Lets hope for RPM the Ford is fully committed to them for 2011. I cant help but feel that once Petty has control oover the team that various people such as Ray E, Kyle P,would/should take a more active interest in running the team. This may sound stupid but I really believe that NASCAR needs a Petty car/driver on the track. There are millions of fans out there that still view him as the essence of NASCAR. For me, I am quite tired of Jimmy J only because I feel that the sport is now do diluted and fixated on the big factory backed them that now one that does not have access to tens of millions of dollars has a hope in hell of winning. There are simply no more personalities out there. Kurt Bush, Kyle Bush, please. If they weren't lucky enough to be driving cars they would be selling big Macs. As for there wives, well money cant buy you love or can it.