100 years of ford

Elgin, TX

#1 Sep 8, 2013
ol wall

Xenia, OH

#2 Sep 8, 2013
Ellis, I admire the time you have put into showing all of us just how little Ford Racing has contributed to drag racing as far as beating those MoPar's.

Wow, did Henry come along, when you were a little kid a piss in your corn flakes, or something like that?

You are really making me feel badly, so much, that I will head to the local Chrysler dealer, tomorrow morning, and trade my two Fords in on a winning company's products. Reading all of your rants has convinced me of the errors I have made in my life, when selecting a motor car company to support.

The only tiny satisfaction that I have left with FMC, is, even though they used government loans to assist with its survival through the tough economic conditions a few years back, they didn't need "Bath House" Barry to take over their companies, fire their executives and hook them up with foreign car companies, like Fiat. With prudent management, Ford was able to modify and restructure their company by ending certain brands and suppliers, without Barry telling them what to do, unlike Gubment Motors (GM) or Chrysler-Fiat!

I do hope that one of those Ford-Powered Boss 500 Force Mustangs might win, again, the Funny Car championship, even though they are out-numbered by those Dodge and Toyota "hemi's". LMFAO!

Now, what did Ol' Wall do with that ad from the local MoPar-Store?

BTW, I do like that Dodge Dart, currently in production, though, not so much for that Ram truck. The Ford F-150, with that highly innovative EcoBoost V6 really looks and runs great!

Thank God, for..........Henry Ford!

Have a good one, Ellis!



Buy Ford and Buy American (Fusion made, again, in US of A in Flat Rock MI!)

Elgin, TX

#3 Sep 9, 2013
Thanks for your insignificant and unrelated comments ol wall; gives me confidence of the truth and effectiveness of the story. I doubt if most readers have the slightest idea of the many scams involved by ford or that they never contributed any significant advances to the engine or vehicle. Now, please advise which part of the story is not true.
How did you like the picture of Henry getting the medal sent from Hitler?

Elgin, TX

#4 Sep 9, 2013
Hey ol wall, check out "mustang" in the below link,
he puts me in mind of the typical ford fan.
ol wall

Xenia, OH

#5 Sep 9, 2013
ellis wrote:
Hey ol wall, check out "mustang" in the below link,
he puts me in mind of the typical ford fan.
Hey, Ellis, ol’ Mustang needs to get up-to-speed on his MoPar-history, doesn’t he? You and I both know that the Hemi didn’t begin in 1954, as he states. Any motorheads from the early 1950’s knows that Chrysler introduced that beautiful “Fire Power” 331 cid. Hemi in those 1951 Chrysler New Yorkers and Imperials. Ol’ Wall’s dad purchased a brand new 1951 Chrysler Windsor and it had that low performance, straight 6-banger in it. How could a young motorhead ride around in a low performance ride like that one?
Did you see the mis-information in the WiKi article on Hemi engines of the 1950’s?


They have the dates screwed-up on the Desoto Hemi’s! I think the cubic inches might be correct; however, Desoto didn’t introduce theirs, until 1952. Then the little Dodge Hemi came out in 1953. The guy who drove my boss’s modified stocker, owned a sprint car and powered it with one of those little Dodge Hemi’s. My Uncle Rex worked at the local Dodge-Plymouth dealership and I remember he bought a new 1953 Dodge Coronet and it had the Dodge Hemi in it.
I almost brought up the Ardun heads, as, I remember reading in Hot Rod Magazine about those Ardun Mercs running in Southern California and at Bonneville, in the late 1940’s. Hummmmmmm. Hemispherical combustion chambers! You don’t say?

How about this beautiful example of an Ardun-Merc, from Paul Sylva, complete with Hilborn Injectors of-the-day! Wow, paint stripes by Von Dutch. Now there is a long-forgotten name from the past.


Who could ever forget those “Fronty-Fords”. I remember my dad talking about that conversion for the flat head Ford four-bangers. Wow, DOHC.

Ellis, I know you totally hate Ford; but, you have to admit that Ford has a tremendous “legacy” in motor racing, historically, in the USA, especially, from the 1920’s until the OHV V-8’s of the 1950’s took over. Almost all of those “hot-rod’s” right after WW-II out on the dry-lakes of SoCal and the salt flats of Bonneville were based on a lot of Ford parts and pieces. I don’t remember seeing too many flat head Chrysler’s in my old Hot Rod Magazines of that time! Ford may have stolen all of their “technology” from the other car companies; but, they were the early pioneers of drag racing, right after WW-II. The early aftermarket hot-rod parts industry proves it, until 1949 Cadillac and Oldsmobile started all manufactures on the conversion to OHV V-8 engines.

You are not going to change my mind and I will never change your mind. That’s life, dude! Enjoy it, for what it is.

I think I will wear my John Force tee-shirt, tomorrow. Just because I know it will totally piss you off. A law suit against John Force, for false advertising? Are you kiddin' Ol' Wall?


Elgin, TX

#6 Sep 10, 2013
Hey ol wall; nice post and here's some info that should dispel any and all consideration that Chrysler copied the Ardun and it may have been the other way around; but even so, mustang said NO. Actually Chrysler was considering a Hemi engine in the late 30s; did you know they actually built some inline 6 Hemis? Look on google.

Elgin, TX

#7 Sep 10, 2013
ol wall

Xenia, OH

#8 Sep 10, 2013
Wow, Ellis, a most interesting article. Being a Buckeye, I am wondering where this engine was recovered, in Ohio. I live very close to Wright-Patterson AFB, which, even before and during WW-II, was used as a test facility for AAC and USAF aircraft development. There is a wonderful USAF Museum over at the former Wright Field (they were actually two, separate air bases, with separate runways, even!)

Did you see who did the final detailing on the restored engine? Jack Roush! Makes perfect sense, as, Jack is a owner of a restored P-51 Mustang. I saw him fly it at MIS a couple of years ago. He did the military fly-over before the race!

Elgin, TX

#9 Sep 10, 2013
Hey ol wall, check this out.
William Walker

Walla Walla, WA

#10 Jan 27, 2015
I didn't know that ford has been around for so long! I guess that was the Model T "Ford" that first came out. Was there a car out before the Model T or was it the first engine powered car? http://www.tonysauto.com.au/parts-vehicles

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