Did anybody go to Preseason Thunder? I met Jimmie for the third time. Finally got a picture with him, not that I expected that. I just wanted to make sure I got a picture so I told him I didn't have any from the previous events, well except one but I knew I had to be quick. The one my dad took last year was only of Jimmie's hands on the table signing the side panel from my wheelchair. It's sooo blurry. He said "absolutely," got up from his chair, came around, posed for the photo and gave me a hug. Some might say he posed for the picture because I'm in the chair but a bunch of people said I was the only person he said yes to and said there were other disabled people he said no to, I was the lucky one but that he seemed to really want to take the photo. Didn't seem like he said yes because he felt sorry for me and apparently he was happy to do it. then he gave me a hug and moved the line along.

Just thought I'd share!