When I see blood I pass out. It's called blood phobia and I wrote a poem about it.


I used to think of it as yucky crud

That red slimy stuff that's known as blood.

But I did my reading, like Clark said I atta

And found out that blood is mostly water.

The liquid part's plasma; the solid's a cell

(Fainting isn't very swell )

In most lives, this may not be an issue

But blood's more than liquid it's a tissue.

And in all my fainting, I never dreamt

That blood helps regulate my body temp

It brings cells oxygen and attacks bacteria

Just thinking of its work makes my eyes bleary-a.

When a blood vessel's cut, its channel constricts

Then clotting takes place, like when a finger gets pricked.

The four types of blood must not be confused,

But get the right type, and it can be transfused.

Group O can donate to anyone's vein

ab can receive any, with minimal pain.

Many more details will sound like a textbook

OK, I'll give blood. But do I HAVE to look?