Dillinger has Passed Away
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Since: Apr 07

Phoenix, AZ

#1 May 1, 2013
Banger & I are sad to inform you all that our friend Dillinger or Dill as we called her has passed away. Not sure what happened yet but we are hoping to get some info soon. Banger said he will try to contact Dill's coworker tomorrow and see if he knows anything new yet.

All I can tell you is that after a few days of not hearing from her, a friend called her work to see if she was there. They said they hadn't heard from her in days. So she called Miami PD to do a welfare check. They found her in her bed. Not sure what led to her death yet.

Just thought I would let you all know.
ol wall

Xenia, OH

#2 May 2, 2013
Renee29404 wrote:
Banger & I are sad to inform you all that our friend Dillinger or Dill as we called her has passed away. Not sure what happened yet but we are hoping to get some info soon. Banger said he will try to contact Dill's coworker tomorrow and see if he knows anything new yet.
All I can tell you is that after a few days of not hearing from her, a friend called her work to see if she was there. They said they hadn't heard from her in days. So she called Miami PD to do a welfare check. They found her in her bed. Not sure what led to her death yet.
Just thought I would let you all know.
Very sad day, indeed, for those of us who knew Dill from this Topix Board, over the years. Some of you probably knew that she lost her mother, just a couple of months ago. Both of them lived in Miami, for many years.

Several of us also knew Dill was dealing with some pretty serious medical-issues, along with coping with the loss of her mother.
I am going to try and track down a couple of those who she worked with, today, and see if they have any information. I know she had probably no family in Miami. She came, originally, from Central WI, and grew up near the area where Matt Kenseth lived.

Dill had never been married and lived in Miami with her mother and step-father, who passed away years ago. I know Dill had a degree in English and worked as a medical transcriber at one of the large hospitals in Miami. She worked in the sleep-apnea-clinic.

May Dill's soul Rest-In-Peace.
ol wall

Xenia, OH

#3 May 2, 2013
I was able to contact Dill's work-supervisor at the hospital in Miami, where she was employed. He did not have a whole lot of additional information than what Renee has already shared.
Dill has been off work for several weeks and was scheduled for major surgery for a digestive-issue she was dealing with for quite some time. I believe it might have been scheduled to happen this Friday morning.

She had not responded to either phone calls or emails, which was very unusual for Dill. Miami PD was sent to Dill's home for a "welfare-check" and she was found in bed, deceased.
I did give her supervisor my email. Without living family and close relatives in the Miami-area, it will probably be very difficult to get a lot of information. BTW, my last email from Dill was around 04/19. She basically explained about her surgery which was being scheduled.

I don't do either Twitter of Facebook, so, Renee will probably keep us updated from that area of the social-media.

Since: Apr 07

Phoenix, AZ

#4 May 2, 2013
Yup, the Reuti's Rooters group on Facebook we were both members of have been notified. They are very sad. They haven't known her as long as we have but love what they've seen. They miss her too :(
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Columbus, OH

#5 May 4, 2013
oh my, Sounds as if she was depressed. For years, I always enjoyed her posts on topix. she told it as she saw it and I liked that.
God Bless her soul.

“Let them hate, Drive More Mike”

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#6 May 6, 2013
This kinda hit me a bit seeing this today because I came here seeing if anyone had posted about Mike's 4th place finish yesterday and was thinking later I would post a GoPos Race Report and instead, I found this and it made me remember a few things. For one, it made me remember that I didn't exactly get along with Dill too well. Well, let me explain. There was a time I used to get a bit more hostile on here and I didn't care too much about all the joking about Mike on here a lot and she would often join in with Wall, especially for the so many annual, I don't know how many their were, but I remember every year there was the Wall famous "Tipsy Sock Walk" and Dill used to join in and joke and in my defense, I would joke Dill back and there was a time or two I got a bit mean. In reality, I think Dill actually like Michael but she obviously was a bigger fan of Reutiman and I think another driver. Can't remember who. Anyway, I think we both knew that we had gotten on each others nerves and I kind of made it a point to chill on Dillenger and I believe I did.

This was a few years back mind you and I think we conversed well in the following times but it was pretty clear we kind of tip-toed lightly around each other. Regardless, when you come here and read stuff like this, it makes you feel bad because you would NEVER wish something like this on her. And in reality, I always sensed she was a bit on the lonely side and came her to converse amongst friends.

Whether pro or con, we came her to talk, laugh, joke and rag on Michael Waltrip and it brought us all together and there are names you recognize and remember and I always knew Dill was a nice person but as someone who is an admitted fan of Michael Waltrip, I felt the need to defend him the best way I knew how.

I think anybody that has seen me around her for a few years has realized I have lightened up some and can even kid about Michael myself and when he does bad, I'll be the first to admit it. But that is not what this subject is about. The subject is about Dill passing away and for that I feel bad because I didn't actually get along or treat her better than I could have. I would never wish anything like this to happen to her nor would I wish any of the hardships she went through before her death. I'm just glad we at least were cordial to each other in the past couple of years and I must admit to being saddened to read about her death.

It just goes to show sometimes that it's easier and better to be nice to people and know you were decent to someone than to have memories of not being so nice in the past and hearing something like this. It saddens me. Wall, I know she loved you to death and she thought of you as a special friend. So thanks for the update and feeling like family to her.

RIP Dillinger. The Topix Michael Waltrip board and other boards and other friends and family lost someone and it is certainly felt here too.
ol wall

Xenia, OH

#7 May 7, 2013
A very heartfelt post by you. GoPos, we have all made statements on here and in many other places which we all wish we had never done, written or said. It is just part of living our lives.

We all change as we live our lives. I know we all are very saddened to have heard about Dill's passing last week. Most of us could see, through her posting over the years, that she had a great love of NASCAR and her favorite drivers like Matt Kenseth and David Reuitmann. With her situation at home caring for an aging mother, I think she really used NASCAR as an......"escape".... .from the demands placed upon her from....home. As I stated before, she had little to no social life away from home and work. Her closest friends were her co-workers at the hospital and her many Internet-friends on the various NASCAR-forums.

I remember her as a "novice" NASCAR-fan, full of questions about how the cars worked; as, I exchanged a lot of email with her or answered her questioning-posts on Topix.

I almost couldn't watch the race last Sunday. Almost any Sunday, when I could watched a race, live, I always exchanged some emails with Dill, about the race. We both did the Raceview NASCAR computer program, to keep track of the various drivers. She loved picking the "scanner" of those drivers who got the most upset with their cars and swore over the scanner. She would always tell me who swore the most (drivers and crew chiefs) during a race. She really lived for each race week-end. I think I was able to get her interested in some Rolex Series and NHRA, also.

Dill actually was able to attend one of the races at Homestead; as, that was the closest venue to Miami. It was probably quite a few years ago, as I remember it. She even emailed me some photos she took, while at Homestead. I am not real sure who went with her; however, it could have been somebody from work. I tried to get her to attend the Homestead race the last couple of years; but, she never seemed too interested, for some reason.

I did try, this morning, to call another co-worker at the hospital, to see if any more information has been released. Renee thought it would take several days for an autopsy to be released.

I also searched the "obit" databases from the S. Florida-area and found absolutely......nothing. Dill never talked much about any Florida-relatives, only those in WI. I am sure this is adding to the delay of information.

Renee or myself will post as soon as we find out any information.

So glad you stopped by, GoPOS, and left your comments and thoughts about Dill. Thank you very much for your caring about her.

From Dill's passing, I think we have ALL learned some very valuable........life-lessons.

God Bless, Dill, for we all cared about her, a great deal and miss her greatly. NASCAR will never be the same, for Ol' Wall.

race fan

Nashport, OH

#8 May 8, 2013
these are heart felt and caring fans of nascar & of course Dillinger. she was a 'jewel'
ol wall

Xenia, OH

#9 May 9, 2013
Thursday afternoon, and still not much news about Dill. I have done daily searches of obits in both Florida and Wisconsin, with no results.

I did go onto the Miami-Dade Coroner's Office website and there is a case number for Dill's death. Unfortunately, there is no public-links to see the case file. Her date and time of death was listed as 05/01/2013 at 5:00PM and also lists an investigator. Looks like the only way to get information is to call and talk with the investigator.

Sorry there is not more information.

Since: Apr 07

Rochester, MN

#10 May 9, 2013
Hey Banger, I talked to Aileen who said they were going to have some sort of memorial for her this week. They are also going to try and video it for us and post it somewhere so we can all see it. I am sure on You Tube. I emailed you with Aileen's number the other day. She said to call her any time.

Still no word on COD. Aileen said she was going to try and get with Mort (Dill's mom's boyfriend) to see if anything has come up yet.

North Richland Hills, TX

#11 May 9, 2013
I am saddened to learn today of Dillinger's passing. Although I did not have the relationship with her that some of you did, I did enjoy our occasional exchanges and she was always gracious to me. It was clear that she valued the boards, nascar and the correspondence. From the backstory it is also evident that she treasured the interaction she had with some of you and that sentiment was mutual. To those who shared this enjoyment with Dill please accept my condolences on your loss.

Lexington, KY

#12 May 9, 2013
Sorry to read of Dill's passing. May she Rest In Peace.
ol wall

Xenia, OH

#13 May 10, 2013
I did receive information from one of Dill's co-workers, this morning. They are also very frustrated with how little information they have received, just as we happen to be!

They have not heard anything from either the Miami PD or the Miami-Dade Coroner's Office. I know that Dill's mother, who also recently passed away, had a boyfriend and Dill also had a lawyer, who was helping Dill settle her mother's estate. They seem to be in charge, at this time, according to the co-worker.

There will be, sometime in the next week or so, a memorial service at the hospital where Dill worked, which is being organized by her boss. There will probably be some type of video posted on YouTube or FB, which should give us an opportunity to share a little in Dill's life.

I will be getting an email, when things get posted, online.

Wish I had more.

Since: Apr 07

Rochester, MN

#14 May 10, 2013
Thanks Banger. I am glad you are able to call them and keep in touch. I sent Aileen a message on Facebook yesterday but haven't heard back from her yet.

I have emailed Miami-Dade Coroner's office to see if they can tell us anything more, but have yet to hear from anyone. Probably won't until next week.
nascar fan

Nashport, OH

#15 May 11, 2013
God Bless her soul.


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#19 May 14, 2013

Since: Nov 07

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#21 May 16, 2013
Rest in Peace, Dill.

I'm deeply saddened to hear of her passing. What a sweet soul-I only wish I had a chance to get to know you outside the confines of Topix.

I believe we all have lessons to teach and perhaps Dill's was simply to be kinder to one another, no matter how much we may agree to disagree. Share the laughter ( I do fondly remember some conversations on Mystery Science Theater and other random silliness ) and the memories.

Sweet dreams, my friend.

Columbus, OH

#22 May 19, 2013
Wow! Just got the news, Hit like me like a ton of bricks:( You're right Banger, Dill and a co-worker went to Homestead Bush series race,(for her first time)She always thanked me for giving her the inside tips on things to see and do, where to meet the drivers etc... Just Damn! Gonna miss ya Dill, R.I.P. and as I always told ya, BIG SMILE GIRL! G!

Since: Oct 12

Winnipeg, Canada

#23 Jun 22, 2013
Oh my gosh havent checked in here for a long time but this is really bad news.Chatted with dill lots when i use to log in.Hope everybody is doing ok .
ol wall

Xenia, OH

#24 Jul 3, 2013
Today (07/03/13) I called Al, who was Dill's supervisor at the sleep center, where Dill worked in Miami.

There is still no information about Dill's death because there is no next-of-kin or family surviving Dill. Probably because of HIPAA Laws, no information will be released, except to a family member, which there seem to be few, except for distant relation, back in WI, where she originally grew-up, in her childhood days. If I understood Al, correctly, there was never an autopsy ordered; as, there was no next-of-kin to sign-off on the orders.

I know that Renee has also been trying to get information from others who worked with Dill, with about as much success as I am having.

I cannot even find an estate probate case filing for either Dill's or her mother's death, in the Miami-Dade court system. I was trying to find an attorney's name who might have some info to share.

Very sad.


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