The truth finally spoken from home......

The truth finally spoken from home...ouch!

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Tampa, FL

#2 Aug 20, 2008
Let me in you on a few other things. I have been to many races as his guest. That is what they call you when you don't belong to the team. Yes, Amanda you are a guest not a big shot. I know you read these along with your friends. I heard her say to him numerous times that you suck at your job. The only reason you have it is because of your looks because females think your hot. She hates that he innocently flirts with his female fans. She told him if I'm going to put up with all of this then I want a ring and the one I want. No other woman would put up with your dumb job of traveling and wouldn't accept your past. If you don't marry me then I will reveal your past.
At races people don't want to be around her anymore. She makes an a** of herself in front of sponsors, crew, and who ever else is around. Other drivers and their girlfriends/wives don't want to be around her. It has gotten that bad. When she isn't there the whole weekened which is far and in between Elliott says he feels like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders.
Lets fast foward now. Elliott's mom is going through treatments. He was scared and miserable. He thought Amanda would be around for him. Amanda and him began having trouble and broke up before the summer races. He kept telling everyone I will marry her because she is the one.
They did get back together but everything changed. She was now letting the fame and fortune go straight to her head. She was becomming very demaning. She wanted a proposal but he didn't want that anymore because of who she became. She was always putting him down and making him do what she wanted.
As everyone knows she got the ring. Not for any of right reasons. She got it because Amanda knew things that he didn't want leaked. What he calls his stupid days of his past. She was telling him if she didn't marry her that she would spread tales, tell everyone about his past, and tarnish his family's good name. Then his dad started to pressure him so their good name wouldn't get tarnished. Elliott respects his family exspecially his parents to much to let this happen. He went and asked her.
These are the first few paragraphs of what I posted but it wouldn't let me post it for some reason until now.
Elliott and I met through mutual friends one night at a party. Him and I have been friends now for many years. I found out about this site from one on our friends. I have read the comments and now I need to post. I want to put some things into perspective.
Elliott was this guy that everyone wanted to be around. He was funny, sweet, loving, and just a joy to be around. He knew how to make someone feel better and was their for his friends and family. He always had humerous stories and jokes to tell. He was just so full of life.
When Elliott met Amanda, he thought he found the one. When I met her, she was this sweet, funny, and down to earth woman. She loved her job, students, and was also a joy to be around.


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Longview, Tx

#4 Aug 20, 2008
All I can say is WOW!


#5 Aug 20, 2008
This is the first part of the post, I don't know what happened but for some reason it didn't post. And, no I am not from China like it may say.

I found this on another site, someone finally spoke up. This was so long I have to break it up into a few posts.

I just wanted to get this out there. I'm tired of some fans thinking they are happy and they are truely in love. It is a show and he isn't happy. Your eyes are the window to your soul. When you look at him closely then you know he isn't truely happy. In fact he has told many of his friends and family he isn't. Look at his smile that isn't the true famous Elliott smile. The half smirks or the forced ones are for show.
I'm also tired of fans thinking he has let this go to his head. He hasn't and wouldn't. He doesn't want you to deal what he goes through. She has even as far as telling some of his fans that they are jealous of her. That they shouldn't be around her man becuase they are not worth their time. He found out about it and let yelled at her. It didn't work so he rather not be around fans when she is around so they don't get the wrath of her jealousy and controllingness. Plus he has to make it look like his happy.
This will probally be my last time posting unless I need to clarify somethings again. I know the fans want the old elliott back and so do I, his family, and his friends. Before I go I know her friends will come on here and try to defened her. At least the ones she still has fooled but they are just like her. I have heard Amanda does come one here to defened herself.

The article that was posted on is really a sham. It was done in three weeks because she was planning it before the end of the school year. She knew he would ask her if she pressured him enough and told him that he would ruin him and his family. That is why it didn't take long. She doesn't even care about her students anymore. She rather be at the race to make his life miserable and she does a good job of it while she is there. He acts like he is happy but that is all a show. He is miserable and is trying to find a way out. He wants evidence so when he does leave her, she won't ruin him or his family. He knows if he has evidence then she will not saying anything because she doesn't want her image ruined.

“Life is EXACTLY what u make it”

Since: Aug 08

Hershey, PA...chillin' in SC!

#6 Aug 20, 2008
Holy crap! That is the best stuff that i have read in a LONG time! So nice someone came on and tell it like it is! Bravo!

Hillsborough, NC

#7 Aug 20, 2008
Bravo from me too.
Mikey fan

Oak Harbor, OH

#8 Aug 20, 2008 anyone going to the barn party with a camera?...I'm sure you get some shots of her holding up booze bottles like Vanna White. Or video tape her drunk on her butt...Sadler's might even pay for some videos if they are incriminating enough. Another question...the barn party is on a Wednesday night. Are the schools in Greensville going to have to close the next 2 days because their "best" teacher will already be playing hookie, or do you think they already have a sub hired for those days. She'll be starting the year off just like she ended it.

Hillsborough, NC

#9 Aug 20, 2008
Mikey fan - I was thinking the same thing! I'm pretty sure they start the end of this week or next week (same as NC I think).

If not, then surely the Tues after Labor Day which, no matter how you slice it, is STILL before the Barn Party which is STILL mid-week.

I'm wondering why he doesn't beat her at her own game and just come out with whatever 'dirt' she has one him! That way, she has NOTHING and people would respect him more!!! It would blow over and he could go on with life. Heck do it in the off season! No one is paying attention!!!

What could be worse - the fallout from some gossip or dirt or whatever it is or years (oh let's hope not) of being miserable and married to Hell on Wheels???

So maybe he was with the married chick and the husband is suing? So maybe he has been a little loose with his little self? Can't be as bad as some Hollywood types and he's a freakin' RACE CAR DRIVER for God's sake!!!

Potentially this is the rest of his life we're talking about!!!! Cancelling a wedding (I ended an engagement YEARS ago) can be slightly embarassing but this would be the perfect time to say "WHOA" (horse reference intentional) and maybe think this through a little.

Why are some people SOOOOOOOO dumb??????????
decidingtobestil lafan

Lincoln, CA

#10 Aug 20, 2008
I'm actually going to the barn party and with a camera. Not to see him but to see Bell and Dale Jarrett.
Mikey fan

Oak Harbor, OH

#11 Aug 20, 2008
decidingtobestillafan wrote:
I'm actually going to the barn party and with a camera. Not to see him but to see Bell and Dale Jarrett.
have fun!! and,..if you see 'miss Amanda' puking in her shoes, do take a picture and post. Glad to hear you're sticking with him as a fan...if fans leave him now, it just makes it easier for her. I know I've posted less than complimentary things about him in the past, but, he could still change my mind about him by becoming honest and owning up to some things. Two things I hate most..a liar and a bragger. There are a lot of other things one can do and, as long as it's not done directly to me, I can change my mind about them. I wonder where she learned to threaten and 'blackmail?' Children do what they see. She must have WONDERFUL parents!!

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Cowtown, California

#12 Aug 20, 2008
All I can say is WOW!! He looks so miserable in every picture taken of him, if you find any taken. I think little missy scares off the media too. Elliott needs to own up to his mistakes, embarassing or not to his family. Once whatever the mistakes are are made public, they will be soon forgotten. Honesty is forgiven quicker than living a lie. I hope Zoe you can corner him and convince him his fans want him to be happy and we can clearly see he is not. You can't hide the misery he is clearly feeling.

Zoe thank you for your postings. Elliott needs our help and support. It is better to call off a wedding now instead of a divorce later on.

Since: Apr 08


#13 Aug 20, 2008
I am going to the barn party and I am definitely going to take picures, I am sure if these are the way you say they are she will be on her best behavior on that day. I don't know and have not witnessed any of her bad behavior, so as of right now she is ok with me but if she gives me or my kid any crap they will have to get the Greensville Pd to haul my but out of there.

Minneapolis, MN

#14 Aug 21, 2008
What is the barn party?

Since: Apr 08


#15 Aug 21, 2008
Its a fan club thing elliott is having at his families barn on there property, with autographs and food and a concert. go to and click on Blake Shelton to head barn party.......

Baltimore, MD

#16 Aug 21, 2008
Bring your camera bryantsgirl and LOTS of cash so you can eat!!!
Let it go

Ennis, TX

#17 Aug 21, 2008
Yep, The food used to be included in the admission price, not anymore. Just as Autograph sessions USED to be free, not anymore. Heck the WHOLE fan day USED to be free, not anymore.

Bryantsgirl, you said you are a member of SFC. How about you tell us the last time Elliott posted there? Or tell us what explanation was given for VLP leaving his fans hanging, and some of those fans had just paid up their monthly fee? When was the last time Elliott posted something on his IP site when he didn't want something? What about all the promises he made about the fan club and bigger and better. Have you really seen any change? The only change is his fans pay up more each year.

Elliott has his hand out asking for donations more and more, yet he is a multi millionaire, you don't see a problem with this? Some SFC members are paying over 400 bucks for just ONE PERSON for this 'fan appreciation day'.$400 BUCKS!!!! He is catering to the wealth, not his fans and this can be seen in his auctions. He has fallen into the trap the we have criticized NA$CAR for doing the same thing.
Texas Girl

Houston, TX

#18 Aug 21, 2008
I am a Elliott Sadler fan and used to be a member of the Sadler Fan Club but compared to others I decided 2 years ago to not renew. I am like you, Let it go, what does Elliott do for the fans anymore? I am going to the Richmond race and was picked for the Jeff Gordon meet and greet. My friend saw that Elliott was having a meet and greet too on the same day so we compared them. Needless to say, we are going to the Jeff Gordon one. Jeff's is $40 per person but includes appetizers, drinks, professional photo with Jeff, one item autographed by Jeff, Q & A session, goodie bag, etc. That is what a meet and greet is about. It is reasonably priced with the fans in mind.

Luverne, AL

#19 Aug 21, 2008
well as long as yall pay then i don't think you should say anything.. i mean how do you think these guys make most of ther emoney there fans that is why they r so nice.. look at jr his fans can't get near him unless they pay alot..some may care about there fans but some could care less. elliott has changed alot..

Windsor, Canada

#20 Aug 21, 2008
I can tell you that the last time Elliott posted a message on his message board was April 29 - he mainly talked about his mom, and his back - it must have been right after his back injury. Brett posted on August 5.
Let it go

Ennis, TX

#21 Aug 21, 2008
And before that Jessica?

Brett made a post last week, wow, give him a medal. Neither of those two have been seen on SFC since spring before that. Promises broken = pissed off fans.

But trust me, Elliott will be making a few posts soon. either to plug the Barn Party or to tell everyone to get ready to pony up some bucks to rejoin the fan club next year. And I'm betting he will tell everyone just how great its going to be and better than ever! Can you say broken record?

“Life is EXACTLY what u make it”

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Hershey, PA...chillin' in SC!

#22 Aug 21, 2008
After my experience with the crappy fan packages from last year, i refused to rejoin. BUT i will say this, called the SFC on Tues to find out if there were any visors that were red and black b/c i cant find one anywhere. I spoke to a REALLY nice lady named Linda, so sweet! She told me that they didnt have any in stock there, but she would call the supplier and see if there was one there and to call her back today. Called her back today, didnt have it, but took my # and said if she came across one, she would contact me. I continued to talk to her about anything and everything (including the lack of appearances by Elliott) for like 15 minutes. By far the best experience i have had dealing with SFC. last year when the fan packs were still not sent out in April/May whoever it was i talked to was less than pleasant, to say the least. Anyways, just wanted to share that little experience...sorry to go off topic!

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