The truth finally spoken from home......

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Ashburn, VA

#23 Aug 21, 2008
Let it go...... you are right he will be saying oh its going to be bigger and better and this and that. Well guess what same ole BS..... I love Elliott andwill continue to be a fan but its a shame things are going for him the way the are. Sorry Elliott its not getting better for you. You need to start caring for your fans again like you did pre-Amanda time. Until you do sorry it will never be bigger or better only worse.

Milford, PA

#24 Aug 21, 2008
Here's my dream -E comes clean during a press conference and tells the dirt that A has on him. Then, walks off the stage and tells A you can keep the ring but we are not getting married. And, walks away.

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#25 Aug 21, 2008
Yea that will happen...... I dont need to bring money for food, I am bringing a cooler with drinks and stuff for sandwiches, chips and snacks. I pretty much assumed they would charge for the food this year because there are three fan clubs coming this year rather that just one. So I am bringing plenty of food for me, my mom and my daughter. I really dont post much on SFC go on there a few times a week to see whats new with the club and people on the site, to be honest I didn't join up for the fan club this year until I found out they were having the barn party, not that I didnt want to be a part of SFC I had been so busy and had forgotten to renew my membership. The last one was fun so I wanted to go again. I hope all works out for elliott, I am his fan I want the best for him and will continue to support him.

Hillsborough, NC

#26 Aug 21, 2008
I thought you couldn't bring food "in" but you could "tailgate" outside???

Did I read that wrong????

If you're spending all day there, will you be forced to buy their food when the tailgate time ends???

Just a question ...

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Ashburn, VA

#27 Aug 21, 2008
Imra323 You are right No food can be brought into the barn party. So anyone going is stuck buying food and drinks from them.

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Ashburn, VA

#28 Aug 21, 2008
Oh my mistake only ones who can bring food in are the babys and they have to drink from a bottle or eat baby food.

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#29 Aug 22, 2008
You are allowed to go in and out to your car so its not like your are stuck there. We never had any problems last time going in and out to my moms van for stuff. You just show your rist ban. So if I can't bring food in I will leave it in the van we will go out to the van for lunch then come back in.


#30 Aug 22, 2008
I found this on another site again, it is from the "friend" that posted the other one.

I want to clarify somethings I wrote. I met Elliott back in 1999 at a party our mutual friend was throwing. It was a party being held during one of the UNC games. We were all there to hang out, drink beer, support our team, and have fun.

For people who still don't believe why haven't said any concrete evidence from his past because it his past. I'm his friend and I would never do that to him. I would never hold it over his head like his "fiancee" would. I truely did like her and wanted them to get married before she started tearing him down. Before she pressured him into marrying her because she told him I will reveal your past, make rumors up, and tarnish the Sadler name. He never thought what he told her in confidence would ever come back to haunt him. He thought he would be totally honest with her because he did love her. Like I said I want reveal anything from his past so if you doubt me because of that then so be it.

Lastly thanks to Amanda's friends comming on here and posting. Stick up with your "lovely" friend, you are just like her so why wouldn't you. At least I'm sticking up for a man, my friend, who truely doesn't deserve what this woman is putting him through. Pain and misery doesn't make a marriage it is Love, Truthfullness, Honesty and Commitment. Things that she doesn't have anymore.
Karen and Kevin

Erwin, TN

#31 Aug 22, 2008
Zoe I don't know where you got this, I don't know where this friend is posting but all I have to say is CLAP CLAP BRAVO BRAVO.

The greatest enemy of any one of our truths may be the rest of our truths.~William James

Windsor, Canada

#32 Aug 22, 2008
Let it go wrote:
And before that Jessica?
Brett made a post last week, wow, give him a medal. Neither of those two have been seen on SFC since spring before that. Promises broken = pissed off fans.
But trust me, Elliott will be making a few posts soon. either to plug the Barn Party or to tell everyone to get ready to pony up some bucks to rejoin the fan club next year. And I'm betting he will tell everyone just how great its going to be and better than ever! Can you say broken record?
I can't even see a last time before the April 29 post ... the posts only go back to the beginning of April of this year. I seem to recall him having one on in February, but I'm not positive.
use your head sadler

Apollo, PA

#33 Aug 22, 2008
Zoe I do believe everything you say because my friend does still hear from Elliott atleast 2 or 3 times aweek. SO Amanda you better just keep dreaming because you will never have his heart. I am not saying my friend will either but you never know now do we. They have been friends since his early racing days so thats been a good long while now.

Just hope he can understand that we as fans can forgive him and if people cant then they werent his fans or his friends. The past is the past and we all deserve a second chance. Heavens knows I have had my second chance. And I thand God everyday for it.

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#34 Aug 23, 2008
What ever Amanda may have on him it can't be that bad. So what he messed around with a married woman or cheated on a girlfriend or something, its not like he killed someone or something, I think everyone would forgive him if he came clean about everything, I wonder if she would still stay with him then,.....I would.
Karen and Kevin

Erwin, TN

#35 Aug 23, 2008
Don't think it can't be that bad, you did not live in his shoes, so it is not for you to say.

The point is he did come clean with her and she is using it to keep him. If he would just come clean himself to everyone, then there would be no "Past" and he would be free. While all of it I am sure I do not know what I do know I think that you, I and everyone else may be stunned for what we hear, but we would respect him for doing it, get over the shock and move on. I personally would. Then if she tried to make it worse would look at her as the crazy girl he left out for revenge.

Again thank you Zoe for finding that individual.

Hillsborough, NC

#36 Aug 23, 2008
AMEN K&K!!! I agree. IF there is something (and I believe you) just get over it and move on and kick her to the curb. ANYONE who does that to another person after trusting them with some information just isn't worth the grief.

Like I said in another post - it's like taking off a band-aid. Just rip it off and get the pain over with instead of pulling one little corner off at a time and prolonging the pain.

Milford, PA

#37 Aug 23, 2008
K&K, I understand if you don't want to answer this question, but in your opinion is it anything worse than any of our politicians have done lately,

John Edwards (having an affair & at least one involved was married)

my ex-gov Spitzer, spending big $ on hookers

the politician- I forget his name, state he was from and office he held, but was accused of being gay & going after underage or young boys (pages)

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#38 Aug 24, 2008
I meant by "not that bad" was not that bad to me, like you said I would respect him if what ever she has on him he came clean. Like you said it would put elliott in a good light and make her look crazy. He did look tired yesterday, Did you see him running with the other guys between quals and stuff he wasnt smiling:(
pmp indianapolis IN

Indianapolis, IN

#39 Aug 25, 2008
TGOM had a 'blind item' about a driver who helped himself to another man's wife. When the husband found out a lawsuit was threatened. The drivers girlfriend refused to comment. As we all know this turned out to be Elliot. Amanda's refusal to comment could be part of the "blackmail".

Warner, NH

#40 Sep 18, 2008
Maybe he is gay? Or they have pictures of him having 3 way sex...who knows....he has to be a man and stand up before it is too late. If he doesnt love this lady, then break it off...might be blackmail but I for one would respect him more for standing up and stopping the wedding than a messy divorce and so on...
Karen and Kevin

Erwin, TN

#41 Sep 19, 2008
Mommas Boy..........without question

Shitty Taste in women.......... thinks with the wrong head

Acts before he thinks..........all the freeking time

Three way..........possible but he is male

Miserable..........very apparant

Gay????......are you that would be priceless
Big Bertha

Cornelius, NC

#42 Sep 19, 2008
Some of you women sound so delusional. Maybe you should get some help. Thay do have medication available that might help you get over your obsession with E. Sadler. Even if he wasn't with Amanda whatshername, he wouldn't want any of you. He don't want no ugly, fat women. Quit dreaming and get a life. Fix your fat old man some breakfast or feed your dogs, get your GED, or do the laundry. Whatever.

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