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#21 Mar 13, 2010
That private message has Denny written all over it. Scottie doesn't need to do anything for denny if he doesn't want to. He's not the one that works for him so paycheck won't be affected. Lol

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#22 Mar 13, 2010
the only thing that makes me doubt that its denny is because i personally know he talks more shit about jordan then anything that was ever written on that board.

Waterloo, Canada

#23 Mar 13, 2010
Really? What does he say?
Love it

Atlanta, GA

#24 Mar 13, 2010
I think it started off as her, but then it was someone else. The tone and verbiage of those last couple posts were very different. Who knows? She's a cheerleader, so I could see her having the time. However, I would certainly hope Denny had more important things to do. Although, it is his off week. Also, if all those cheating rumors are true, then I'm surprised he would be so defensive of a girl he doesn't respect enough to stay faithful to. Maybe all those girls are lying, but where there's smoke there's fire.

Dallas, TX

#25 Mar 13, 2010
Could it be Austin? The whole thing is rather odd.

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#26 Mar 13, 2010
its not austin or scottie, neither of them can stand her either lol

and i'm not going to write on here what hes said about her, but he makes it clear what their relationship is about i'll put it that way.

look the reason i know its jordan is because queen and yahoo have the same ip address, and those ip addresses have changed with wherever she is, like daytona, vegas.

Westwego, LA

#27 Mar 13, 2010
wow so its jordan the whole time... thats funny she obviously has nothing better to do in her life.

Lawrenceville, GA

#28 Mar 13, 2010
Wow, we're listed as a "hot topic"! Looks like we made it :)

Glad to see Nolie is here too. Isn't it crazy how when people try to shut you down it only makes you find another way.

I don't personally have any experience with the way he treats or speaks about Jordan, but he was downright mean about Kristin. I always chalked it up to the relationship falling apart (which it was) but maybe that is just how he is.

Also, I thought the poster might be her mom (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree & all). But you are correct about the u instead of you and the double periods, etc. I definitely never thought it was AP because he has a mind of his own, but Scottie just does whatever he is told. Maybe that's why Jordan is so enamored of him. They have alot in common: both don't want to bite the hand that feeds them!

Lawrenceville, GA

#29 Mar 14, 2010
Also, since they kept getting deleted at the other site here are the links to Jordan's twitter/fb:


Here's Denny's twitter:

Scottie's twitter:

Austin's twitter:

Denny's mom (she's SUCH a sweetheart!!!):

Seriously, do these people think we don't have access to google or something? Anyone can find these if you know what to look for. Also, I think we can cross both Scottie & Austin off the list of suspects. The only double period, "u" using ones on twitter are DH & JF. Mystery solved...at least somewhat!

Westwego, LA

#30 Mar 14, 2010
woohoo that is an achievement... im personally not the type of person to really gossip but how can you degrade yourself by staying with someone who is cheating on you? the whole cheerleader thing was interesting, and then he always follows girls for a short time and we have no way to know what he is saying to them because im sure its all dm's and she has no way of knowing either but damn when so many ppl say something about him cheating you would think that you would start to believe it or at least question it, but of course when you cant survive by yourself you wouldnt question the hand that feeds.

haha did ya miss me bunny? sorry i was a little late to the party... but im here now and very opinionated.

Lawrenceville, GA

#31 Mar 14, 2010
We figured you would like having a place to express your opinions Nolie! And it really is an achievement. They've managed to turn a casual, one-in-a-while Nascar/NFL forum observer into a dedicated gossiper. I'm sure that's just what they were hoping for *rolls eyes*

As for Denny being a cheater, he always has been. Even before he lost weight he was constantly running around with different girls. I can imagine that has only gotten worse with time & a better physique. Also, he has no qualms about contacting girls repeatedly trying to hookup even after he knows they are with someone else! He's also very much a text-bandit, so dm's on twitter would be riiiiight up his alley!

Crazy as it sounds, I honestly don't think he sees it as cheating if he is not married. JMO. And I think she saw his pattern of behavior from a mile away and chose to follow the money anyway. My guess is that is what Tessa has been told as well.

Westwego, LA

#32 Mar 14, 2010
thats just sad that someone would turn a blind eye to that just for money, no amount of money is worth being run around on... see i just recently started watching nascar and finding out about all the gossip so im not to sure about the past with him and other girls but what i have recently learned is not to pretty. i guess living in a big house, and having all your bills paid matters the most to her. and as for him i just think these cheating ways are disgusting, grow up already your almost 30 and your reputation is starting to get around.

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#33 Mar 14, 2010
so what was the deal with him and kristin, ive heard he was a huge a--hole but nobody ever really elaborated.
and by the way i hope jordans reading this: YOU LOSE hahaha

Lawrenceville, GA

#34 Mar 14, 2010
Welcome to nascar, Nolie. I was in your shoes about 3 years ago. Believe it or not, Denny used to have an aww-shucks persona about him when I first started following nascar. Nothing like the rockstar he is trying to be now. Fame is a funny thing indeed!

As for being an a-hole, just watch how Kyle treats Samantha (holding her hand, helping her through doors, etc) and compare that to Denny's treatment of Kristin/Jordan. Somewhere on youtube is a video of him with Kristin. He ignores her getting off the golf cart and he practically takes off running without even looking back at her. When you see him with Jordan, he acts like she has cooties and he's afraid to touch her half the time. Not exactly Mr. Romance.

The crazy thing is he doesn't get that behavior from his parents because they are sweet to each other. Not sure what his major malfunction is, but I think it says a lot about him.

Lawrenceville, GA

#35 Mar 14, 2010
Here's the video I was thinking about:

I mean, what girl wouldn't feel just special with a boyfriend like that ;)

Westwego, LA

#36 Mar 14, 2010
i know if it wasnt for kasey kahne's beautiful eyes i probably would never have found nascar... oh that and i like the big crashes... yes im kinda morbid at times but im just like the rest of my family. some guys are just total a-holes.... i think i might have liked denny more before he was "famous" and had this rock star attitude.

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#37 Mar 14, 2010
haha rock star attitude, you hit that nail right on the head bunny that sums it up! money/fame can do terrible things to a person!
Love it

Atlanta, GA

#38 Mar 14, 2010
Yes, I've seen him act like that with Jordan too - barely acknowledging her. It must be hard for her to see how affectionate so many other drivers are with their wives/girlfriends: Kyle and Sam, JJ and Chandra, and the list goes on. When you read Kyle's tweets, he is always mentioning Sam and saying sweet things about her. There have been 3 times Denny has tweeted Jordan, 1. after he got busted tweeting that Lakers cheerleader, 2. after he started following and tweeting that one girl that we all talked about on talk sports, 3. right before he started following and DMing those two girls KerolyneB and HayleyEliz. No other tweets to her. She tweets about him all the time, but he never responds. She so young. I hope she figures it out and finds herself a man who respects her.

Richmond, VA

#39 Mar 14, 2010
Scottie seems to have the .. on his tweets too. Also, all his tweets seem strange. Looks like he stopped using his account after some crazy fans were harassing him.

Love it, I noticed that too with Denny's tweets. Just never a word about her. He acts like he doesn't want to be with her so why is he?

Bunny, in Denny's defense maybe he was in a hurry in that video?

Waterloo, Canada

#40 Mar 14, 2010
How can Scottie hate Jordan when he's all over her all the time?

Kyle may be sweet to samantha but that girl looks like a gold digger to me. Something about their relationship screams phony to me. Just the vibe I get. Lol

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