Isnt it funny that this is the same team that Biffle, Truex, and Bobby Labonte turned down! I dont know why or what Bobby was thinking and i believe that was Bobby's last chance at contending for wins and championships as i think he's still in crappy equipment at Yates Racing as he was in Petty Enterprises, but i think RCR could've revived the success that Bobby had with Gibbs just as RCR did for Burton that he had with Roush. I know that Truex and Biffle both turned the 33 down because of owner points, and i understand why, but looking at it now, it was a better situation than where both are now. I still believe that after this year, Truex will be their anyways, replacing either Mears(who's running very poorly with the Jack Daniels car which was in the Chase last year or possibly Kevin Harvick who's contract is up after this year and could opt to go drive for his buddy Stewart or could have alot of money thrown at him by Toyota as they heavily pursued him in his last contract negotiations with RCR.