Pedestrian killed Sunday in Oroville ...

Pedestrian killed Sunday in Oroville named

There are 42 comments on the Oroville Mercury-Register story from May 11, 2010, titled Pedestrian killed Sunday in Oroville named. In it, Oroville Mercury-Register reports that:

A 91-year-old man struck and killed while walking on Skyline Boulevard at Highway 162 Sunday afternoon has been identified as Robert Bruce Mullin of Oroville.

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Since: Mar 10

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#1 May 11, 2010
I go through that intersection all the time. People coming from the east are coming downhill, and often speed around 55-60mph. It's always dangerous making left turns there. Even many people coming uphill speed. The man walking had to have been in the road for about as long as the driver was in sight, coming around the curve from Canyon Drive, so the driver must have been very inattentive to have not seen the pedestrian.

The pedestrian also appears to have been inattentive. But I think that drivers have an extra responsibility to be aware of the road and should always yield to pedestrians unless it is absolutely impossible. In this case, it wasn't impossible, the driver had a clear line of sight of the pedestrian for over 500 feet, plenty of time to stop.

Chico, CA

#2 May 11, 2010
gee what about the truck and trailor that flipped the day b4? I am so careful in this area. The cars going up hill are not as fast as the ones going down hill. Just park at wagon wheel and when a car passes it rocks your car.
Billy witness

United States

#3 May 11, 2010
Since you saw this accident you need to provide all the facts to the police. And we know you saw this accident because you have all the facts including where the ped was, how fast he was walking, the lighting, road conditions, how heavy the trafiic flow was, what obstructions where in the area, including how busy the store was and where other cars were turning, the vehicles speed, medications, BAC's of all involved. You do not have the right to provide facts, you are making alot of assuptions which you know what that makes you.

United States

#4 May 11, 2010
There were witnesses to this accident, and they did provide all the facts to the chp. There were no citations issued to the driver, no excess speed, and the driver passed 1OO% all aspects of the field sobriety tests. Very easy for you all to be armchair quarterbacks. Ever have to slam on your breaks to avoid a small child? Maybe the poor soul killed had a medical condition that has not been revealed or discovered yet.

Oakland, CA

#5 May 11, 2010
This was my grandfather who was killed. He was old, and maybe a little slow, but that doesn't excuse poor attentiveness from drivers. Too often we treat pedestrians like obstacles we have to swerve around, instead of having the right of way and stopping for them to cross the street. Please BE the change we need, and observe pedestrian right-of-way for everyone elses grandfathers, or mothers, or children...

Oroville, CA

#6 May 11, 2010
I feel terrible for the family, but I find it difficult to place blame on anyone in this situation. I do have one question...why was a 91 year old man walking on his own in this busy area. It is pretty close to letting your 5 year old walk alone. Many older folks don't hear or see as well as they should, and make poor decisions based upon their limited faculties.

By the way. I'm sure the driver feels bad enough without adding more guilt of questioning his attentiveness, etc. What driver has never been guilty of not paying full attention while driving. In this case it is more the responsibility of the pedestrian, who is more at risk, than it is of the driver to be fully aware of their surroundings.

United States

#7 May 11, 2010
Does anyone know how many feet it takes to come to a stop going 45 miles per hour? And is everyone aware that this was not a head on accident, the victim was hit on the right side of the drivers truck. I am truly, truly sorry for the victims family, and I am also sorry for the driver of the truck that him. This is a very bad intersection, and truly a horrible accident.

United States

#8 May 11, 2010
This was a horrific accident and I am saddened by the whole thing. This isn't even an intersection where this happened. Skyline does connect to highway 162 but there are no cross walks and no stop signs on the highway where Wagon Wheel is.

I am so sorry to the family of the pedestrian as well as for the driver. This can't be easy for either parties, and I'm sure the driver will be haunted for the rest of his life.

United States

#9 May 11, 2010
Well said Orovillian. I feel as you do and feel such sadness for all the parties involved. I personally know the driver involved and I cant even put into words how devastated he is, am i am sure the victims family is just as devastated.
Chow U

United States

#10 May 11, 2010
Maybe I ruffle feathers here but has anyone maybe thought of this as a suicide? I do feel for both families and wish this not to happen to anyone. Be at Peace.

Since: Mar 10

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#11 May 11, 2010
A T-intersection is still an intersection. And the man had to have been in the road at least 10 seconds before the car hit him. Pedestrians always have an assumed right of way, the only excuse for hitting one is when one doesn't have enough time to stop or swerve, as when a child darts out from behind a car.

This was a 91 year old man, I doubt he was darting out into traffic. There were no obstacles to visibility, and if he was struck by the right side of the car, then he was almost across the road, if reports are correct that he was crossing from Skyline towards the Wagon Wheel Market.

This is clearly a case of inattentiveness on the part of the driver. Was he talking on a cell phone? Was he looking for a radio station on his radio? How can a man miss seeing a pedestrian in broad daylight with no obstructions?

I don't buy the arguments that because I didn't see it, I have no right to say anything. That is weak. And there is no reason to think it was a suicide. Even in the absence of a crosswalk, a pedestrian has the right of way in California. Failure to yield to a pedestrian without a really compelling reason, in California, has always been manslaughter since before I started driving.

Unless there was a compelling reason for the driver to be unaware of the pedestrian in the road in time to avoid hitting the pedestrian, the driver committed manslaughter under California law. If anyone knows of the compelling reason, let me know. It wasn't in the report.
Chow U

United States

#12 May 11, 2010
The term jaywalking actually covers a multitude of pedestrian infractions, mostly involving a failure to cross city streets at designated intersections or crosswalks. Jaywalking can be considered a misdemeanor if a police officer considers the pedestrian's actions to be a deliberate violation of an existing ordinance. Otherwise, the officer may choose to issue a stern warning against future infractions. The fine for a jaywalking ticket can be surprisingly substantial, similar to misdemeanor moving violations for drivers.

Jaywalking can be a very hazardous practice for pedestrians and drivers alike. Drivers may anticipate other drivers returning to their parked vehicles, but they may not be prepared for pedestrians suddenly crossing the street between those parked cars. Even if the traffic conditions are slow in one direction of traffic, a jaywalker may find himself or herself trapped in the middle of the street when vehicles appear in the opposite lane.

Another danger inherent in jaywalking is a sudden change in a pedestrian's direction. Intersections with crosswalks are designed to allow pedestrian traffic to cross laterally, not diagonally. Vehicle traffic still flows legally in the opposing direction, but some pedestrians choose to cross diagonally against traffic as an illegal time saver. Crossing the street against the flow of traffic or changing directions in midstream are perhaps the most flagrant violations of jaywalking ordinances.
Chow U

United States

#13 May 11, 2010
Whoever is right or wrong,guilty or innocent it's still a sad story with a very unhappy ending for all involved.

Magalia, CA

#14 May 12, 2010
Chow U wrote:
Whoever is right or wrong,guilty or innocent it's still a sad story with a very unhappy ending for all involved.
I agree! This is a sad situation for both parties involved.

Since: Mar 10

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#15 May 12, 2010
In California, that a pedestrian was jaywalking is no excuse for striking him with a vehicle. Failure to take reasonable measures to avoid hitting a pedestrian anywhere on the road is at least assault with a deadly weapon/vehicle if a pedestrian is struck.

United States

#16 May 12, 2010
Billy you did report all this to the CHP right? The report says nothing about the pedestrian being almost entirely across the street and it also says nothing about arrests being made. Actually it says that he had just stepped out in the street as well as was struck by the right side of the vehicle which would be accurate to just having stepped out in to the street. It says nothing about how long the man had been in the street or how far he had gotten across it, just that he had just stepped in to the street. I don't know about anyone else but that seems to tell me that the driver didn't have very quick to respond.

No denying this is a horrifying accident and hits extremely close to home for a lot of people. This mans family has lost a father, grandfather, etc. But I'm sure this driver lost a lot of himself too.

Rather than sitting on the sidelines and damning the driver, maybe we should all just pray for everyone affected by it and wait for the police to do their investigation. Then we can start convicting this man if necessary.

United States

#17 May 12, 2010
This is a horrifying accident sometimes in life you can be at the wrong place at the wrong time. It happens with all of us.Who are you to judge what happen, if you are not there. I get so tired to of people judging other people in this world that they don't know. Or situations that they don't know all the facts.People need to learn from this don't be so quick to judge other people. we are not GOD.We will all have to face our own judgments one day.So we all need to keep in minded it was a accident and they do happen just some are worse than others.Its a devastating for both families..

Stockton, CA

#18 May 12, 2010
You obviously haven't ever cared for an elderly parent. Sometimes you can't stop them from doing what they want to do. You can stop a five-year-old, but you can't stop a 91-year-old. What do you do? Spank them, lock them in, forbid them to go go out?
Maybe he had walked to the store for years and wouldn't stop.

United States

#19 May 12, 2010
What do you do? Family should trade off on talking care of family members. if you cant do that then you pay some to help..

United States

#20 May 12, 2010
Billy W says, ""In California, that a pedestrian was jaywalking is no excuse for striking him with a vehicle.""

Do you actually believe that the driver saw a jaywalker and thought the driver was going to run the jaywalker down, because he had a perfectly good excuse, a rationalization, a reason, to run over a fellow human being, because he was 'jaywalking? Is that really what you think?

Billy W. says, ""Failure to take reasonable measures to avoid hitting a pedestrian...""

What makes you think reasonable measures weren't taken? No one has answered my question, How many feet does it take to come to a stop when you are traveling 45 miles per hour, which I believe is the posted speed limit.

Billy W.,

You are nowhere near a position to be judge and jury of this incident. In fact, your assumptions are ... well assumptions.

You are also causing unnecessary grief for BOTH parties involved. The Mullin family didn't want to lose a loved one and the Wayman family didn't want to take a life. This was an tragic accident.

It appears you are trolling for a reaction. You are trying to incite emotions. You do NOT know what happened. You have no ability to know what was in the minds of either party. Quite frankly, your assumptive posts are revolting.

Mr. Mullin, rest in peace and may God be with you.
Billy W., please find the wisdom to keep your opinions to yourself.

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