greg Stanfield does it, a "team without a budget" can run quicker and faster than Allen johnson, Mike edwards, Greg Anderson and Jason Line? Something is wrong?

Prescott, AZ

#5 Feb 14, 2012
Greasing the engine?
You have exposed yourself as knowing nothing about internal combustion engines, much less nitro...

The Dodges were torn down many, many times during those seasons. NOT ONE TIME WAS ANYTHING FOUND.

Just another chevy/ford fan with sour grapes...
jim long

Chattanooga, TN

#6 Jul 1, 2012
Well spoken Ellis, you really know how to demonstrate your ignorance.

Norco, CA

#7 Nov 13, 2012
so where did the extra fuel come from that actually makes the horsepower that oxide actually makes room for in the cylinder?nitrous does not burn,it compresses oxygen to make the o2 molecules smaller so you can fit more fuel into a combustion cycle.without an even more elaborate system of fuel running a covert operation,the engine would simply go lean and when you dream up excuses for chrysler engineering defeating chevorlet,think up why a chevy hasn't qualified for a fuel event for thirty years.why were hemis outlawed from prostock for thirty years,why won't nascar let you say "hemi"or "max wedge" south of pennsylvania?Cause="as long as a ford races a chevy on sunday we don't care...." director of competition,nhra go back to the drawing board,check history, and tell me i'm wrong...the information that will come to you will amaze you as to how mislead you have been....

Norco, CA

#8 Nov 13, 2012
buy he way,the nitros explosion was jerry eckman's,the bottle landed in the dodge pits and alderman walked it backover to it.while you're doing that,check out warren jackass getting caught with traction control,and stealing corbon fiber from jerry toliver=both LEGITIMATE facts.1969 dodge charger turns a lap of 256 miles an hour at talledega before every one runs away scared...68 cudas and darts are so fast the have to run in their own class in super stock so as not to enbarrass camaros and mustangs...if you can honestly dispute anything i've said please the way...the first prostock win by grumpy jenkins should have a * next to it because nkra banned hemis in qualifying for unfair advantage....the got a court order and won every race for the next 3 years untill they were outlawed....we dont need nitrous-just fair rules.....

Norco, CA

#9 Nov 13, 2012
now that i've reread you're post i cant stop...prostock motors only have water in the heads because the water jackets in the block are filled with ceramic to stiffen the block,hence-no place for nitrous to be.unlike a chevy,chrysler big blocks dont have cooling jackets around the crank journals.the crank is up in the crank case high like a cat or cummins, and the oiling system is dedicated to the mains first from the front,so no need to cool the crank. but i think i'm figuring how you are keeping up!really, is aj and jeg on nitrous to?

College Station, TX

#10 Feb 23, 2013
I posted the above story using my real name of "Ellis". I wrote the fictional story just for fun to see how many would swallow it. I also wrote the below and built the car from scratch.

Fairbanks, AK

#11 Jul 6, 2013
Ellis / Moparornocar your fictional story is on par with the rest of the allegations and how everyone seems to know exactly what happened. I love the nitrous in the grease gun part the most though! You've a creative mind!

Brockton, MA

#12 Sep 21, 2013
the top 8 pro stockers or so in the early 90's had nitrous in the 2nd battery, the hose inside the pos. cable, then spraying say a 50hp shot towards the carbs , and they were simply jetted rich. at etown '95 nhra said all 1st round winners would be torn down, 7 out of 8 top qualifiers lost in the fist round, except kurt Johnson. next week wayne county had the vandals breakin and it was over. bob glidden had an issue with rusty, and in '97 jerry eckman tried hiding the bottle in the oil tank and it exploded and he was banned for 2 years
D Green

Newark, DE

#13 Oct 5, 2013
You wanna tell me how all of the sudden right around countdown time jason line all of the sudden finds the set up all the while the summit team has barely cracked the top ten in qualifying all season long. Its funny how come everytime mopar starts to get its thing going chevy always turns to cheating and nhra will turn a blind eye to it.....but mopar is always broke down and checked on a consistant basis! Jeggy even made a statement a few races ago that its amazing the amount of performance they suddenly found! Jason line is cheating period!
Just the facts

Oklahoma City, OK

#14 Feb 23, 2014
I've read all these debates about the dodge boys for years but the facts are the facts, they were in fact caught using nitrous and silently banned by nhra for 2 years because of it. Due to legal ramifications from Chrysler they were not publicly suspended because at the time there was no "written" rule in the NHRA rulebook banning the use of nitrous, it was merely an "understood" rule. And the way the nitrous was run in the cars was quite ingenious. There was one battery in the car that was hollowed out and made into a pressurized container, then a battery cable that ran to the front of the car through the frame rail, where the motor mid plate met the frame rail there was an o-ring sealed surface that allowed the nitrous line inside the frame rail connect to the passageway in the motor plate that fed nitrous up to the rods that connected the hood scoop to the mid plate, as was common place back then, these rods were also hollowed out and allowed nitrous into the hood scoop via small EDM holes that were in these tubes that were the framework of the base of the hood scoop. And for those questioning where the fuel for the nitrous came from, well that was simple, they ran the carbs rich and with the programmable ignition boxes were retarding the ignition timing to keep from there being an over lean condition in the motor. And also consider this, we are only talking about around 50-75 hp worth of nitrous. So it didn't require an exorbitant amount of extra fuel or alot of timing retard to make the engine happy. I will not post my real name for personal backlash I'd receive from posting this, but there's a small group of people who know this is exactly how it went down, me being one of them. Believe what you want but these are absolute facts.

Morriston, FL

#15 Mar 2, 2014
Really the way its done is the drink inside the car is really a pressure filled coke can cannister of nitrous. The drivers are allowed a cooler inside the cockpit filled with a six pack of pressurized coke can cannisters of nitrous.
The straw for the driver is fitted with a special coupling that is connected to the extra battery switch. The driver simply attaches the coupling to the switch and shakes the coke can cannister of nitrous and instantly the car passes everything on the track.

Now you know

Norfolk, NE

#16 Apr 26, 2015
The way it was done was that the Dodge guys inserted ever-larger objects into their anus until a charge of nitro could fit. Then the seat out of a 80's Daytona/Laser with the inflatable lumbar/seat cushion...but with a hole "worn" in the center to match the openings of the driver. At the 60ft line the drivers just farted...and presto! Super fast run.

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