Hey, Banger-Buds, what the Hell is going on in JAPCAR & ARCA?

Did you watch the ToJo Motors Tundra Truck Series on Friday evening? With a field dominated by....."big-money (I mean YEN!) ToJo Motors Tundra's.....Justin Lofton's Obummermobile Gub'ment-Motors (GM) ride takes the win. BTW, did you actually see there were a couple of Blue-Oval's in the race? Justin White wheeled that gunbrokers.com F-150 to a P-6 finish and former ARCA wheelman, Brian Silas, put his F-150 in P-20.

Ol' Wall made a trip to "T-Town" (Toledo) and watched Chris Buescher dominate that tough, half-mile and blow off those welded-Jap-doors off that Camry driven by seasoned vet., Frank Kimmell. Buescher's Ford led most of the laps, yesterday, after he passed that #22 MoPar. It was a great ARCA race and well worth the drive to NW Ohio!

Of course, JJ wins the big-money Saturday. Again, we watched "Dick" not even make it into the...."Big-Show", as he wasn't fast enought and those half-dozen votes he got from Renee 29404 and her.....Nut Job's......didn't get him in, either. I wonder if his....."mommy"..... voted for "Dick"?

Of course, POS's boys......."Mummy" and Ol' Wall's Fav. POS-Critic phoned in the race....for POS-Racing/Motormouth Motorsports. Neither were much of a factor, the entire evening.


Speaking of race-domination, how about Stenhouse at Iowa. Of course, the "Spaghetti-Bender" was less-than-a-factor, as that JAP-junk had a bad JAP-fuel-line and finished many laps.....off-the-pace! LMFAO!

Nobody good touch Ricky and that Ford Mustang! 10-4?

ToJo Motors..........sucks!

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