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Summerside, Canada

#21 Jul 11, 2007
I compell all our American Nascar friends in the good ole' south to step up and chack out what happened here in Nova Scotia. Riverside Speedway was completely rebuilt this past year and many local fans were anticipating seeing a Nascar legend race here. we are good peopel here and we honor our committments and we take care of others -- just ask any of the Americans who's planes were re-routed to Nova Scotia during 9-11, We take care of all of them because you are our American cousins if you will. Now one of yours has snubbed us and snubbed a SICK CHILDRENS HOSPITAL. This is appaling and unacceptable. Check the newswires from Nova Scotia and the major papers (halifax Herald and Halifax Daily News ) if you doubt this info. There is no reason to lie --- but an explanation from Mr.BillElliott more than "I'm too busy" is REQUIRED and the sooner the better! Legend??? Hmmm would Lou Gehrigh turn his back on a sick child? No, he might just go out and hit a home run for that's a LEGEND!

Princeton, Canada

#22 Jul 11, 2007
I totally understand the disappointment that the east coast race fans feel.
I wonder though if this is all Bills fault, or is it some management company yo-yo trying to make a cut for himself by commiting Bill to the race.
I had an opportunity in 1990 to meet Bill in person, but I chose to walk on by, in fear of my racing hero being an ass-hole. I found out the hard way with Harry Gant and Benny Parsons.
Cheer on the local Canadian racers at the track and watch the others on T.V.

Halifax, Canada

#24 Jul 12, 2007
ricky craven is driver number 2!

El Sobrante, CA

#25 Jul 13, 2007
There are several posts on this site ready to condemn someone before all the facts have been heard. The language and connotations are laughably juvenile. Not that Bill needs defending, but if the "business people" running the event have a signed agreement or a cashed check, show it. If they don't, they have committed some serious slander, to which Bill will probably end up owning that track.
Elliott who

Fredericton, Canada

#26 Jul 13, 2007
I jsut read a report on the internet which Elliott denies even having a contract agreement in place! Is someone lying on one side of the fence?
Who is telling the truth?
Doesn't matter much anyway cause Reagan Smith is driving in his place. A new star vs an washed up driver trying to survive on a good name. If elloitt is lying strip away his NASCAR foundation position!!!!
Elliott who

Fredericton, Canada

#27 Jul 13, 2007
This is the news report. I like the Stop Bugging me line....

Bill Elliott cancels appearance at IWK 250
Awesome Bill not so Awesome
Riverside International Speedway
For immediate release
July 9, 2007 - Riverside International Speedway regrets to announce the cancellation of Bill Elliott’s appearance at this year’s heavily anticipated IWK 250 Pro All Stars Series (PASS) race, scheduled for Saturday, July 21 in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.Riverside Speedway received in writing the cancellation notice from Mr. Elliott late Friday. In his statement he said,“There is no way I am going to Nova Scotia to race that weekend…I am too busy.”
Mr. Elliott’s last-minute cancellation notice comes after Riverside Speedway management secured the NASCAR Cup champion’s appearance on April 27, 2007 with an extra-cost no-cancellation guarantee. We paid an expensive premium to guarantee his participation in the race,” says Paul McLean, Riverside Speedway manager.“With the agreement in place, and with active cooperation from his management company, we felt comfortable promoting Mr. Elliott’s appearance in print, TV and radio advertisements.”
Riverside Speedway has been heavily advertising Mr. Elliott’s appearance since April. The race is a fundraiser for the IWK Children’s Hospital. Major sponsorships from DuPont Canada and Steve Lewis Auto Body have been secured for the marquee event. A large number of advance tickets have been sold to date.
Bill has always emphasized his enthusiasm for getting back to his roots by racing at local tracks to support the fans who’ve made him so popular,” says John Chisholm, owner of Riverside Speedway.“I’m bewildered and saddened by Bill’s change in commitment to his fans, some of whom are traveling great distances to see him here. We’ve been working hard to create an amazing event to benefit the IWK and he’s let us all down.” The IWK 250 will proceed despite Mr. Elliott’s decision to not participate.“We’re working feverishly to find a suitable replacement,” says McLean; however at press time we were unable to confirm please check our website for further details in the coming days.
We chose Bill Elliott and agreed to pay a premium for a no-cancellation agreement. We agreed in good faith, and proceeded to aggressively promote the race using Bill Elliott’s likeness with print, radio and TV ads. We designed a ticket and fashioned our pace truck around Bill Elliott’s appearance. We sold the race sponsorship and partnered with the IWK to put together an amazing event that would benefit the finest children’s hospital in Eastern Canada.
On Friday, we received notice in writing that Bill Elliott has backed out of his commitment. He stated that,“There is no way I am going to Nova Scotia to race that weekend. Now stop bugging me.” We have gone to great lengths to try and change his mind, showing him the promotion we have done and what his appearance has meant to the IWK. In all cases we were rudely told,“No, I am too busy.” This response is after he accepted our offer back in February. In Riverside Speedway’s opinion, Bill Elliott has let down his fans in Atlantic Canada. He has let down the sponsors of the race – Steve Lewis Auto Body and DuPont Canada. And, he has let down the IWK. The sick children who made special plans to attend the race to see their hero, Awesome Bill from Dawsonville, will not get the chance now. Most of these children never get an opportunity to go to races, let alone meet Bill Elliott. The disappointment these children will feel is beyond belief.
The credibility of the track and promoters has been compromised by these uncontrollable circumstances. Elliott has proven to us that we don’t want this type of driver around here representing our facility, our sponsors or our race fans.

Hamilton, Canada

#28 Jul 16, 2007
Bob wrote:
Not that Bill needs defending, but if the "business people" running the event have a signed agreement or a cashed check, show it.
So you're assuming that the people who run that track are stupid? That's what I gather from the quotation marks you put around the words "business people". That's really nice.
Read the article in the previous post, and you'll see that they DID have a signed agreement AND a no-cancellation clause, which they paid extra for!
The track did everything that they should have in this case, face it, it's Bill who's the bad guy in this case. And for the record, I think the race will be much better now with the two drivers that came in at the last minute to replace Bill!

Louisville, KY

#29 Jul 17, 2007
I hate to tell you guys this, but the "news report" is nothing more than a press release put out by Riverside International Speedway. It is written by their PR department, so I can hardly call it unbiased. I've worked with professional athletes, and they can be jerks. I've also worked with people promoting an event who will already start advertising someone's appearance before the contract is signed. I don't know who is right or wrong, but when I read this press release, it sounds like an overzealous PR prematurely assuming that Elliott's appearance was nothing more than a formality. As a former PR person, the first thing you do before starting an advertising campaign is make sure all contracts are signed.

Cary, NC

#30 Jul 17, 2007
if they have a signed contract and they have a no cancellation agreement-What's the problem
why make a fuss. They have everything they need in writing for a law suit.(If they have those)

Tell City, IN

#31 Jul 17, 2007
bomfa1 wrote:
if they have a signed contract and they have a no cancellation agreement-What's the problem
why make a fuss. They have everything they need in writing for a law suit.(If they have those)
I actually agree with you. If they have a signed contract, they should pursue a law suit. The thing is, the language in this press release leads me to believe that they never had a final agreement. Never rely on anyone's word (especially a celebrity). Have them sign the dotted line. If they don't follow through on their end, file a law suit.

Cary, NC

#32 Jul 17, 2007
That's right,Brad.I worked for Nascar for seven years,lots of things can happen to change things.To me it would'nt be smart business to sign a "no cancellation" agreement.I could tell you story after story of lots of drivers that promised things that they never followed through on!Big name drivers!

Auburn Hills, MI

#33 Jul 17, 2007
Bill and Wood Brothers may have anticipated Bill getting hurt Racing in an exibition race. Just a bussiness decision, who knows I would like to hear it from Bill not some Race promoters who wont get more cash receipts than they thought.

Auburn Hills, MI

#34 Jul 17, 2007
Why was the Race Track bugging Bill if they had a signed agreement, Sounds to me like Greedy Canadians, counting their chickens before the eggs are laid. This all sounds fishy to me Bill has done a lot for charity and helped the Pettys etc. Dissapointment turns to rage, this does not sound like the Canadians I know.

Louisville, KY

#35 Jul 17, 2007
Here is a press release from Bill Elliott's site.

MOORESVILLE, NC (July 10, 2007)- NASCAR Nextel Cup driver Bill Elliott wishes to respond to the allegations that he rescinded an agreement to appear in the IWK 250 Pro All Stars Series at Riverside International Speedway, scheduled for Saturday, July 21 in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

I steadfastly deny that there was ever a final contract, spoken or written, in which I agreed to both attend and compete in the event at the Riverside International Speedway. Riverside International Speedway officials contacted my representatives in April 2007 to gauge my interest in competing in this event. Race officials sent a lengthy appearance schedule in conjunction with the event. Although my family and I strongly considered attending the event, on May 15th we communicated to race officials that we were leaning against attending, due in large part to the excessive amount of travel time the commitment would involve.

Speedway and event officials were notified in writing on June 5th, 2007 that I had declined their offer to participate in the event. My family and I are disappointed that speedway and event officials continue to portray us in a negative light as a result of this matter.

Auburn Hills, MI

#36 Jul 18, 2007
Well Now you all have the truth, and I should recomend half of you blind , angered, charecter assasins, go attend a Church of any kind and ask for forgiveness. Greedy promoters who lie just to line their filthy pockets on the great names in racing like Bill Elliott. Shame on you who dared throw stones in a glass house. Heh,heh, now freeze your butt off this winter.
Hoping to Help

Suwanee, GA

#37 Jul 19, 2007
The track was asked to post a copy of the signed contract between them and Bill on their website to prove that Bill had pulled out on them as they claim and guess what - it never was posted there so they must not have any legal documentation of Bill ever agreeing to this appearance for them. Kinda sheds a different light on this issue for me.

Springdale, Canada

#38 Jul 20, 2007
If so then us fans who felt betrayed by Bill apologise for the mean comments in a sense and, shame on the track promoters for not giving us fans the whole truth, I can understand being upset but if there was no contact in writing, then it was stupid for them to assume he would show up, with or without Bill's verbal promise.
Hoping to Help

Lawrenceville, GA

#39 Jul 22, 2007
Why was my post about asking the track to provide proof of a signed contract between them and Bill removed?

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