Fourth of July in Cruces! I am so there! And the reason is because this great city is bringing the ORIGINAL members of WAR, now known as The LOWRIDER BAND to play in the great state of New Mexico. Very few people know that these are the CREATORS of great songs such as LOWRIDER, WHY CAN'T WE BE FRIENDS?, CINCO DE MAYO, SLIPPING INTO DARKNESS, SPILL THE WINE, CISCO KID, ALL DAY MUSIC.....the list is endless, and yet, because of BS WAR name and copywrite legalities that were stolen from them, The LOWRIDER BAND can't even say the name WAR that THEY made famous. So as a diehard WAR fan I took it upon myself to "DELIVER THE WORD" and make sure WAR fans don't miss out on the REAL OG's of WAR.'SO', if you're in the vicinity of LAS CRUCES and you want to see the REAL DEAL WAR, not the COVER band that performs with the STOLEN NAME of WAR, I suggest you mark the 4th of July in Las Cruces as HIGH PRIORITY, like I have. Peace, true WAR fans, WARQUEEN.