kasey shirtless

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Charlotte, NC

#182 Apr 19, 2008
I'm kind of with Helena on this one. I mean, it's one thing if you just happen to bump into him whenever he's out and about, but to actually follow him and then try to talk to him, etc . . . That's a little odd. But at any rate, it was nice that she did get that photo and everything for you, I_Want_Kandy_Kahne. Just the way she went about it wasn't very respectful.

Montgomery, AL

#183 Apr 19, 2008
I agree with you guys too. I'm sure Kasey is used to that kind of thing, but it's probably a little creepy.

Florence, MA

#184 Apr 19, 2008
i wonder what kasey thinks about all this. i bet he wouldn't want it on the web, evn though it's kinda cute.

Eddyville, KY

#185 Jun 20, 2008
i like the pic! i mean guys luv to party!

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#186 Jun 14, 2009
kaseys babe gurl wrote:
im srry kasey but ur hair chest is not sexy. it makes me want to gag.

Maury City, TN

#187 Jun 14, 2009
GAY BOY wrote:
<quoted text> I MADE OUT WITH HIM
Oh yeah I had hard core sex with him

Douglasville, GA

#188 Jun 19, 2009
Tr1pleJ wrote:
Okay, maybe I'm way behind and the people who originally posted this don't even check it anymore but I feel like this needs to be said and maybe someone can learn from it. I just thought I could clear up some of the questions/comments about the picture of Kasey and the SPEED Girls since not only am I in it, but I'm also a partial owner of it as opposed to those of you that have posted it on every site you've ever visited. I guess when you check the "I agree" box, in actuality you've just skimmed over the part about being the owner of the picture. Anyway, here goes:
First of all, we were at a party at Kasey's house and we were in that picture because we're friends. Second, he is shirtless because he's about to get on a boat. I just love the people that have put it in an album titled "Scandalous Kasey". I mean, is that crazy? Should he wear a shirt with his swimming trunks because he's a NASCAR driver? Or, maybe he just shouldn't hang out with any girls. Would that be better? Yes, he's in the public eye and yes he has to watch what he does and says every day of his life, but c'mon, give me a break. Third, he has a beer in his hand because he is over 21 and allowed to do so. For the record, he probably didn't even drink half of that beer so for those of you experts out there claiming he's drunk, you weren't there so you have no idea what you're talking about. I mean really, is it that crazy that he has people over at his house and he's having a good time? Just so you know, Kasey is a great, NORMAL guy and that picture should have NO negative connotations surrounding it. I know that most of the people that post on here are just really big fans and are really interested in his life but it just makes me sad that people say and do the things they do on these sites. Maybe I should'nt get upset about it. Maybe it's not a big deal. Maybe people are just bored at work and it's funny and I just don't get it. I don't know. It just really strikes a nerve when untrue statements are made about me and my friends.
I would like to thank those of you out there like Marci and Allie. You are obviously level-headed girls with a grasp on reality and I appreciate your comments.
For those of you that would like to call us "skanks" or "slutty", you couldn't be further from the truth and OBVIOUSLY don't know ANYTHING about us. Especially if you have to use nasty references to identify my friend because you don't even know her name! You lose all credibility after that. How about this? I don't know you at all, but apparently you are a liar.
I apologize for the lenghty comment. I know we'll never be able to rid the internet of that picture and of ignorance, but hopefully, this might make people think twice about how they perceive things. Or maybe I just needed to vent.:) Okay, that's it. Keep cheering for Kasey because he's an awesome guy! Even with the chest hair.
thank you SO much for this post!! although i am young (17 to be exact), and i do think kasey is gorgeous, i understand the fine line between having fun and hanging out and going crazy...and even though this picture is out there, we ALL can tell that he's only having fun, and there is no reason to judge him or the girls he's with. Its nice to have a response from someone involved in order to put things straight. hopefully your post will make some of the so called "fans" back up and stop posting stupid and childish remarks about this picture and any others out there like this. thank you for being frank and calling out those too childish to stay away from drama that hurts those involved...and again THANK YOU!!!:)your comment was very needed.
kasey kahne forever

Elkins, WV

#189 Jun 19, 2009
tripleJ i want to say i am sorry for ever starting this. I wanted to everyone to see how great Kasey looked. But of course some people never grow up or are very immature. I love Kasey with all my heart. An only belive the best of him. I know the wonderful guy that he is.


#190 Jun 29, 2009
kasey kahne looks so dame good with his gray shirt off
& his bud racesuut down
his so dame hot and sexy sweet guy
and he look's so good when you realy sweets so good


#191 Jun 29, 2009
kasey kahne is hot
& sexy man
he look's good and sexy man
he sweets to dame good
to he will be
mine for ever
and eve
May Anna Hannah

Kitts Hill, OH

#192 Dec 9, 2009
I Love Kasey Kahne Chest Haris They Are Very Hot & Sexy Looking To He Looks So Hot With His Shirt Off & He Relay Swwets Realy Dame Good i BeCame His Fan In 2008 LastYear I Still Do Love Hime Very Much & We Will Get Marry & Have SomeKids SomeDay Live As Husband & Wife In Mooresville.Nc OneDay
Amy Bertt

Warsaw, OH

#193 Dec 28, 2009
KaseyKahne is good looking with shirt realy off oh & i do love sexy hair chest is's very hot sexy looking kasey kahne will be my boyfreind soon as we meet oh' and will be his little GirlFreind & then his wife Soon We Will Live Mooresville'Nc Soon
Amy Bertt

Warsaw, OH

#194 Dec 28, 2009
kasey kahne hates all of you people kasey kahne will never love none of you oh kasey kahne think's your ULY Girl

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Morganton NC

#195 Dec 29, 2009
Amy Bertt wrote:
kasey kahne hates all of you people kasey kahne will never love none of you oh kasey kahne think's your ULY Girl
Why don't you get a life and stop dreaming.

Brooklyn, NY

#196 Jan 31, 2010
kaseys babe gurl wrote:
im srry kasey but ur hair chest is not sexy. it makes me want to gag.
Ummmmmm kasey is sexy regardless and chest hair is manley. dont talk about him. if you dont like chest hair find a gay nascar driver who waxes himself. Leave my kasey alone
tammy shinault lulloff

Rio Vista, TX

#197 Oct 11, 2010
my house and my truck are kasey kahned out i have an 18 by 18 num 9 sticker on back of my 2008 chevy truck look for me in nov in texas i think hes the greatest cant believe some one dosnt like harry chest OMG WHO IS THIS PERSON KASEY KENNETH KAHNE IS #1 and always be GO KASEY UR THE BEST
Jade gray

Cairnbrook, PA

#198 Aug 7, 2011
Get a mf life you b****
Jade gray

Cairnbrook, PA

#199 Aug 7, 2011
Kasey and Jesse we will be marry soon we've will leave the race to go on our honeymoon soon can't wait , oh yea we've will have loud sex like damn crazy and crazy to
Jade gray

Cairnbrook, PA

#200 Aug 7, 2011
Kasey and Jesse will be marry
Jade gray

Cairnbrook, PA

#201 Aug 7, 2011
We've will get naked the same time in his NASCAR bus at the same time to man it's going to get really nasty to

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