...that Kasey is sitting 16th in points right now with all that has happened. I looked back at all the races he has had issues in with the crashes at Daytona and Phoeniz and Vegas and Bristol, and the engine issue at Martinsville. I estimate that if he finished as well as he was running in all those races he would have 130 more points than he does now which would put him first in the poins by 2.

I know that's not an excat science to estimate like that because who knows what could have happened in those races later on if he had not run into trouble when he did and the bottom line is that Phoenix was all his fault so he can't complain there. The point is though that I honestly believe they are capable of winning a championship. The only issues that needs to be fixed is the slow pit stops because that probably cost him a top 5 at Darlington.
Kasey has the ability since he is such a consistent driver and really runs well at all types of tracks.